The Wynn Palace Cotai Strip Will Make Your Macau Vacation One to Remember

Macau is home to some of the nicest casinos in the world, but nothing can hold a candle to the Wynn Palace Cotai Strip. Wynn casinos are known worldwide as some of the most luxurious and most amazing casinos to stay in. So, if you’re planning a trip to Macau, this is absolutely the best place to go.

Staying at Wynn Palace

Given that Wynn Palace is one of the nicest resorts on the Cotai Strip in Macau, it can be expected that you’ll have a lot of options when trying to choose the best room during your stay in the Eastern entertainment district.

The standard choice featured at Wynn Palace is the Palace Room. It comes with all of your fundamental elements that make for a luxurious stay. The room includes Wynn’s very own signature custom pillow top Dream bed that’s been enveloped in 507-thread-count sheets of Egyptian cotton. There’s also a 65-inch TV, as well as essentials like USB wall ports to charge all of your devices.

The Next Step up Is the Fountain Suite:

Sitting at 915 square feet, the Fountain Suite features a private living room and sitting area enhanced with a 65-inch HD television. It creates a spacious suite and is the ideal choice for entertaining. Available in configurations of one king-sized bed or two queen-sized beds, this room is probably the best option for most guests.

Envisioned with business or recreation in mind, the Executive Suite at Wynn Palace has been designed in statement-making style. Whether you’re hosting business meetings or simply desire accommodations that combine a relaxed resort lifestyle with all the amenities that a C-suite executive could dream of, the Executive Suites are sure to suit a variety of needs and styles.

The room and suite choices just continue to get more luxurious from here. The suite at the next level up—the Fountain Salon Suite—at Wynn Palace is lavish in both space and design, measuring to be an exceptional 2,900 square feet.

An expansive, beautifully appointed living and dining area features a wet bar and adjacent powder room, while the separate media room is dominated by an 85-inch HD television with a Blu-Ray DVD player and soundbar.

Each Fountain Salon Suite comes equipped with a private spa room that is customized with surround-sound audio that can be ideal for in-room custom spa treatments.

The Penthouse and Garden Villa

The last two options available at the Wynn are their one-of-a kind Penthouse and the Garden Villa.

The Penthouse looks like you’re staying in something that could easily be compared to a modern art museum. There are windows that start at the floor and stretch all the way up to the ceiling. You won’t need to worry about missing out on breathtaking views of the Cotai Strip while staying at Wynn Palace’s Penthouse suite.

Not only does it include all of the amenities featured in the other suites and include an array of contemporary art and furnishings, the Penthouse has its very own grand piano!

The Garden Villas include two to three bedrooms that are perfect for the travelers who brought their entire family with them. Each villa has its own grand piano while the lavishly customized spaces reach upwards of 6,700 square feet. You definitely won’t have to worry about running out of space during your stay and can easily allow your entire family to stay with you (and heck, even some distant relatives).

What’s Inside?

With all of its lavish room designs and options, what else is there that the Wynn Palace has to offer for its fortunate guests? More than you could possibly imagine in terms of elegance and style, shopping, and fun.

If you are looking to spend some of your real money gambling winnings on some of the most elegant clothing and apparel (and really, who doesn’t visit a place like this and think about doing a little shopping for something beautiful and luxurious to take home with them?), then you won’t need to worry about running out of available shopping choices at the Wynn.

Wynn Palace has around 50 different designer retail shopping options. From Chanel and Louis Vuitton to Yves Saint Laurent, the shopping available at Wynn Palace is almost overwhelming and includes most of the highest quality brands in the world.

Not only are there dozens of different designer retail choices, but the Wynn Palace has its own gift shop where its guests can find needed daily necessities.

What about places to eat?

There are 15 different restaurants to choose from at Wynn Palace Cotai, not including their Wing Lei Bar. Some of the choices are fine dining options like Mizumi, Sichuan Moon, and Sushi Mizumi, while casual dining options include Fontana Buffet, 99 Noodles, and Palace Cafe.

For other amenities at The Wynn, you can count on there being a pool, salon, spa, fitness center, and its very own flower shop. Entertainment can be enjoyed in a few different options while staying at Wynn Palace.

Floral Creations is a unique choice for entertainment. Wynn Palace celebrates the joy and beauty of florals as a central design theme throughout Wynn Palace, creating a feast for the senses in color, design, and texture. Nowhere is that more evident than in the large-scale floral sculptures custom-designed for Wynn Palace by world-renowned designer Preston Bailey.

The last signature attraction I’ll touch on at Wynn Palace is Performance Lake. Here, at this signature attraction, you can fill your senses with the incredible performance of fountains of water that dance and soar into the sky with power.

Performance Lake was designed to arouse emotion, so people can appreciate its beauty and elegance with awe and wonder. Not only has Performance Lake become a centerpiece for Wynn Palace, but it’s a centerpiece for all of Macau.

The History of This Incredible Resort

In the year 2006, the hotel and casino that has held the rank as one of the greatest casinos in not just Macau but in the whole world, Wynn Palace, was brought forth into existence by Wynn Resorts.

Being a Las Vegas-based company, you can count on the Wynn in Macau to meet any expectations that might have been created by a previous trip to Las Vegas. Where Wynn Palace sits at on the Cotai Strip is an area of Macau that is very similar to the popular Strip in Las Vegas, with its large number of casinos and resorts crammed into one geographical region.

Steve Wynn, CEO of Wynn Resorts, didn’t announce until 2010 that the Cotai Strip casino project was going to begin construction. They finally broke ground in April of 2011. The Wynn on the Cotai Strip was originally projected to cost upwards of $20 billion US dollars.

In May of 2012, Wynn Macau received its formal approval from the Macau government, paving the way for this new and amazing elite casino in Macau.

The total development of the casino would cover an area of 557,000 square feet, making it compete for one of the largest casinos in Macau. The original design of the casino included a hotel with convention space, shops, entertainment, 10 restaurants, 500 gaming tables, spa, meeting rooms, and a nightclub called “Climax,” among other things.

The skyscraper of a casino wouldn’t receive its final name, “Wynn Palace,” until July of 2013. By the summer of 2014, Wynn Palace Macau was one of only six licensed casinos that operate inside the borders of Macau. With the foundation of the resort finally being poured in 2014, we can say that the Wynn experienced a great deal of delay with getting its doors opened to the public.

Needing an estimated 7,000 new employees, the resort wouldn’t be able to project their final opening day until the first half of 2016. We can say that it was definitely worth the wait!

Is There Something I Missed?

I am certain with the little time that I had available in composing this short article on Wynn Palace that there are many other aspects of the resort that I have not gone into even deeply enough to satisfy those who have visited this incredible resort.

There is just so much to do and see while staying there. When people sit down and draw up the plans for a resort like Wynn Palace, they do so with the goal of packing so much into the property that you really don’t have to worry about spending your time anyplace else.

And there is so much to see and enjoy at Wynn Palace, that even after a week of spending your time there exclusively, there are still going to be parts of the resort that you didn’t get to fully experience.

Have you stayed at Wynn Palace and have an experience that you’d like to share? I would love to hear from you and would appreciate it if you dropped a comment in the section down below!

Thank you for reading, and may your journey to the “Las Vegas of the East” greet you with open arms!

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