The Top 7 Holiday Slot Machine Games on the Internet- Celebrate by Gambling

by Michael Stevens
on May 19, 2017

Holidays are designed to celebrate milestones in religions, countries, and for historical figures. The United States has many holidays that are celebrated throughout the year. Some are recognized as national holidays; others are not.
Some holidays are celebrated more than others. Each one however, has its own story and theme. We celebrate everything from birthdays to an imaginary rabbit that comes and brings children candy. Some of these holidays have been changed by cultures over the years so much they don’t even resemble what they were meant to be when they were established.

With that being said, who doesn’t like to participate in the celebrations for all the major holidays that are observed today? I know I do and I’m sure I’d be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t, unless it’s against their religious beliefs of course.

Let’s see what kind of slot machines are out there that feature holidays like Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Easter, the 4th of July, and St. Patrick’s Day.


Christmas is one of those holidays that are celebrated all over the world. At its roots Christmas is a holiday to honor the birth of Jesus Christ. Over the years the holiday has ventured pretty far from its original purpose. Now Christmas has two meanings; one to celebrate God sending his only son to Earth, and two, presents.

When you ask kids what their favorite holiday is you can almost bet Christmas is at the top of their list because the retail industry has made Christmas all about the hottest toy. The slot games I found that are centered on Christmas have little to do with the birth of Christ and more to do with the materialistic side of the holiday. This doesn’t make them bad, and actually all of the ones I found seem to be pretty great slots. So let’s not waste any more time and get to the reviews.

1 – Scrooge Slot Machine

Game Information

In 1843 Charles Dickens wrote the most iconic Christmas story ever told. A Christmas Carol is a story that has such a great moral that it has been retold many many times since it was first published. The story has been adapted to television, cartoons, and movies so why not add a slot to the mix?

In Scrooge you find all the essential characters and one of the best things about the game is that it follows the original story pretty closely.

Scrooge offers game play across 5 reels and 50 pay lines. The pay lines for this game aren’t fixed so you can make changes to the number that is active before each spin. This action isn’t recommended but it’s available. The game comes with a nice range of denominations to use to place your line bet as well.

The betting range goes from as little as .01 to as high as .50 cents per coin. This doesn’t seem like much but when you calculate total per spin bet you see these amounts can add up quickly. You have a choice in the number of coins you use as well between one and 10 coins per spin. This gives you a minimum wager of 50 cents and the max being $250.

The symbols for the game are easily recognizable to anyone who has seen a movie or read the book. The designers included all the major characters. You have Scrooge, Tiny Tim, the three ghosts, along with a clock, safe, bag of coins, and a set of keys. The games symbols are high quality cartoon graphics. The artist who designed the symbols did an amazing job.

The game has a couple special features. One is the free spins feature. This feature is triggered when you get the calendar in the top left corner of the reels to the 25th. This is the Xmas Count Down calendar and when it reaches the 25th the free spins you’ve accumulated start automatically.

You accumulate your free spins each time you get a winning spin on the reels. After each winning spin you’re given an option of win symbols that can either add a free spin to your total or take time off the counter. When the free spins feature is triggered any win received during a free spin is doubled.

Another feature the game offers is the Xmas Dinner Bonus round. This feature triggers when you get three or more golden door knocker symbols on a pay line. This feature has a max pay out of 10,000 coins. When you trigger the bonus you’re transported to a new screen where you see the characters from the game sitting down ready to eat Christmas dinner. Match the food to the character to be awarded multipliers that range from six to 20. Once all the characters have their food one is chosen by the game to reveal your multiplier.

The game also has a wild symbol and it’s represented by the Scrooge logo. When this symbol appears on the reels it subs for any symbol other than the scatter and bonus symbols. All wins received with a wild are doubled and if you get lucky and find five on a pay line you win the jackpot of 6,000 coins.

