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Let It Ride With a Huge Payout On the Table

Let It Ride isn’t the most-popular casino game in terms of jackpots. However, it can certainly offer large payouts.

Invented by Bally Technologies under the Shuffle Master brand in the late 1990s, this game has paid as much as $1.5 million. This amount may not equal the biggest slots jackpots, but it’s a life-changing sum of money, nonetheless.

Furthermore, you can play for huge payouts under the format of a card game. If you like the combination of table games and big jackpots, then you should definitely check out what Let It Ride has to offer.

Let It Ride Rules

Let It Ride
Based on five-card stud poker, Let It Ride sees you receive three face-down cards. You use these cards along with two community cards to form a five-card poker hand.

Let It Ride features a twist in its betting process. You have two chances to withdraw one-third of your opening bet.

The first time when you can withdraw one-third of your wager comes after seeing your three hole cards. The second time happens after the first community card is dealt. Assuming you don’t take back any portion of your opening bet, then you’re “letting it ride.”

Each round begins with you laying out three equal portions of a bet in three different spots. For example, you might put out $1, $1, and $1.

This process ensures that you must withdraw equal portions of your bet when desired. After all, casinos don’t want you gaining an advantage by front-loading your bet (e.g. $10, $2, $1) and taking most of it back in unfavorable situations.

Once you’ve made your wager, you’ll receive the three face-down cards. When playing in a land-based casino, you can’t show your hole cards to any other players.

Once the second community card is dealt, you flip your cards over to show the casino if you have a qualifying hand. At many casinos, you need at least a pair of 10s to win.

A pair of 9s or anything lower results in a loss. In such cases, you only lose what you’ve left on the table.

Let It Ride strictly revolves around the strength of your five-card hand. Unlike Caribbean stud, for example, a Let It Ride dealer doesn’t receive cards in this game.

Let It Ride Payouts

The payout you win depends upon the hand you’re holding. Here’s a common pay table for Let It Ride:

  • Royal flush – 1,000:1
  • Straight flush – 200:1
  • Four of a kind – 50:1
  • Full house – 11:1
  • Flush – 8:1
  • Straight – 5:1
  • Three of a kind – 3:1
  • Two pair – 2:1
  • Pair of 10s or better – 1:1
  • Anything else – Loss

In the event of a winning hand, you receive an amount equal to your remaining bet. Here’s an example:

  1. You bet $30 ($10 in each of the three circles).
  2. You take $10 back before the showdown.
  3. You hold a two pair.
  4. $20 x 2 = $40 payout

Side Bets

Depending upon the casino, Let It Ride features various side bets that may be in play. A common example includes the 5 Card Bonus.

This $1 side bet is very similar to the standard Let It Ride pay table. The key difference, though, is that it delivers much-larger payouts for qualifying hands.

Additionally, it only pays for a two pair or higher. You lose your dollar even when holding a pair of aces.

Here’s a typical 5 Card Bonus pay table:

  • Royal flush – 20,000:1
  • Straight flush – 2,000:1
  • Four of a king – 100:1
  • Full house – 75:1
  • Flush – 50:1
  • Straight – 25:1
  • Three of a kind – 9:1
  • Two pair – 6:1
  • Anything else – Loss

The benefit to 5 Card Bonus, or any other Let It Ride side bet, is that you can collect huge wins. A straight flush or royal flush pays big money in this instance.

The huge downside, though, is that you’ll lose far more often with this wager. The absence of payouts for a pair is killer in this instance.

You’re facing a 13.77% house edge with 5 Card Bonus. Therefore, it’s a sucker bet that’s best avoided if you’re at all concerned with winning.

