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The NFL season keeps rolling forward as we head into Week 3 this weekend. Intriguing matchups line the schedule and that means excellent betting opportunities. We’re here to help by cluing you in to our favorite prop bets on the Week 3 docket.

Team prop bets give you the chance to pick apart NFL games from many different aspects. In addition, the ability to let you get specific with your speculation makes a big difference in the value you can get from these wagers when compared to other bets like moneyline or point spread.

We’re here to take a look at the top NFL prop bets for Week 3 of the NFL season. Each of these bets can be found right now at BetOnline, one of the top gambling sites. And we suggest that you take a look at all of the prop bets on display to find the wagers that bring you the most value.

Week 3 NFL Prop Bets

Arizona Cardinals at Jacksonville Jaguars

First of all, if you take this side of the wager, you’re getting the value out of this wager. The “no” side of the wager comes in at -130, which isn’t too enticing. While that is the safer play, the Cardinals and Jaguars don’t exactly come to mind when you think of safe.

No team has been more explosive offensively that Arizona. And they’ve also shown the tendency for defensive lapses early in the game, such as their gaffe last week when the Vikings threw a long touchdown pass on the very first play from scrimmage.

It also feels like this might be a week where the Jaguars try to open things up early, as their conservative plan the past two games has left them playing from behind. What it all leads up to in this case is a whole bunch of fireworks early in the contest and an even-money payback for you.

Score in the First 5 minutes (Yes) – (+100)

Atlanta Falcons at New York Giants

The Atlanta Falcons offense showed some life last week against Tampa Bay, although it was largely a situation where they were playing from behind. That could be the case in this one again, which could lead to garbage scores.

Yet even if this game is close, there is a path for the Falcons to put up three scores. The Giants defense proved vulnerable last week to a Washington team guided by an inexperienced quarterback. Matt Ryan has been aching for a get-right game, and this could be it.

This game feels like it could be closer than expected, as you have two teams hungry for their first victory. Look for it to be a back-and affair with a bit more offense than expected, which means a 3-TD day for the Falcons seems to be a perfect fit.

Atlanta Falcons Exact Touchdowns (3) – (+250)

Baltimore Ravens at Detroit Lions

If you just go by reputation, the Ravens defense would seem like the type that could squelch the Lions and make 5.5 total TDs seem a long shot. But this Baltimore defense, ravaged by injuries on the back end, isn’t that stout at the moment.

Then there is Detroit’s defense, which was steamrolled in each of the first two weeks for big numbers. The Ravens found a sweet spot on Sunday night in their win over Kansas City in balancing the run and pass and should keep rolling.

Detroit’s defensive team speed can’t keep up and their secondary is also injury-depleted. The Ravens might be able to get five touchdowns on their own in this one. As a result, over 5 ½ scores total looks like a tip-in for even money.

5.5 Total Touchdowns (Over) – (+100)

Chicago Bears at Cleveland Browns

Welcome to the starting role, Justin Fields. As anyone who watched the first half of the Cleveland Browns game against Houston last week knows, Cleveland had issues containing a mobile quarterback who could throw in Justin Fields.

Fields should do fine in here, as he’ll thrive as the Browns adjust to exactly what he can do in the first time anyone has seen him for long stretches in an NFL game. That element of surprise, and Fields’ overall ability, should carry this Bears offense to their best game of the season to date.

Don’t expect the Browns to dominate with the run quite so easily against the Bears, who have allowed just 3.3 yards per carry through two games. That should allow Fields enough time of possession to help the Bears to three TDs.

Chicago Bears Total Touchdowns (3) – (+300)

Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers

The wheel was almost deafeningly squeaky after the Steelers’ loss to Las Vegas, as Ben Roethlisberger complained, without overtly complaining, about Matt Canada’s play-calling. This could go one of two ways.

In some cases, you get a complete implosion when inner turmoil like this starts to surface. But the Steelers have a firm hand at the tiller in coach Mike Tomlin, who will use this to rally the troops for a big effort.

All this is to say that we expect Big Ben and Canada to be on the same page and come out on all cylinders. We wish we could bet on the first score being a Roethlisberger pass specifically, but we’ll take the 3-2 odds for the Steelers getting first score and run with it.