2 – Santa Surprise Slot Machine

Game Information

Most of the games you find on the market that are Christmas themed tend to be poorly done. When I found Santa Surprise I really liked the game. It has all the elements associated with the Christmas holiday but it’s not cheesy and all the symbols are holiday related which is a big problem in most other games.

Santa Surprise is a 20 pay line game with 5 reels to play across. The pay lines are variable so you can change how many are being played at any given time. You can also decide the value of coin for the game and how many you want to play on each spin. The values range from one cents to 50 cents. You can choose to play between one and 10 coins per spin making your minimum bet 20 cents and your max bet $1000. With this type of betting range it covers all players from the conservative to the high roller.

The symbols in the game are all decked out for Christmas. You have Santa Claus, Christmas Bells, Stockings, and Christmas Trees, Gingerbread House and poker symbols with Santa hats, wreaths, and candles to make them festive.

Santa is the wild for the game so any time you see him on the reels he can sub for any symbol other than the scatter and bonus symbols. He also has a huge pay out of 10,000 coins if you get five on a pay line.

The scatter symbol is the gingerbread house all covered in snow. This symbol can activate free spins and also has a payout attached to it that pays 500 coins if you get five on an active pay line. The bonus symbol is the Christmas tree. When you get three or more of these symbols you trigger the bonus game.

Santa Surprise has many special features but one you don’t see on many slot games is the Gamble option. Basically what this amounts to is a chance to double your winnings. Each time you get a win on the reels you get to choose whether you want to gamble or not. If you choose to gamble you must pick a black or red card and hope the next card flipped over is the color you picked.

Another feature this game has is the free spin feature. When you get three or more of the scatter symbols anywhere on the reels you’re awarded 10 free spins that come with a 3x multiplier for every win you get during your 10 spins.

The Bonus round is only triggered when you get the bonus symbol on an active pay line three or more times. When it triggers you go to a new screen with a beautiful Christmas tree and six presents. The payout is based on the number of symbols you had on the reels to trigger the game you click on the presents. (3 = 3, 4 = 4, 5 = 5). Each present has different prize amounts which are totaled up and added to your bank.

This game is a beautiful game that has everything that makes Christmas exciting all in one game. I recommend this game to anyone who loves Christmas and winning money.

3 – Jingle Bells Slot Machine

Game Information

Jingle Bells takes us to the North Pole where Santa and his elves are getting ready for Christmas Eve. The game is beautifully designed with a background that changes from a snow covered village to a warm and cozy living room.

The game is set up with 20 pay lines to be played across 5 reels. These lines aren’t fixed so you can decide how many you want to be active on each spin. The game is set up to be played by anyone from the conservative gambler to the high roller.

The symbols you find in the game are candy canes, stockings, ornaments, stars, and bells along with your regular 10 to Ace playing card symbols. These symbols are divided up in two groups. The poker symbols are the lower paying symbols with a range of pay out from five to 80 credits. The theme related symbols have a payout max of 320 credits.

One symbol you’ll want to find on the reels is the Christmas present. This symbol is the wild and it can sub for any other symbol except for the scatter and bonus symbols. This symbol has the ability to make winning combinations and when three or more land on a pay line it has its own pay out as well.

The bonus symbol can give you a chance at free spins or a trip to the mini game. When you trigger the mini game you have a chance at winning up to 800 times your original pay line bet. Jingle Bells also has random bonuses that include extra wilds that can show up in multiples or in extra-large sizes.

This game is easy and fun to play and with its stellar graphics and great special features I’m sure you’re going to enjoy playing it as much as I did.


This holiday was originally to celebrate All Hallows Eve which is said to be the one night a year that the dead can walk the Earth with the living. Now it’s more of a holiday for kids and adults to dress up and go to parties or trick-or-treating to get candy.

4 – Happy Halloween Slot Machine

Game Information

Happy Halloween encompasses all that Halloween has become with the spooky costumes and the abundance of candy; this game is great fun to play. With all its spooky music and the haunted house as the background this game really gets you into the Halloween spirit.