Recap of Let It Ride Rules

Someone Writing the Word Recap
I’ve covered the main rules for Let It Ride. Now, here’s a recap on how to play hands:

  1. Place your bet in three equal portions across the three designated circles (e.g. $5, $5, $5).
  2. [Optional] Place a $1 progressive jackpot bet.
  3. You receive three face-down cards.
  4. You can take back one-third of your wager after reviewing the hole cards.
  5. The first community card is dealt.
  6. You can take back one-third of your bet.
  7. The second community card is dealt.
  8. You reveal your hand to see if it qualifies for a payout.

How to Play for a Let It Ride Jackpot

You can play for the Let It Ride jackpot simply by placing a $1 optional bet. The table features a special circle where you can lay your chips.

The progressive jackpot bet not only gives you an opportunity to win the jackpot but also other payouts. Here’s a standard Let It Ride jackpot pay table:

  • Royal flush – 100% of progressive jackpot
  • Straight flush – 10% of progressive jackpot
  • Four of a kind – $500
  • Full house – $100
  • Flush – $75

Again, the progressive side wager is totally optional. But you may consider placing it so that you have a chance to win life-changing money.

Can You Win Big with Let It Ride?

Win Big
Both land-based and online casinos can offer large Let It Ride jackpots. Online casinos especially feature huge prizes.

In 2015, a New Jersey man won a $1.52 million Let It Ride payout while paying at Betfair. The anonymous gambler scooped this fortune after receiving a royal flush.

Of course, New Jersey features a regulated online gaming market. Most of the US still relies on offshore gaming sites to play online Let It Ride.

You can still win big, though, even in the latter case. RealTime Gaming casinos, which are available to many Americans, average nearly $82,000 on their Let It Ride jackpots.

Where Are Let It Ride Jackpots Available?

You can find these types of payouts at many casinos across the world. Progressive Let It Ride is especially popular in North America-where the game was invented.

Online casinos present an especially easy way to play for Let It Ride jackpots. You don’t need to do any searching in this case and can just play through your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Of course, brick-and-mortar venues also offer this game too. But you’ll have a better chance of playing for bigger Let It Ride jackpots when you live near a larger casino market (e.g. Atlantic City, Vegas).

House Edge on Let It Ride Jackpots

The house edge on Let It Ride jackpots varies greatly based on the size of the payout. Strictly speaking, the house advantage is enormous in the beginning.

House Edge

You may be facing a 70% house edge when the jackpot is first seeded. However, this disadvantage gradually lessens as the prize continues increasing.

Assuming the jackpot grows big enough, you may even be looking at an overlay. The latter refers to when the top prize has grown so much that you’re now gaining theoretical value by playing.

In the case of the $1.5 million Betfair jackpot, for example, you would’ve held a theoretical edge when chasing the jackpot. Of course, “theoretical” is the key word here.

You still need to win such a jackpot to realize the extra value. Nevertheless, you should still look for opportunities where the jackpot is bigger.

The standard Let It Ride house edge is 3.51% when perfect strategy involved. Therefore, you should take the time to learn basic Let It Ride strategy so that you can win most of your money back when hunting jackpots.

Should You Play for Let It Ride Jackpots?

You need to consider your specific situation when deciding if Let It Ride jackpots are right for you. Here are key variables to think about:

  • Your bankroll
  • How comfortable you are with volatility
  • How bad you want to win big
  • Jackpot size
  • How much you like table games/poker

Your bankroll and volatility go hand in hand here. The Let It Ride progressive bet is one of the most-volatile wagers in the casino.

You’re going to lose your extra bet far more than you win it. Therefore, you’ll probably want a large bankroll to survive the extreme volatility while chasing jackpots.

Assuming you love the prospect of going for big payouts through poker, then you should definitely consider this bet.


Slot machines will always rule when it comes to progressive casino jackpots. However, Let It Ride makes for a suitable alternative if you enjoy table games.

It offers a nice mixture of strategy and large payouts. You use basic strategy for the main portion of your bet and rely on luck for the $1 jackpot wager.

Let It Ride also offers other side wagers. However, these side wagers are major sucker bets. That said, I suggest that you stick with going for the progressive jackpots and nothing else.

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