The Walking Dead Rumors: Who Will Die First in the Second Half of Season 7?

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The anticipation is building for the return of AMC’S hit show, The Walking Dead, which rejoins Rick Grimes and our favorite zombie apocalypse survivors in the second half of season seven.

Last we saw Grimes and co., we had been introduced to a new community of exclusively women, a stalker in boots and the idea that the groups presently held under Negan’s rule may finally be ready to fight back.

For the avid fans, this is bittersweet, as it could call for the end to the devilishly delightful Negan a little sooner than we’d like, but we also get our favorite characters back in their normal element: kicking butt and taking names.

Rick Grimes was born to lead his band of survivors through the darkness, not into it to lay down and weep. For the majority of the first half of season seven of The Walking Dead, that’s pretty much what we were forced to endure.

It’s fair to acknowledge it was all necessary, of course, as Negan killed Glenn and Abraham to prove a point and to get Rick and company in line. It worked, if only temporarily, but also served as an engine for what should be total unity between all of the tribes Negan has tormented to this point.

While that will ultimately likely lead to an “All Out War”, it also will quickly give way to more bloodshed. More big names will be at risk of dying on The Walking Dead and cast members from every community – good or bad – will have their necks on the line.

Even Rick Grimes probably isn’t untouchable for the length of the series, but we can say pretty confidently he will be around for most of the show. There are plenty of other characters that could be a little more expendable, however, and with the fireworks about to sound off in the second half of season seven, we probably need to prepare for some big losses ahead.

We know that’s coming, though. What we don’t necessarily know, of course, is who is dying and when. That’s what we’re here for, to inspect the writing on the wall and gauge which big TWD character is next up to meet their demise:

They’re Safe

Before we start counting heads Negan-style, let’s first rule out The Walking Dead characters that won’t die first and probably are safe for at least the remainder of this season:

  • Rick Grimes
  • Daryl Dixon
  • Maggie Rhee
  • Carl Grimes
  • King Ezekiel
  • Negan

A long-running theme in The Walking Dead has been that most characters aren’t blindly killed off, like viewers might suggest. Instead, almost everyone that dies either runs their course, completes their character arc or is no longer a threat/purposeful, depending on where their loyalties lie.

This also happens when the show introduces a new character that will be very similar to another, and then kills off the old one. An easy example of this is replacing Dale with Hershel. Both are gone now, but Hershel was Rick’s voice of reason after Dale initially was.

The point is, TWD showrunners do a pretty good job of character development and fitting people into their stories. They also have a good sense as to when to pull the plug on them.

Because of this, we probably don’t need to worry about Rick, Daryl, Maggie, Carl or King Ezekiel dying anytime soon. King Ezekiel is a fairly easy call, as he’s brand new to the show and we haven’t even begun to get to know him or his community yet. He will probably at least survive to the end of the season, if not much longer.

Rick Grimes is the centerpiece to The Walking Dead’s dinner table and he isn’t going anywhere. He’s been brought to Hell and back and he’s the group’s leader. The dynamic between him and Negan is too good to bypass anytime soon, as well, so we can safely bet Negan is here to stay for at least the duration of season seven. Perhaps he is killed off in the season finale, but we doubt even that happens.

Daryl is a huge fan favorite and doesn’t have any ties to the comics (he’s a completely new character), so he could be killed off, but it’s unlikely. He’s very key to Rick Grimes’ confidence and they are basically brothers in the show. That being said, killing off Daryl to close season seven could really be a gut punch similar to how this season started off.

Daryl is not going to die in the first few episodes, though, and neither will Carl or Maggie. Carl has so much story left and Maggie still has redemption and a bay coming to her.

For the most part, these characters are as close to “untouchable” as you can get.

We Think They’re Safe

  • Michonne
  • Sasha
  • Eugene
  • Dwight
  • Jesus

Michonne might be borderline untouchable, and let’s be honest, she’s one of the best character on the show, but Rick loves her and that could be a problem. Love interests of the main character are always put in the line of fire and since she’s also a bit of a badass warrior in her own right, she’ll be in danger of dying in battle in the future.