You can play the 50 pay lines available in this game across 5 reels full of spooky characters. The betting range for the game is pretty conservative compared to some of the other games I’ve seen. With a minimum coin value set at .01 and the max set at 40 cents this game is perfect for all those conservative players.

All of the symbols are designed to be scary Halloween related symbols. You find a mummy, witch, Frankenstein, and a ghost along with a bunch of creepy looking candy. Get any of these on the reels three or more times and trigger a winning combination.

The witch symbol is the scatter symbol for the game and gives you a chance at free spins. You can trigger five free spins and during the free spins you get wilds that appear on the screen to help you make winning combinations. Each time you spin you get another wild so you can really build up the pay out during free spins. Another great feature is that free spins can be retriggered once when the bonus is awarded.

The jack-o-lantern is another is the wild symbol and subs for any symbol other than the scatter. When it appears during free spins it becomes stacked and can help you massive pay outs.

The game as a maximum award of 1 million coins if you get lucky enough to trigger just the right combination. The other symbols in the game have great pay out potential as well so it seems like the game is ready and waiting to make you a bunch of money. Just remember the best way to win at any slot game is to play responsibly and to play all available pay lines.

Happy Halloween is a great holiday themed game and really has great graphics and atmosphere that really puts you in the Halloween spirit. As long as you’re not easily scared you’re sure to love this game as much as I do.


Easter is the holiday that brings a big rabbit around to deliver candy and stuffed animals to all the children. We’re celebrating rebirth during this time of year with the birth of new babies and the growth of new flowers after a long hard winter. This time of year brings hope for what’s to come in the coming months.

5 – Easter Egg Slot Machine

Game Information

This game is played over top a beautiful grass covered knoll with a cute little house in the background. The sound track is a little annoying after a while but you can always mute that. Other than that the game is great with cute little symbols and great special features this game is fun to play.

The game has 5 reels and 20 pay lines to choose from. You can play all 20 or lower it to something you feel more comfortable with. It’s important to remember that you’re losing winning combinations with every line you take away.

In the game you can find symbols of baby sheep, baby chicks, and baby bunnies along with a rooster and poker symbols dressed up like painted Easter eggs. You also have three special symbols that appear on the reels. You have the golden egg which is the wild, the candy filled egg which is the scatter, and the basket of Easter eggs which is the bonus.

The golden egg subs for all other symbols except the scatter and bonus. Any win that it helps make has the prize amount doubled. The scatter symbol has two rewards for you. When it appears on the reels two or more times you trigger its payout option. When it appears on the reels three or more times you trigger the free spin feature.

When you trigger the free spins you get to pick how many you want. The amounts vary from five spins to 15 spins each comes with a multiplier to increase your winning even more. The basket bonus is triggered when you get three or more of the basket of Easter eggs on the reels. You get taken to a new screen and all you have to do is pick one of the three eggs to reveal your prize.

This game comes with the gamble feature that allows you the chance to double your pay out each time you get a win on the reels.

With all these special features this game is fun to play and puts you in the spirit of the holiday.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the day for lovers. On this day you get to celebrate the gift of love and spend the day with the one who makes you happy.

6 – Cupid’s Arrow Slot Machine

Game Information

Cupid’s Arrow is a game filled with all the symbols of the holiday. You get to feel the love in every aspect of the game from the symbols to the pay outs. This 5 reel 30 pay line games gives you the chance to win some money so you can get your special someone just the right gift.

The betting range for the game is completely different than any other game I’ve ever played. It only comes with two options 10 cents and 20 cents. I guess this is ok, but when you’re used to being able to change the amount you wager many different times to see what works best for you only having two options is kind of a letdown.

I guess it does kind of take the stress out of the game and it does make it easier to play all the pay lines on each spin without feeling like you might break the bank.

The symbols in the game all represent many well-known features of Valentine’s Day. You get a teddy bear, swans, locket, heart-shaped candy boxes, red roses, and cherubs. All of these symbols remind us just what this holiday is all about.

