The Top League of Legends Teams You Need to Be on in 2018

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League of Legends has transitioned into a more explosive and vibrant esport since its start in 2010. With the game entering its eighth season, the competitive teams have certainly changed and adapted to become stronger.

The game brings in hundreds of millions of fans, and with that, they also provide a large betting scene that goes into the millions. Throughout the years, there have been teams that have brought fortune to their bettors and others who have stripped them of their money.

With the 2018 season just around the corner, we’ll be examining some of my top picks for who you need to bet on. These will be teams from around the world, ranging from the NA LCS to the LCK. What are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

Team Solo Mid (NA LCS)

Team Solo Mid has always been a viable pick for those watching the North American League Competitive Series (NA LCS for short). They’ve never missed a World’s run, have won various Split titles, and as of the current day, are considered the strongest North American team there is.

They currently have a roster consisting of Hauntzer, MikeYeung, Bjergsen, Zven, and Mithy. All of these players have made notorious reputations for themselves. Hauntzer has been the best top laner in the NA LCS as of the present day. Mike Yeung is an upcoming jungle prodigy. Bjergsen has been the dominant mid laner of the NA LCS since his arrival, and Zven and Mithy dominated the EU LCS together since their arrival in 2015 as the Origen bot lane duo.

Team Solo Mid may be inconsistent at times, but they’ve always managed to pull through at the last moment when it counted. During the playoffs, the team has managed to take down big-time shots when it seemed impossible.

In the 2015 Split, TSM struggled during the regular season but managed to come back during the Summer Playoffs to secure a spot at the 2015 World Championship. They took down top contenders at the time, Team Liquid and Gravity.

In 2016, they repeated the same feat and since then, have dominated the NA LCS. If you want to bet on the North American scene, then Team Solo Mid is a must.

They’ve always brought results to the table, and considering how the off-season has been going, nothing is going to change.

Cloud9 (NA LCS)

The one other consistent team in the NA LCS franchise is Cloud9. They’ve been a formidable force since their arrival in Season 3. They are also the only team, aside from TSM, that has qualified for every World Championship since their existence.

Since their beginning, Cloud9 has always been a strong player. They went undefeated for thirteen games, won twenty-five matches throughout the Split and finished the season and playoffs with a 30-3 record, something that has rarely been accomplished.

In 2015, despite Cloud9’s shaky started, they managed to finish a “Cinderella Run” through the Regional Qualifier, taking down every large name in front of them. This allowed the team to qualify for the 2015 World Championship, something that no team in North America has ever done.

For the 2018 year, Cloud9 will be bringing back three of the five 2017 roster. Alongside their original roster, they’ll be joined by former TSM jungler, Svenskeren, Licorice, and Selfie. With talents all across the board, Cloud9 is expected to be a strong contender for the gauntlet in the Spring and Summer Split.

What sets Cloud9 apart from Team Solo Mid is the team’s performance at the World Championship. Team Solo Mid has been known to struggle, rarely ever making it past Groups Stages even when the statistics say they should.

However, Cloud9 is a whole different ball-game. Even when matched with some of the toughest competition in the game, Cloud9 has managed to almost always make it to the Knockout Round. In the 2017 World Championship, they were matched with ahq-Esports Club, Edward Gaming, and South Korea Telecom yet still managed to make it to the next stage.

Because of this, Cloud9 has always been a favorite to North America fans and bettors alike. They’ve taken down foes that are twice their size, and have also been a strong team in the NA LCS as well.

Put your money on them if you want a team that has been known to defy the odds.

Fnatic (EU LCS)

There has never been a single League of Legends team that can contest Fnatic’s dominance in the EU LCS since their debut in Season One. They started out their career strong, with the team winning the Season One World Championship.

From then on, they continued to be a dominant force and in 2015, they pulled off an undefeated regular season, being the first team to ever do so. They then continued their dominance, taking down their main rivals, Origen, to qualify for the 2015 World Championship.

It was here that Fnatic proved the EU LCS was no push-over for the international stage. They easily soared past Groups Stage and then proceeded to take down one of China’s top teams, Edward Gaming. Though they would go on to lose to the KOO Tigers in the semifinals, their 2015 run proved that Europe could become a powerhouse in the esports industry as well.

Despite Fnatic’s shaky start in both 2016 and 2017, they still managed to bring themselves together for an appearance during the 2017 World Championship. It was here where they would manage to sweep Immortals off their feet and qualify for the Knockout Rounds.

Some fans say that Fnatic doesn’t have the manpower they used to have when the team had Huni, Reignover, Febiven, Rekkles, and YellOwStaR. However, Fnatic’s results have said otherwise. They pulled off a first-place finish during the regular season followed by a third-place finish during the playoffs.

Fnatic is returning for the season with almost the exact same roster as 2017. They’ll be bringing back sOAZ, Broxah, Caps, and Rekkles, with Hylissang signing for Jesiz’s previous spot. With an almost identical team as last year, Fnatic will have the communication and knowledge some teams will lack.

