The Most Popular Esports Teams and Why You Should You Bet On Them

by Pavo Jurkic
on October 12, 2018

Only the best esports organizations can have successful teams that last several years at the very top of the competitive scene. Being there is really tough so there is definitely no lack of competition. With each passing year, the top esports athletes feel more like professional sports athletes. With each passing year, the top esports teams look and feel more like professional sports teams. And I am not even exaggerating here. That’s because esports titles are now played at the highest possible level with the differences between professionals and casual teams/players being wider than ever.

Ranking top-tier esports teams by popularity is a tough task, there’s no doubt about that. How can they be ranked – Facebook likes? Is Facebook page the optimal way to track popularity nowadays? What about Instagram? Twitter? All of these combined? The options are numerous and none will really give us a 100% certain answer.

That’s why I started thinking outside the box and began our deep Google expedition. And so, boys and girls, feast your eyes as I bring you the ultimate list of the most popular esports teams at the moment!

The Most Popular Esports Teams


There can’t be a list of esports teams without the inclusion of Fnatic. This esports organization is already a worldwide phenomenon due to its popularity in mainstream media. Heck, even television news shows sometimes do Fnatic-related reports. And it’s no wonder – Fnatic has been at the top of the esports industry for quite a while. If we are to be more precise here, Fnatic has been founded back in 2004 and that’s basically when they started making a name for themselves.

Of course, Fnatic is a huge esports organization so it’s no wonder they’re representing a handful of esports titles. CSGO and League of Legends are Fnatic’s most recognized franchises with some of the world’s best players play under their mesmerizing orange logo. The most notable Fnatic team is definitely their 2015th CSGO roster with Pronax as the in-game leader. Why don’t we take a closer look at it to see what’s the fuss all about?!

Most Dominant Team

  • 2015th Pronax Team Still Considered the GOAT

It is no secret that Fnatic’s 2015th CSGO team with Pronax onboard is still considered the greatest of all time. Their dominance lasted for quite a while with ridiculous winning streaks. Their team consisted of pronax, olofmeister, flusha, JW and KRIMZ – needless to say, they completely devasted the opposing lines and earned the title of the GOAT.

Winning back to back majors is a praiseworthy feat unlike any other. Just a few esports teams managed to do that. One that pops to my mind is the old NaVi which went 87-0. However, we can’t even compare the competition back then when it was still transitioning period from 1.6 to CSGO. In recent years, the closest we got to 2015th Pronax Fnatic team is the current Astralis roster. The Great Danes are still dominating the competitive scene unlike any other team (including 2015 Fnatic) but are still slightly off from that legendary status…


Natus Vincere, often referred to as NaVi or Na ‘Vi, is another legendary tier esports team based in Ukraine. This Ukrainian esports sensation was founded on 18th December 2009 and their original roster consisted of Zeus, Edward, starix, ceh9, and the legendary Markeloff. Their current roster is doing just fine as far as the competitive scene is concerned.

At the moment, they are ranked as the second-best CSGO team in the world right after the mighty Astralis. Still, some like to argue that their most dominant team was all the way back in 2010 at the dying ends of CS 1.6. Let’s talk more about it…

Most Dominant Team

  • 2010th Markeloff Team Needs No Words

Markeloff was the golden Ukrainian Boy much before S1mple came to the big stage. His CS 1.6 performances were unparalleled. Plus, he had a bunch of class A teammates who helped him reach the very top of the competitive scene. His 2010th team won astonishing (for 2010’s standards) $220K which just proves their dominance throughout the season. However, many are disputing the claim that this team was the greatest of time simply because the competition was nowhere near today’s standards. NaVi was a star team at this point in time so their dominance wasn’t as difficult as that of Fnatic in 2015.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid is a professional esports organization that originates from the Netherlands and dates all the way back to 2000. Their beginnings are tied to Brood War but they later on expanded to Starcraft 2 and then finally to Dota 2. In addition to the esports team, Team Liquid is also well known for its wiki websites dedicated to a whole bunch of esports titles. Of course, I am referring to Liquipedia which you should definitely check out if you haven’t already.

Last but not least – it’s important to note their biggest team success that happened back in 2017. That’s when their Dota 2 team managed to win the biggest event in the gaming calendar that year – Dota 2 The International 2017. More about that team right down below.