First Score (Pittsburgh Touchdown) – (+150)

Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers

This bet largely breaks down to the feeling that the Niners are big overrated. They barely outlasted the Lions in Week 1 and then were gifted a win by Philly would kept making silly mistakes and poor decisions in key places of the game.

This team is lacking the running backs to properly dominate the game like they want, which means Jimmy Garoppolo has to carry the offense, not that exciting a prospect. They are also iffy at the cornerback position, which means that Davante Adams could go wild.

Even if the Niners don’t completely throw in a clunker, we think it might take them a while to adjust to Green Bay’s level of play. And that’s why we think that a quick Green Bay start is the most likely outcome, which could mean a 4 to 1 payoff.

First Quarter Margin of Victory (Green Bay by 7 or more) – (+400)

Los Angeles Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs

Most people are expecting this game to be a shootout, because most Kansas City Chiefs games are. The Chargers defense has been solid through two games, but they’ll have their toughest test by far in this one against Patrick Mahomes and company.

High-scoring games might usually mean more field goal attempts than usual because teams are moving the ball well. But we know that Andy Reid, coach of the Chiefs, is one of the most aggressive in the league in going for it on fourth down.

Meanwhile, the Chargers new kicker Tristan Vizcaino, has never gone beyond 46 yards for a field goal yet in his career. He chunked one from 44 last week that cost them against Dallas. And LA will be

Longest Field Goal (Under 48.5 yards) – (-125)

Miami Dolphins at Las Vegas Raiders

When you’re thinking about first score bets, the best way to do it is to think of those opening drives as a microcosm of what will happen the entire game. Obviously, a bet like this requires a bit of luck, but breaking it down like that will help.

In this case, the Miami offense, with Jacoby Brissett starting, should struggle against a much-improved Raider defense. That means good field position for Oakland after three-and-outs give the ball back to them.

Miami’s defense has been vulnerable against the run, but stout against the pass. Las Vegas can’t really run at this point, which leads to a heavy dose of David Carr. That means the Raiders offense bogging down, and top kicker Daniel Carlson coming on to kick a long field goal early.

First Score of Game (Las Vegas Field Goal) (+300)

Seattle Seahawks at Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings are 0-2, but late-game mistakes cost them in both cases. Dalvin Cook’s fumble killed them at Cincinnati in overtime, and then Greg Joseph shanked an easily makeable field goal that would have defeated Arizona.

In this game, it’s likely that both teams will be able to move the ball down the field, as the offenses on both sides are well ahead of the defenses. Don’t be surprised if the D’s come up with big turnovers as well with all the chances the offenses will take.

The Vikings get to play at home for the first time this year, and that feels like it will make a big difference in how they execute with the game on the line. For that reason, we think that they’re due to win a close one for a change.

Margin of Victory (Vikings 1 to 6 Points) – (+400)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Los Angeles Rams

So far to this point in the season, the defending champion Bucs have faced off with Dallas and Atlanta. Those are two of the weaker defenses in the league, and they’ve feasted to the tune of nine Tom Brady touchdown passes.

But the Rams are one of the game’s finest defenses (even if not quite at the level of a year ago.) In addition, it feels like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers‘ defense could be primed for its best performance after coughing up some points in the first two weeks.

Obviously, a -135 bet isn’t going to set the world on fire when it comes to what you make in profit. But it’s definitely the right play here, because that is an awful high total of touchdowns to reach when you’re talking about defenses of this caliber.

Total Touchdowns (Under 6.5) – (-135)

Washington Football Team at Buffalo Bills

Coming into the season, it seemed like the idea of the Redskins yielding four touchdowns in a game was far-fetched. But the Washington defense, even with all its big names, has been easily pushed around in the first two games.

They let Justin Herbert control the ball against them in their Week 1 loss to the Chargers. And they yielded one of Daniel Jones’ best games ever as a pro in Week 2, with WFT only pulling out the win when their offense came up big.

In Josh Allen, they face the same kind of dual threat quarterback who gave them fits in the first two weeks. It also feels this Buffalo offense is due for a breakout after two somewhat mediocre efforts. This could be a nice payback for you of 3 to 1 if you’re willing to roll the dice a bit.

Buffalo Bills Exact Touchdowns (4) – (+300)


We hope that this article give you ideas for your Sunday prop betting slip at top gambling sites. Take your value when you can get it and it could be a profitable day for you.

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