That probably won’t happen early on in the second half of season seven, of course, and might not happen at all. Michonne’s eventual death would probably cripple Rick at this point and for him to rise up and lead, it’s unlikely the show can let that happen just yet.

It starts to dip down significantly from there, as Sasha and Eugene are pretty big characters and are still useful, but would be big enough deaths to be pretty shocking blows for viewers. We still think they’re safe, however, as Sasha still seeks vengeance for Abraham’s death and Eugene is required to help the group make bullets.

Dwight is on the other side and seems to be doing a dance between wanting to stay or go, so it’s tough to know what the future holds for him. He probably is safe, but if Negan ever figures out he’s not fully in, Dwight could be in trouble. Daryl and Dwight have a rivalry, too, so it’s not crazy to think the next time Daryl sees him he meets him with his crossbow.

Jesus is probably off limits, too, as he’s a really versatile and likeable character and still pretty new to the show. We don’t even know that much about him and it seems like there is a lot of story to tell with him.

While all five of these The Walking Dead characters aren’t “safe”, they’re not quite as close to their demise as some other key characters.

These TWD Characters Could Die

  • Carol
  • Morgan
  • Father Gabriel
  • Aaron
  • Tara
  • Rosita
  • Heath

This is where things could get tricky. Carol and Morgan are currently shacked up with The Kingdom and for now, are absolutely safe. However, Carol has been leaning towards a suicide narrative for some time now and really doesn’t seem too interested in fighting anymore. If she checks out completely, she could die by her own hand or not really paying attention and getting killed in some type of combat situation.

Even though that’s possible, we do know Rick is going to lead his group over to The Kingdom to talk shop in regards to going up against Negan. Carol and Morgan are likely to still be around when that day comes, so while they are not untouchable, they probably won’t be among the early deaths in the second half of season seven.

The dying could start at anytime with Father Gabriel, Aaron, Tara, Rosita or Heath. Any other characters are arguably too small or don’t mean enough. They wouldn’t qualify as “big” deaths, while everyone mentioned to this point arguably would.

The meat of this argument could start with Heath, who to this point has gone missing and honestly could already be dead. He’s probably not, but it remains unclear what TWD plans to do with his character considering he’s off doing his own show right now. They could always bring back Heath in a bit role or just let his disappearance die as a mystery.

Next up is the collection of Gabriel, Aaron, Rosita and Tara. Tara seems unlikely to die just because she’s proven herself to be a bit of a survivor lately and now has connections to that swamp group of women we’ve run into. She also has vengeance on the brain after her girlfriend was murdered.

The same goes for Rosita, but she is such a wild card that Negan might have her taken out. Even before Negan learns of the group’s uprising, he already knows she’s tried to kill him and probably won’t stop anytime soon.

Rosita is certainly marked and despite her experience and interesting character, she seems to be in grave danger. Father Gabriel might be in even more danger, however, as he’s gone full circle as a character. He was completely against Rick for the longest time, but now he’s supporting Rick completely, learning how to fight and slowly developing into a pretty great character. The second people start truly warming up to him, I fear The Walking Dead creators will pull the plug on him.

How long that will be is anyone’s guess, which also brings us to Aaron, who has no true loyalties beyond his new friends and not much of a storyline backing him. In other words, he’s been around long enough to provide a pretty big depth and he’s a good character, but he’s got nothing keeping him glued into the fabric of the show.

The tough part if figuring out the spot some of these people will be in and which characters the show probably figures they can do without. To us, the person that stands out the most is Rosita.

There are a lot of strong, useful women in this show and with Sasha stepping up as a bit of a torch carrier lately, it seems like one of Abraham’s former lovers may have to go. Rosita has been defiant and borderline reckless and that could be foreshadowing that the show is prepping her for her departure.

Anyone on this list and maybe the second list is a viable contender to get the axe, but early on, our first big The Walking Dead death prediction ends up being Rosita.
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