Top 3 UK Snooker Betting Sites in 2019

by Kevin Oldroyd
on March 24, 2019

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No country has produced as many snooker world champions as the UK. Thousands of people in this country watch snooker tournaments on a regular basis, many of whom also enjoy betting on the outcomes. With the 2019 Snooker World Championship coming up, now is the perfect time to break down the top 3 UK snooker betting sites in 2019.

There are a huge number of amazing sports betting sites available in the UK. I chose three that offer the best odds, and safest payouts.

Before we get into the sites, let me give a quick breakdown of what exactly snooker is, in case you’re unfamiliar.

What is Snooker and Why is it So Popular?

Snooker is a cue sport, much like billiards, that’s played on a table with six pockets. The object of the game is to sink as many balls into these pockets using a white “cue” ball. Players accumulate points based on the number of balls made into the pockets.

Snooker has been a part of British culture since the 19th century. Today, millions of people here play the game every single year.

The popularity has grown since the introduction of the World Championship. This tournament was created in 1927 and has taken place nearly every year since. As I mentioned before, the vast majority of snooker champions hail from the United Kingdom.

Snooker is very popular throughout the country. It seems to be growing consistently, and this year’s World Championship may be the most-watched tournament in history.

Now let’s take a look at a few of the best UK snooker betting sites in 2019!

888 Sportsbook

This site has been extremely popular in the UK since the mid-2000s. 888 Sportsbook is known for offering a wide range of different betting odds on many different sports. To me, the best thing about this website is the design and user interface.

888 has clearly put an emphasis on providing a good user experience. The website looks like it was made this year, despite being around for more than a decade. The homepage features different live betting odds on sporting events taking place around the world.

To the left of the homepage is a list of different sports. These are sports available to bet on. The Snooker tab can be easily found here.

888 Sportsbook is great at updating its odds. Members of this site can place bets on snooker events even months before they’re scheduled to take place. As of March 20, for example, this site is already allowing bets on the World Snooker Championship beginning on April 20.

There are also odds available on small events taking place nearly every day. From what I’ve found, the odds found here are some of the best available online.

Making a bet is extremely easy. You simply click on the player you think will win, and enter in the amount you want to wager. Members here can also place parlay bets.

I could touch more on the different odds available, yet this is all about the top UK snooker betting sites in 2019. It’s easy to see why 888 fits that bill. The design is fantastic, the odds are great, and there are a huge number of different snooker betting options available every day.

Cashier System at 888 Sportsbook

The betting aspect of a website is always important. What’s even more important is how safe a betting site is with payments! Fortunately, 888 Sportsbook provides its members with a huge range of safe and easy options to deposit and withdraw money.

The most popular deposit method is via credit card. This website accepts Visa and MasterCard, and fees associated with credit card deposits are extremely low. E-wallets are also accepted for money deposits.

The same methods are available for cash withdrawals, as well. Members can withdraw money using credit cards, E-wallets, and direct bank transfers. Withdrawal fees and low, and the payouts should be processed within 48 hours.

I feel very strongly that this is one of the best UK snooker betting sites in 2019. Want to learn more? Head on over to our 2019 888 Sportsbook review today!

Betway Sportsbook

Betway has been an extremely popular gambling site in the UK for years. Over the past five years, in particular, this website has grown exponentially. There are many reasons why that’s the case.

The first thing you might notice about Betway is its simplicity. Many websites today blast promotions in your face. Betway’s homepage is simplistic and extremely easy to navigate. Finding the sport you want to bet on should take no time at all.

If you do have any questions, this site offers an amazing support system. There is a live chat feature, as well as a call line and email support. As I just mentioned though, this is one of the easiest sites to navigate through today.

The simplicity is enough for me to list Betway as one of the top UK snooker betting sites in 2019. The biggest reason why I chose this site, though, is because of the amazing odds and betting options. In many ways, the options here are very similar to what 888 Sportsbook offers.

Betway actually offers more UK snooker betting options than almost any other website available today. Members can bet on a wide variety of major tournaments including the World Championship, Tour Championship, and even on things like which two players will make the Finals.

If you want to wait until the tournament actually begins to place your bet, no problem! Betway also provides an incredible live betting feature that allows you to wager on sporting events as they are taking place. It’s an extremely fun way to feel more involved in these snooker events.

Cashier System at Betway Sportsbook

I wouldn’t list this site as one of the best UK snooker betting sites in 2019 unless it had an incredible payment system. Betway takes customer safety extremely seriously, offering a range of different options to deposit and withdraw money. As of March 2019, there are almost no reports of any winnings being withheld from players.

The deposit and withdrawal options are very similar to 888 Sportsbook. Credit cards, E-wallets, and bank transfers are all available here. Betway also accepts PayPal for payments!

There are a lot of incredible things about this site. To see what else you should expect here, take a look at our 2019 Betway Sportsbook review today.

William Hill Sportsbook

There’s a good chance nearly everyone in the UK has heard of William Hill. This company is one of the oldest to ever offer gambling odds and has grown tremendously over the years through its online platform. William Hill Sportsbook is fantastic. The snooker betting options here are some of the best you’ll find in 2019.

I’ve said before that the design of William Hill looks a little bit outdated. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the functionality of the site, but the design does look a few years old. Aesthetically, there are better websites, yet the incredible betting options and safety of William Hill make me include it as one of the top UK snooker betting sites in 2019.

This website lets you place bets on a huge number of different sports. The full list of different available sports here can be found on the left side of the homepage.

One of the cool things here is that the current betting favorites for major tournaments are featured directly on the snooker betting page. This makes it easy to place bets on the top players every month. Clicking on the tournament tabs will bring up a full list of all the different players.

Another cool feature here is the ‘Snooker Coupons’ tab. This brings up some UK snooker novelty betting options. At the moment, the only novelty bets available are on matchups between two different players.

Part of the reason why I list William Hill as one of the best UK snooker betting sites in 2019 is due to its experience in the iGaming industry. The support features here are excellent at answering any questions you may have. The odds on snooker events are amazing, but I personally love knowing this website has been in the game for nearly a century.

Cashier System at William Hill Sportsbook

William Hill’s experience is apparent with their cashier system. This might be the safest UK betting site operating in 2019, with almost no reports of any withheld payments or additional fees.

Credit cards and E-wallets are the best options to deposit and withdraw money. William Hill is great at offering new and exciting promotions to help boost your deposit bonuses, too. The fees associated with this site are very low.

Head on over to our William Hill Sportsbook review to better understand why it’s one of the best UK snooker betting sites in 2019.

2019 World Snooker Championship Betting Odds

The 2019 Snooker World Championship will take place from April 20 to May 6 in Sheffield, England. Mark Williams is the reigning champion, yet there are a number of favorites heading into the tournament with some great odds to win.

Below are six of the betting favorites for this year’s World Championship, courtesy of one of the top UK snooker betting sites in 2019, Betway Sportsbook.

  • Ronnie O’Sullivan: 3.75
  • Judd Trump: 5.00
  • Mark Selby: 8.00
  • Neil Robertson: 11.00
  • Kyren Wilson: 15.00
  • Mark Allen: 17.00

Any of the sites listed above will provide a complete list of odds for the 2019 World Snooker Championship. It’s a multi-day event, and as the tournament progresses, these odds are very likely to change.

Which of the UK snooker betting sites in 2019 that I listed is your favorite? Who do you think wins this year’s World Championship? Let me know in the comment section below!

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