The Thinking Gambler’s Guide to Gambling in 6 Steps

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Most gamblers don’t spend any time thinking about gambling before they place their first wager. This has a great deal to do with why most gamblers are losing. You have to think about what you’re doing and how you’re doing it if you want to have any hope to win when you gamble.

This article includes 6 steps that smart gamblers use before they gamble and when they gamble. Once you start thinking about gambling instead of just making wagers you’re on the right track. This article shows you the best way to do this.

Thinking is the only way to be a winning gambler.

1 – Cast a Wide Net

The mistake that many gamblers make is focusing on only 1 or 2 opportunities and ignoring everything else. This isn’t always bad, but if you’re not winning as a gambler it’s a bad strategy.

Once you find the right gambling activity, you should focus on it. But when you’re not winning you have to be willing to look at every gambling opportunity.

For Example:

Most gamblers play slots and they ignore everything else. This is a mistake, because there are numerous gambling opportunities that are better than slots. And slots gamblers aren’t alone. Most gamblers have a favorite gambling activity that they stick with.

Try to take a fresh look at all of the different real money gambling opportunities. If you’ve never bet on sports or played poker, do some research and make a few bets or ply in a low limit poker game to see how you like them.

If you play slots, look at video poker and blackjack. The point is that if you’re not a winning gambler now, you need to start doing something different. The first different thing you need to do is consider all of your options. Change things up a little bit and keep doing it until you find a profitable opportunity.

2 – Who Has My Money?

This might sound a little funny, but you need to ask who has your money before you start gambling. This is somewhat an extension of the first section, but it’s also important by itself.

You might have thought the answer to this question is the casino if you usually gamble in a casino. Or you might think that the horse track has your money if you bet on horses. Of the sportsbook has your money if you bet on sports.

But none of these answers is really correct. When you bet on horse races the other bettors have the money you’re trying to win. The same is basically true when you bet on sports. And there’s no place this is truer than when you play poker.

Casino Games

Even when you play in a poker room with a rake, the money you’re trying to win is in the stacks of your opponents.

This is the way you need to start thinking about gambling. Who has your money and how are you going to get it? When you answer these questions you have a much better chance to get some of the money you’re looking for.

3 – Beatable or Not?

Every gambling opportunity falls into 1 of 2 categories. The activity can either produce a profit or it can’t. Notice that I said can or can’t. I didn’t say it does or doesn’t produce a profit.

This is an important distinction. Just because a gambling activity can produce a profit doesn’t mean that you can make a profit doing it. Of course, some gambling activities can’t and don’t produce profits.

This means that the first thing you need to do is figure out which gambling activates can’t be beat so you can stop doing them. This list is much longer than the list of gambling activities that can be beat.

Here’s a list of gambling activities that can be beat. Remember, this doesn’t mean that you can beat them, but they can be beat using the right strategies and advantage play techniques.

  • Betting horse and dog races
  • Betting on sports events
  • Poker games played against other players – not table poker games found in most casinos.
  • Blackjack
  • Video poker machines

In truth, there are a few other gambling activities that can be beat, but the ones listed above are the main ones. And the fact is that you only have to learn how to make a profit in one gambling area, so you don’t need to worry about anything else.

4 – Using All of Your Tools

You need to answer a question honestly. If you don’t answer it honestly, you have no chance to win as a gambler.

Are you doing everything that you can to win as a gambler?

If your answer is yes, then you’re already a winning gambler. But if you’re not currently a winning gambler, then you’re not doing everything you can to win. In other words, you’re not using all of your tools as a gambler.

Don’t miss the importance of this statement. The fact is that you can win as a gambler if you’re using all of your tools.

What do I mean when I say tools? The first tool you need to be using is your mind. That’s what this article is mostly about. You’ve already learned how to use your mind to identify the gambling activities that offer the best opportunities.

But there are also other tools that you need to use as a gambler. These tools include using the best strategy for whatever gambling activity that you’re playing and advantage gambling techniques.

5 – The First Tier

If you’re thinking about everything that you’ve learned so far and using the information, you have a good chance to start making a profit as a gambler. You learned which games can be beat, so you know where you need to start.

But the best gambling activities fall into 1 of 2 tiers. The first tier has games that can actually be beat. The second tier includes gambling activities that give you the opportunity to break even.

You might wonder why you might opt to gamble and break even if you could be winning. The answer is that it’s hard to win. While it’s not simple to break even, the truth is that it’s easier than winning.

Poker Chips

If you’re willing to use all of your tools and do what you need to win, here are the gambling activities you need to focus on.

Poker games offer consistent profits for smart players. I recommend Omaha, but you can also play Texas holdem. The strategies you need to master aren’t easy, but with work you can do it.

Betting on sports can be profitable if you learn the right skills to evaluate games. Sports gambling is hard, but there are always opportunities to place wagers so once you learn how to win you can always place bets.

Blackjack has a few advantage techniques you can use to win, including card counting. The majority of profitable gamblers play blackjack.

6 – The Second Tier

In the second tier of gambling opportunities your goal is to break even or come as close as you can. The gambling activities listed in the previous section can be included here if you don’t quite master them enough to make a profit.

The other gambling activities that give you an opportunity to break even include:

Betting on horse and/or dogs is challenging because the track takes a healthy percentage of the bet pool. But you can still win enough to overcome this percentage and break even. You just have to learn how to handicap horses and/or dogs.

Many video poker games have a high return which can get you around break even if you use good strategy and get comps and/or bonuses.

The question you need to answer is if you’re willing to do what you need to do in order to be a winning gambler? It’s ok if you aren’t willing to do all of the work. If this is the case, do what you need to do to gamble as a break even gambler.


The way you think about gambling has a great deal to do with your results. This means that the first thing you need to do is start thinking before you act.

You need to eliminate the blinders you’re using now so that you can see different opportunities when you gamble. The next questions you need to ask is who has your money and how are you going to get it?

A few gambling activities are beatable, but most can’t be beat. You need to learn how to tell the difference and stop doing things that can’ be beat.

Finally, you need to use all of your tools if you want to win when you gamble.

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