This could aid them in bringing results not only for the team but for those betting on them. Fnatic already has a large fanbase, ranging from Europe to North America.

With the way 2018 is looking for them, Fnatic could go back to becoming an international superstar.

Misfits (EU LCS)

Last year, the Misfits underdog story was told tens of thousands of times, largely thanks to their successful run at the 2017 World Championship, as well as their EU LCS performance. Despite having rookie status, Misfits was quick to show that they meant business.

They took second in the EU LCS Summer Playoffs, upset Team Solo Mid during the Groups Stage, and then proceeded to almost knock out defending World Champions, South Korea Telecom. Though they barely lost their Quarterfinal match 2-3 against SKT (short for South Korea Telecom), they still managed to prove that their rookie status meant nothing to them and that they had the skills of an experienced powerhouse.

Misfits will be returning with three of their original 2017 roster, Hans Sama, Alphari, and Maxlore. They’ll also be bringing in Sencux and Mikyx to replace the mid lane and support spots. Both of them were strong picks for the two open spots.

Sencux helped bring Splyce to a World Championship and Mikyx’s support skills are infamous throughout the European stage. With the team still staying fairly ground to its 2017 roots, we can expect Misfits to take the stage and be a strong team for the upcoming season.

They’ve already proven that not they shouldn’t be taken as novices. They’ve made an impact in the 2017 season.

Now, fans, including myself, are excited to see what the team will bring to both the 2018 Spring and Summer Split, and even possibly yet another World Championship.

Longzhu Gaming (LCK)

If there’s ever a definition of powerhouse, it’s Longzhu Gaming. They were one of the only teams to take down South Korea Telecom in their prime and be an existential threat to any team in their way. They might’ve been upset by their Korean counterparts, Samsung Galaxy, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still one of the top teams in the world.

Despite their shaky start as a new team in the LCK, they managed to show their dominance in the 2017 Summer Split. They dominated both the regular season and the playoffs, taking out top competitors like Samsung Galaxy and KT Rolster along the way.

During the regular season, they were unmatched against every opponent, and during the playoffs, even the famed South Korea Telecom could not take on the powerhouse. They went undefeated in the Groups Stage before falling to Samsung Galaxy during the 2017 World Championship.

Though their run was stopped in their tracks by a surprising loss to Samsung Galaxy during the Knockout Rounds, it seems like they’ll be stronger than ever. They’ve brought back the entire roster from 2017, with an addition of Peanut, South Korea Telecom’s former jungler.

With this roster, they’ve already begun to show results. They took out South Korea Telecom with an easy 2-0 victory during the KeSPA Cup before barely losing to KT Rolster in a 2-3 defeat. They certainly have the team synergy, and they definitely have the individual talents.

Longzhu Gaming’s top laner, Khan, was the reason behind their successful Summer Split run, taking down South Korea Telecom single-handedly during the Summer Playoffs finals. The bot lane duo, PraY and GorillA, have always been a notorious force that has ruled the forces of Korea, and BDD has been one of the only mid laners to ever match SKT Faker’s mechanical prowess.

This year could be the year of Longzhu Gaming. With the addition of Peanut, Longzhu Gaming’s vibrant and explosive playstyle could prove to be vital in bringing home another LCK title.

If you want an upcoming talent that shows the potential, look no further because Longzhu Gaming will be a perfect choice.

KT Rolster (LCK)

KT Rolster may have little experience at the World Championship despite their long existence in the LCK, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a household threat for the region. They’ve been one of the top performing teams throughout the past years, always placing in the top standings.

They recently won the KeSPA Cup and placed third in the 2017 LCK Summer Playoffs. In the 2016 Season, they barely missed the World Championship with a tight 2-3 loss to Samsung Galaxy. However, the year before that, the team managed to make the Knockout Rounds of the World Championship.

KT Rolster has always been a threatening team from the beginning of its existence. They’ve been one of two teams that have consistently been able to take down three-time World Champions, South Korea Telecom.

Consisting of a roster with Smeb, Rush, Pawn, Deft, and Mata, the team seems like an unstoppable hearth of individual talents. At one point, Smeb was considered the strongest top laner during his time. Rush has been a dominant force in the jungle throughout his experience in both the NA LCS and LCK.

Pawn’s experience as a top-tier mid laner and World Champion has made him a viable threat to every single team out there. Deft is one of the few AD Carries to ever successfully challenge PraY’s mechanical skills, and Mata is undeniably one of the best supports out there.

However, even with the team being such a strong group, there have been some shortcomings. KT Rolster’s potential has fallen short, especially when it comes to qualifying for Worlds. Many regard this as the “Curse of KT Rolster.” Their inability of being able to qualify for the World Championship have made more than one fan disappointed in their performances.

However, even if KT Rolster has trouble qualifying for the annual World Championship, their in-game stats they put out every single game are extremely impressive. During the Split Season, they are one of the most consistent teams out of all the teams on the competitive scene, not just the LCK.

