Turning Your Casino Trip Around in 7 Easy Steps

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Improving Your Gambling Trip

Having the ability to dig yourself out of an early hole at the casino is an underrated skill all gamblers should possess. Of course, everyone prefers to get off to a fast start, but things often don’t go according to plan.

Sometimes the results are simply out of your control. But, a significant amount of gambling losses are self-inflicted and can be avoided.

However, it’s both easier and more likely that you’ll continue to drain your bankroll rather than make a correction. Losing money can take a psychological toll on gamblers, putting them in a position where winning is almost a foreign concept.

Once your outlook on a particular trip to the casino darkens, it’s hard to shake the feeling that the chips are stacked against you. The reality is that climbing out of a pit you likely created isn’t as complicated or challenging as you’d think.

The next time you start on a losing streak, try to save your trip before things become dire. Here are 7 easy steps to help turn your trip to the casino around.

1 ‒ Assess the Damage

There always seem to be a few telltale signs or occurrences that indicate your trip is off to a rocky start. They often involve a series of tough beats, awkward exchanges with gamblers or dealers, and a steadily declining stack of chips.

Hopefully, you’re able to figure out that something needs to change before a full-blown meltdown.

Many table games move rapidly, making it easy for players to get sucked into hand after hand. Before you know it, your bankroll can look entirely different than it did a few moments ago.

A good rule of thumb for gamblers who cannot handle adversity is to take several breaks while gambling in a casino. By forcing yourself to come up for air every so often, you’ll allow yourself to analyze your performance.

During this break in the action, consider finding out where your bankroll stands concerning where it started. If you’ve sustained a significant amount of losses, then it’s worth making some adjustments.

2 ‒ Decide if Losses are Too Significant to Overcome

The earlier you catch on to the severity of your losses, the more likely you are to restore your bankroll to normal.

I should mention that redemption is never entirely out of the question. That’s the beauty of gambling: anything can happen.

But, the likelihood of you breaking even after losing 95% of your bankroll is highly unlikely. More chips lead to more room for mistakes.

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If you feel that the damage is done, you’ll likely come to one of two conclusions. Either you’ll try to push through, or you’ll pack it in for the day.

Sometimes tables get cold and it’s worth biding your time. But don’t be surprised if you continue to lose money to the casino.

If you determine that there’s no sense in even trying to turn your night around, there’s no harm in cashing your remaining chips in. A decision like that takes a tremendous amount of self-restraint, a trait that many immature bettors lack.

3 ‒ Acknowledge Your Mistakes and Correct Them

Once you’ve concluded that you still have a chance to win your money back, it’s time to get to work. The first thing you must do is figure out where you went wrong.

Most of the time, the gambler in question is to blame, though it’s easier to blame bad luck. Common explanations for these severe losses are a lack of experience, a lapse in judgment when selecting casino games, or betting too aggressively.

It might seem unnecessary to acknowledge mistakes, but by refusing to hold yourself accountable, you’re bound to repeat them.

When I find myself amid a cold streak, I like to walk around the casino floor and think back to the last table I was at. It’s often helpful to recall what exactly went wrong, even if that means admitting culpability.

Often I find that I misplayed a specific hand, or deviated from my normal strategy. Sometimes I come to the conclusion that I just experienced some unfortunate luck.

Whatever the reason might be, it’s beneficial to take a few minutes to gather your thoughts.

4 ‒ Play Where You’ve Had Past Success

The best way to round back into form is to experience success.

This concept extends well beyond the world of gambling. For example, when a major league baseball pitcher is getting destroyed by the competition, he might get sent down to the minors.

That brief demotion often results in pitchers finding their form by getting successful reps against inferior competition. The skill level might be sub-standard, but reaffirming that a pitcher has the ability to win can restore confidence in abilities.

Similarly, struggling gamblers must get a few wins under their belts. Accomplishing this is often as easy as returning to where you’ve experienced success in the past.

That might entail picking a different game, or even playing at the cheapest table you can find. If you’re even in doubt, consider slowly growing your chip stack by sticking to your gambling roots.

5 ‒ Lower Your Bet Amount

When deciding the best way to mount a comeback, it’s tempting to go with the quickest option. Most of the time, that would involve placing a sizable wager on one hand.

Winning that wager would be a major feat, losing could likely end your night.

Unfortunately, the most effective way to right the ship at a casino happens to be the most time consuming and laborious. That is finding a table with a lower minimum than you’re used to betting and grinding out wins.

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The less amount of money you bet per hand, the longer you’ll have to rediscover your gambling prowess. Additionally, by decreasing your bet size you’ll take some of the pressure off yourself.

Knowing that you’re down a significant amount of money often produces uneasy feelings. You might start to feel like you have to win every hand if you have any shot of winning your money back.

That’s not the case, and it’s much easier to avoid that misguided way of thinking when the financial implications aren’t as serious.

6 ‒ Eliminate Any Potential Sources of Distress

Even after changing several aspects of your approach, there’s a chance you’ll continue to be dealt loss after loss. As I said, a significant part of any gambler’s success is luck. If luck isn’t on your side, you’ll be hard-pressed to accumulate wins.

But, before resigning to this fate, it’s worth looking into other factors that might influence your success.

While it’s true winning involves luck and learning strategy, it can also be impacted by things you wouldn’t typically consider.

For Example:

If you’re distracted by something out of your control or are gambling with people you can’t stand, you’ll likely struggle.

Something as simple as changing tables, or avoiding a certain source of irritation might be the difference between winning and losing.

7 ‒ Appreciate Small Victories and Don’t Swing for the Fences

Sometimes the best thing you can do is cut yourself some slack and not take gambling too seriously.

When money’s on the line, it’s better to be serious than the alternative. I’m not telling you to be reckless; instead I’m advising you to remind yourself that these are simply games.

Unsuccessful gambling trips are an unfortunate part of the gambling experience. That’s what makes winning special.

While attempting to win back previous losses, appreciate small victories along the way. No one enjoys the company of a sore loser or someone who refuses to break out of a terrible mood.

Choosing to maintain a bleak outlook on your trip only serves to ruin your trip and might even impact those around you.


It’s always possible to overcome early losses at casinos. While all of us likely prefer to avoid starting in a hole, it’s crucial to find a way to dig yourself out.

Before attempting to turn your trip around, assess the state of your bankroll, and decide if it’s worth salvaging. Most gamblers won’t fault you for choosing to call it a day and save your money.

If the damage isn’t too severe, try to figure out what exactly caused the losses in the first place. If the reasons are a result of your actions, correct any mistakes before returning to action.

Starting out, consider betting where you’re comfortable, and you can succeed. Initially, it might be smart to transition to a table with a lower minimum than you’re used to.

Always be sure to eliminate any sources of distress and distraction. If you can’t focus on the game and enjoy yourself, you’re bound to make matters worse.

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