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Abdulrashid Sadulaev and Takuto Otoguro

The Tokyo Olympic Games are set to begin tomorrow! Getting this event to take place has been difficult, yet it appears that things are coming together. Many are now looking forward to the wrestling tournaments taking place at the Games. Today, I’ll be covering five of the top Olympic wrestlers to bet on right now.

There is a massive number of world-class wrestlers set to compete in Tokyo. It should be an incredible event for fans of the sport. Before highlighting some of the top prospects, I will quickly explain how fans in the US can bet on Olympic wrestling online!

Here’s what you need to know.

Here’s the Top Site for Betting on Olympic Wrestling Online

There has been a massive amount of attention placed on the Olympic Games over the past couple of years. The Tokyo Games were supposed to take place in 2020, yet were forced to be postponed due to the pandemic. It is now scheduled to begin on July 23 in Tokyo, Japan.

There are still fears that this event could face another major setback. Covid-19 cases continue to increase in Japan and some are calling for the Games to be canceled entirely. As of now, this order has not been carried out.

Wrestling fans are certainly hoping that things move forward as planned. There are a huge number of elite fighters competing in Japan this year. A huge number of these fans are also looking forward to betting on this upcoming event.

I recommend that these fans head over to Bovada! This popular online sportsbook is known for offering some of the best boxing odds of any site. It is currently offering some incredible odds on the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Bovada is well-known for being one of the safest online sportsbooks in the world. It provides members with a huge range of options to deposit and withdraw their funds. It also has a great customer support system set in place to answer questions, 24/7.

There is no better site for online Olympic betting right now. Bovada is offering odds on every single sport taking place at the games. Most of these odds focus on which athletes will win gold in their respective sports and divisions.

The design and complete user interface of this internet sportsbook are great, too. It is clean and makes it easy to find the odds you are looking for. Even complete newbies to sports betting will love what is being offered here.

Anyone interested in finding the top Olympic wrestlers to bet on right now will love this site. Now, let’s look at which wrestlers are expected to do big things in Tokyo!

Here’s a Look at the Top Olympic Boxers to Bet On This Summer

The sport of boxing is widely considered one of the toughest in the world. The men and women that make it to the Olympics in wrestling are truly at the height of the sport. All of them are hoping they have what it takes to win gold.

Obviously, some of these wrestlers are expected to fare better than others. There are a number of these wrestlers that seem likely to capture gold at the Games. Below are five of the top Olympic wrestlers to bet on right now!

Abdulrashid Sadulaev: -325 (Freestyle – 97kg)

There aren’t many wrestlers quite as dominant as Abdulrashid Sadulaev. The Dagestan-born heavyweight seems to be entering into the prime of his career. He hasn’t lost since 2017 and has earned victories over a huge number of elite wrestlers since that time.

At just 25 years old, Sadulaev is already considered one of the most dominant wrestlers of all-time. He uses a combination of elite athleticism with strong fundamentals to earn wins. He is rightfully listed as the favorite to win gold in the heavyweight division with odds of -325.

It would be incredible to see another match between Abdulrashid and Kyle Snyder. These two men have a rivalry and Snyder is one of only two men to beat Sadulaev in international competition. I still believe that the Russian is one of the top Olympic wrestlers to bet on right now.

Hassan Yazdani: +150 (Freestyle – 86kg)

Hassan Yazdani is one of the former Olympic champions making his return to the Games this summer. The Iranian-born athlete has some serious pressure on his shoulders. That is partly due to his underdog status heading into the 86kg division.

Yazdani has been active, winning the World Champions back in 2019. He is now 26 years old and is likely entering into his prime. To me, that makes him one of the top Olympic wrestlers to bet on right now.

86kg is a stacked division and it won’t be a walk in the park for Hassan. Davis Taylor, in particular, is expected to do big things. I like the underdog here, though, and with odds of +150, Hassan could earn bettors some serious cash.

Taha Akgul: +200 (Freestyle – 125 kg)

Turkey’s Taha Akgul leads the odds in the men’s 125kg weight division. He captured gold in Brazil back in 2016 and seems determined to repeat that success in Tokyo this summer. I believe he has the best chance of doing so in his respective weight class.

Akgul moves like a wrestler significantly lower in weight. He hasn’t lost since 2019 and looked incredible in his recent gold medal win at the 2021 World Championships. Expect to see him quickly progress through the tournament at 125 kg.

Part of me wanted to take America’s Gable Stevenson in this weight class. Gable is fantastic in his own right and is in his prime. Akgul has more momentum on his side, however, and that swayed my own pick here.

Kyle Dake: +125 (Freestyle – 74kg)

I had to include Kyle Dake on this list of the top Olympic wrestlers to bet on right now. In my opinion, he is the United States’ best chance of earning a wrestling gold medal. Much of that opinion comes from his performances at the Olympic Team Trials.

Heading into these trials, Jordan Burroughs was thought to be the man to compete for the USA at 74kg. Dake ended up beating Jordan twice, though, solidifying his spot at the Games. Kyle’s follow-up gold medal win at the 2021 Pan American Games further solidifies my pick as one of the must-watch wrestlers in Tokyo this year.

Dake has the same odds as Russia’s Zaurbek Sidakov heading into this event. Most feel that the gold medal will be either one of these men. In my opinion, Kyle Dake is the man that gets the job done.

Takuto Otoguro: +600 (Freestyle – 65kg)

I had to pick one fairly large underdog in forming this list of the top Olympic wrestlers to bet on. In my opinion, Takuto Otoguro represents a very intriguing betting option at 65kg. He is just 22 years old, yet has already accomplished more than some of his competitors in this division.

Otoguro won the World Championships in 2018. He has looked incredible lately, too, winning gold at both the 2020 and 2021 Asian Championships. I believe he is now on his way to winning his first Olympic Gold medal in Tokyo next month.

There are some wrestlers that are more heavily favored to win gold in this division. In terms of the ability to win big, Otoguro is the best option. Consider making your wager on him to earn the victory on the world’s biggest stage.


Wrestling is perhaps the most difficult sport that takes place at the Summer Olympics. There are a huge number of incredible wrestlers set to compete in Tokyo this year. It’s tough to predict which of these wrestlers will find the most success.

Make sure to head over to your favorite sports betting app or website to find odds on all of the wrestlers competing at the Olympics this year! There are some amazing odds available on these athletes. Of course, these odds will change as the tournaments progress.

Do you agree with my list of the best Olympic wrestlers to bet on right now? Which wrestler are you most excited to watch this year? Let us know in the comments section below!

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