If you’re looking for a team that’s always consistent, even with a few short-comings, turn your head towards KT Rolster.

They may have a few flaws in their game, but in the Split Season—which is the longest lasting part of League of Legends’ competitive season—they’re one of the top performers.

South Korea Telecom (LCK)

It would be a mistake for me not to put South Korea Telecom on this list. Ever since their debut in 2013, they’ve always been a competitive threat. In fact, their presence is so large that it has spanned into the Korean media as well as other esports.

Any competitive fan or bettor of League of Legends will know about South Korea Telecom and the legacy they brought to the game. SKT has always been a top priority choice for bettors who choose to make their fortunes in League of Legends.

In 2013, they defeated every major name at that time to win the 2013 World Championship, something that almost no one saw coming. They may have lost their chance to compete in the 2014 World Championship with Samsung Blue and Samsung White taking their place, but that didn’t stop them from dominating the 2015 World Championship, where they would go on to win their second title.

Afterwards, they yet again took over the 2016 Season. They won the Spring Playoffs, taking down ROX Tigers in a 3-1 victory, and then later went on to win the entire Mid-Season Invitational. Their time in the 2016 World Championship was equally as dominant.

They were uncontested in the Groups Stage and would go on to take out their Korean counterparts, Samsung Galaxy, in a 3-2 victory for their third World Championship title. Though they didn’t find the same success in 2017, they still managed to make the finals, though they ended up losing to the 2016 finalists, Samsung Galaxy.

South Korea Telecom is, and always will be, a part of League of Legends. They’ve been the first team to ever win more than one World Championship, and have accumulated several dominant players from across the board.

Currently, their roster consists of Untara, Blank, Faker, Bang, and Wolf. Untara has been a consistent, tank main who can output large amounts of damage even with a champion that should not be able to do so.

Blank has always been a competitive player in the jungle, challenging the likes of Samsung Galaxy’s Ambition and KT Rolster’s Rush. Meanwhile, Faker has been known by many to be the “King of League of Legends,” and the duo of Bang and Wolf have been responsible for many of South Korea Telecom’s victories.

Though SKT has been known to be a legendary team, new competition has made them prone to a new legacy brought on by a newer, fresher team. Despite this being a possibility, South Korea Telecom has always found a way to bounce back from their losses and put on a good show during playoffs.

South Korea Telecom hates losing. We saw their downfall in 2014, and in 2015, they made sure that history would not be repeated. They’ll have a returning roster, which means that there will be no synergy problems as well as a better understanding of the teammates around them.

Keep your eyes out for South Korea Telecom in 2018.

Even with the rough patches they’ve been experiencing, SKT has always found a way to come back into the fight. They’re a legendary team, and if you want someone that you can count on to make it past even the craziest of circumstances, you’ll want to pick South Korea Telecom.

Royal Never Give Up (LPL)

During South Korea Telecom’s dominant runs, there has always been one team that brought the fight to them consistently. That team is Royal Never Give Up. They’ve been the leading force of the Chinese region, and by the looks of it, Royal Never Give Up isn’t planning on going anywhere.

The team made it to both the 2013 and 2014 World Championship finals, and would later go on to make the Knockout Rounds in 2016, and 2017. The team, which has been notorious for their aggressive, and snowball-type playstyle, have never let a single game go by without them fighting for every minute of it.

With the team consisting of LetMe, MLXG, Xiaohu, Uzi, and Ming, Royal Never Give Up is bringing back the 2017 roster. LetMe has been a strong top laner in the LPL region, MLXG is uncontested in the jungle, Xiaohu is considered as a “Chinese Faker,” Uzi was once the best player in the world, and Ming is responsible for every play that goes by for Royal Never Give Up.

The team has seen large amounts of in both the LPL and international stage, topping their Chinese rivals, Edward Gaming, time after time. China is a region where even the smallest mistake can result in a team’s loss.

Royal Never Give Up’s fast-paced, aggressive playstyle has brought them to the top before. If you want to bet on the Chinese teams, then Royal Never Give Up should be the top pick you go for.

The endless amount of talent and success they’ve experienced should be the only testimony you need.


We’ve covered the top teams in every major region

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Korea
  • China

Each of these is gold mines, as long as you know what you need to keep your eyes on. Each of these teams has proven their potential time over time, and picking one of these teams to bet on could bring you the winnings you deserve.

Team Solo Mid and Cloud9 have always been the hopes for North America’s shot at an international title. Fnatic and Misfits have secured themselves to be two of the top teams in the world. Korea’s South Korea Telecom KT Rolster, and Longzhu Gaming have become the rulers of the competitive scene, and China’s Royal Never Give Up never runs low on their talent.

There are many names to choose from, and I guarantee you this. Out of all the teams that I’ve written down for you, each of them will bring you a return in the betting world. However, when the season is coming to a close, and the World Championship is upon us, one of these eight teams will be crowned as the 2018 World Champion.

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