The game comes with a couple special features. One is the wild, which is the blue bow. It subs for any other symbol on the reels except the scatter symbol. The wild also has its own pay out when you get two or more on an active pay line. The scatter symbol for the game is a golden arrow. When you get three or more of these on the reels you trigger the free spins. Your free spins are based on the number of symbols you get on the reels and they can range from 10 to 25 spins.

You get the gamble option on this game with each winning spin. Try your luck and get a chance of doubling your pay out. This game doesn’t have a bonus game but even without this feature you have amazing chances at getting a great pay out.

When February comes around and you know you have to get in the mood for Valentine’s Day this is a perfect game to do that with. All the symbols in the game are theme oriented and help get you into the mood to show someone you care.

4th of July

On the 4th of July we celebrate the United States getting their independence. Even though the 4th isn’t the actual day it happened it doesn’t matter because in 1776 we became our own country that no longer had to live under the tyrannical rule of King George and that’s something to celebrate.

7 – 4th of July Slot Machine

Game Information

In America the 4th of July is one of those holidays that mean a great deal to us. We have many different ways that we celebrate this holiday from the barbecues to the fireworks shows. This holiday is meant for us to enjoy the freedom we have because our forefathers were brave enough to fight for it.

The designers for the game went all out for the game. With 5 reels and 25 pay lines they made sure you had plenty of opportunity to win on each spin. Make sure you take advantage of this generous offer by playing all 25 pay lines while you play.

Another great aspect of the game is that it’s set up to be affordable to play. This slot machine offers a betting range that starts at 25 cents per spin with a maximum bet set at $250. This allows for a wide range of gamblers to find their happy medium and enjoy the game.

The symbols in the game are going to be familiar to anyone who is American. You have the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Mt. Rushmore, and the Golden Gate Bridge. All of these landmarks and monuments are joined by patriotic poker symbols to round out the reels.

The logo for the game is the wild symbol and can sub for any symbol on the reels except the scatter symbol. When this symbol is on the reels it helps you increase your chance at winning a payout.

The scatter symbol awards free spins when you get three or more on the reels. The amount of spins is directly related to how many symbols triggered the spins to begin with. There are also multipliers attached to the trigger that range between five times and 400 times your total bet just for triggering the free spins. Any wins received during the free spins are tripled so you have a chance of really walking away from this feature in good shape.

The bonus feature is triggered when you get three or more bonus symbols. This feature has three rounds and in the first round you choose one of the founding fathers to reveal a cash prize. In the second round you choose one of the American cities to get a bonus prize. In the third round you choose a U.S. Landmark to reveal a prize.

This amazing bonus gives you a chance to win big by giving you three different prizes in just one trigger. Many games give you one shot to get a win but this game wants you to be a winner so the designers did everything they could think of to make the game as favorable as possible.

From the time this game loads you’re going to feel the happy celebratory vibe it gives off. With the patriotic music as the sound track and the fireworks bursting all over the place you’re going to get drawn in and it’ll make you happy to be an American.

Of all the games in this review I have to say this is the one that I enjoyed the most. It could be because I love the 4th of July or it could be the amazing winning opportunities this game has, but all I know for sure is that this game is fun and exciting to play and I’ll recommend it to anyone who asks.


Holidays are times for families and loved ones to gather together and celebrate something. Whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, Easter, or any of the many others; each one has a special place in our culture. Everyone has their favorite holiday just like everyone is going to have their favorite holiday themed slot machine.

I chose these slots to review because these are the best ones that I‘ve played to date. Each one has great special features and is affordable for anyone who wants to play. You don’t have to be a high roller to play, but if you are one there’s plenty of betting options for you as well.

All of the games have great graphics and symbols that work well with the theme and help get you in the holiday spirit. Most of the holidays we celebrate now have evolved to consist of things that in some cases overshadow the real meaning behind the holiday. But one thing is for certain; they bring people together, which is after all the whole purpose.

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