Most Dominant Team

  • 2017th Dota 2 Team Took ESPN’s TOTY

ESPN surprised many when they announced their choice for the esports team of the year went Team Liquid’s way. But it’s not that surprising when you take a deeper look. Team Liquid won whopping 10 titles in 2017 if we combine both majors, minors and The International. There were just 2 tournaments that year which didn’t see them on the podium – The Kiev Major and Dota 2 Asia Championship. Such a dominance made them, by far, the highest earning team in 2017. And, needless to say, well-deserving of the TOTY title given by ESPN.


Cloud9 is a professional esports organization based in the States. It’s been on the highest level competitive esports scene for quite some time now and is enjoying its place as one of the most popular esports teams in North America region. Even though they’re most famous for their LoL team, Cloud9 has rosters for a variety of other esports titles. A total of 11 professional esports teams play under Cloud9’s colors at the time of writing this article. Like I already mentioned above, the most popular Cloud9 team surely belongs to their League of Legends division. Here’s why:

Most Dominant Team

  • 2018th LoL Worlds Team Through to The Group Stage

At the moment, Cloud9 fans can be proud of their team as they’ve secured their place in the group stage of LoL Worlds 2018. And, even though they lost against RNG (which is arguably the best team at the moment) in the group B match, all Cloud9 players showed great teamwork and cohesion. They managed to square things off in the second match against Vitality and I’m positive they’ll see it through to the playoffs.

How To Bet On Esports Matches?

Now that you know more about the most popular esports teams at the moment, perhaps you’d like to sit back, relax and watch some of their matches. Watch the action live and witness why exactly are they considered the crème de la crème. Or better yet, you bet a few extra bucks on one of them just to spice up your watching experience. There’s nothing better than getting a few beers, calling in your friends and watching NiKo and olof rip through the opposing players on the good old Dust 2!

If you’re just starting out (in terms of esports betting), chances are you don’t know how to place a bet. There is nothing to be ashamed of – we’ve all been there. Plus, we are talking about a huge industry here so it’s understandable to get lost sometimes.

Luckily, the process of esports betting is not that complicated. It all comes down to finding a good bookie (more on that down below), doing the research and, finally, betting some of your extra cash. Since esports betting is an online-only (in most cases) thing, you won’t even have to leave your house.

Bonus Esports Betting Tip – Finding the Right Esports Bookie

Now this is something experienced esports probably don’t have to deal with anymore. They all have their favorite bookies nailed down already. Beginners and those who are steel swinging from one bookie to another, listen up – finding the right esports bookie is not something you should postpone much longer. Just go do some research and find out which one suits your needs the best. Oh, you don’t know what to look for… Well, here’s just a few ideas that might get your brain gears running:

What To Look For When Searching For Good Esports Bookies

  • Available Betting Markets
    • I’m not just talking about esports markets here. Even though you are looking for an esports bookie, chances are sooner or later you will want a taste of regular sports. No worries, most top-tier esports betting sites are built on the basis of regular sports. In other words, you can count on them having all the markets you can think of.
  • Betting Odds
    • This next tip isn’t some sort of a genius winning scheme. It’s as simple as this – pick the bookie with the highest overall betting odds. And by overall, I’m referring to betting odds on bets you’re going to most often bet on. If you’re a specials kind of guy, look for bookies with high special bet odds. If you like outrights, look for the highest outright betting odds. There’s really nothing more to it.
  • Bonuses or Free Bets
    • If you are on a tight budget, the best way of increasing your betting wallet is through bonuses and free bets. Best of all, finding a good bookie in terms of bonuses and freebies is a piece of cake. Nowadays, you will find many such promotions featured on the biggest esports betting sites out there. Some bookies even feature special events and competition to further spice up their clients’ bets. Random jackpots, lucky bets, and all that other good stuff.
  • Payment Process
    • Minimum deposit money, minimum withdraw money, fees, transaction time… all these things are vital parts of the payment process. Make sure you check the whitepaper before registering an account on the first esports betting site you come across. All above-lister factors greatly vary from bookie to bookie so do your research before putting a ring on one.

Final Words

Wrapping things up is always the most difficult part in this kind of articles. However, it must be done so I can at least do my best here…

After giving you the list of the most popular esports teams and explaining how to bet on them, all I can say is thank you guys for reading and sticking till the end. I sincerely hope you enjoyed the information I shared and that you found some of it useful for esports betting purposes. Once again, thank you and I hope to see you again soon!

Pavo Jurkic

Pavo Jurkic has been in the esports betting industry since 2015, actively writing content related to this rapidly growing industry. A dedicated father by day and an avid gamer by night, Pavo Jurkic aims to bring you the freshest esports news and betting predictions.

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