Tyson Fury a Massive Favorite Over Mike Tyson, Latest News on ‘Iron Mike’

During the month of May, the entire sports world has been buzzing over Mike Tyson and his return to boxing. Tyson released a few training videos of a ripped 53 year old showing off incredible speed and power. These videos concluded with Tyson saying “I’m back.”

At first, “Iron Mike” stated that he was returning to the boxing ring to do some exhibition fights only. Immediately, Evander Holyfield threw his name into the hat of potential opponents and it seemed that both men were on board for a trilogy fight, albeit an exhibition and not a regulated bout.

Since then, there have been numerous offers sent Mike Tyson’s way including a return to pro wrestling where he’s appeared on AEW programming over the last few weeks.

However, there’s only one possible boxing matchup that’s generated an immense global media coverage and that’s a potential fight against current WBC, The Ring Magazine and lineal heavyweight champ Tyson Fury. In fact, even boxing betting sites have jumped all over this rumored contest.

Fury vs Tyson Betting Odds

The following odds are courtesy of BetOnline:

  • Mike Tyson (+1600)
  • Tyson Fury (-5000)

On the surface, Fury is a massive betting favorite over the legendary boxer Mike Tyson and rightfully so. With that said, there’s no value with Fury’s odds. Mike Tyson’s +1600 does have a nice payout, but I feel he’s overvalued here. His odds should be higher than this.

Before I make a betting prediction on who will win, there’s a lot of Mike Tyson madness to sort through including whether or not the legendary heavyweight would actually step into the ring with Tyson Fury.

Mike Tyson Is Going to Do Something Big

The talk of Tyson returning to boxing is more than just wishful thinking. In addition to “Iron Mike’s” statement that he wants to do exhibition bouts for charity, there’s apparently buzz over the possibility that he could do something really big in the sport.

UFC President Dana White, a personal friend of Mike Tyson, stated that the boxing legend has something big lined up:

“From what I’m hearing from them, they have something lined up, something big. He’s going to get in there. We talked about it and he said, ‘Listen, I feel that fire in my stomach. I want to get in there and mix it up again.’ I’m fully supportive of him.”

With that said, boxing pundits and media outlets have been speculating as to what this “something big” could be. White’s comments came after Tyson had already appeared on AEW’s Double or Nothing PPV, so I don’t believe he was referring to that.

However, don’t rule out Tyson’s continued participation in pro wrestling as he’s a lifelong fan and there’s indication that Tyson could even participate in a match against Chris Jericho. The former AEW champ commented on feuding with Mike Tyson and getting more mileage out of the storyline:

“What excites me most? A program with Mike. We didn’t have a script for Mike; we’re not giving him cues. He’s going to do what he wants, and you saw that on Wednesday night. There were guys in the ring that I didn’t even know were going to be in the ring. Mike wanted them to be in the ring, so OK. That’s Mike Tyson. He’s a loose cannon, he can go off at any time and he’s dangerous. I don’t care if he’s 53 or 33 or 23, he looks crazy and he is crazy. That’s why we love him.”

Chris Jericho would go on to say that there have been numerous ideas exchanged by both parties for a potential physical encounter between the two. These ideas reportedly include a boxing match or some kind of wrestling match like a “street fight” between Tyson and Jericho.

In addition to offers for more pro wrestling appearances, Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship also sent a proposal to Mike Tyson for a fight. It was rumored to be for $20 million dollars which some outlets have refuted.

With that in mind, it feels like Tyson’s big news is going to involve “the sweet science” as he’s also been receiving many offers for an official boxing match.

Offers to Step Back Into the Boxing Ring

Promoter Jimmy Burchfield has gone on record stating that he offered Mike Tyson $1 million dollars to fight Italian boxer Juiseppe Angelo Cusumano (18-3, 16 KOs) in an official boxing match:

“If Mike Tyson is serious about making a comeback, we’re prepared to make him a legitimate offer to fight Cusumano in a 6 or 8-round fight, whichever Mike chooses. After three months of the COVID-19 pandemic, boxing fans are hungry to watch real fights. Not exhibitions. Tyson is a boxer. A damn good one at that! He’s not a bare-knuckle fighter or wrestler.”

I don’t see this happening. Cusumano is not a household name and $1 million dollars isn’t enough to get Mike Tyson back into the boxing ring for an official fight especially when he can get paid more for exhibition bouts.

One boxer who doesn’t want to fight Mike Tyson is current IBF, WBA, and WBO champion Anthony Joshua. The British boxer stated that he didn’t want to beat the boxing legend as he admires his legacy. Furthermore, Joshua doesn’t want to be a villain with all of the boxing fans.

However, unlike Joshua, fellow British fighter Tyson Fury said he would love to step in the ring with “Iron Mike” the man he was named after.

The Battle of Tysons

Last week, boxing’s #1 heavyweight Tyson Fury lit a fire on social media with his revealing that he received a call from Mike Tyson’s representatives about the possibility of stepping in the ring with the boxing legend.

In the tweet above, Fury shared the details of that call:

“I did get a phone call with a chance to fight Mike Tyson. I was like ‘Ahhh.’ I had a phone call saying, ‘Would you like to fight Mike Tyson in an exhibition fight?’ I said, ‘Hell yeah,’ but I don’t think anything’s materialized out of it.”

In addition to being interested in fighting Mike Tyson, Fury also wants to break all records for the biggest boxing contract in the history of the sport. He wants to surpass Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Canelo Alvarez in getting the richest boxing contract ever.

With only two fights left on his current contract with Top Rank, Fury could go into “free agency” as the most sought after athlete in the world. With that said, could one of his last two fights really come against Mike Tyson?

The WBC Title Could be Up For Grabs

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman is 100% on board with a Mike Tyson return to boxing. In fact, he would even allow the legendary boxer to compete for the WBC title that’s currently around Tyson Fury’s waist:

“I am very excited, very happy. He has brought great positive attention to the sport. Why? Because Mike Tyson is a hero and an icon. Of course, it will be with the absolute care of the medicals, of the testing, the complete protocol to make sure whoever is in the ring is in top shape and has no additional risk. I am supporting it 100 per cent and if someone wants to say he wants to fight for the title, I will say he will and the WBC will be there!”

This is major news and could be the “something big” that Dana White referred to in his comments about what Mike Tyson would do next. This could also be just wishful thinking on the part of Sulaiman.

Which Tyson Would Win?

Whether it’s an exhibition fight or a real bout, there’s no way that Mike Tyson would win. When you take a look at the tale of the tape, you can clearly see the massive disparity in these two fighters:

  Mike Tyson Tyson Fury
Age 53 31
Height 5’10” 6’9”
Reach 71” 85”
Total Fights 56 31
Record 50-6 30-0-1
Knockouts 44 21

Fury is 22 years younger and in the prime of his career. He just demolished Deontay Wilder in impressive fashion and is the top heavyweight in the world. Additionally, he’s about one foot taller than Mike Tyson and has a 14 inch reach advantage.

That would be like me fighting a kid in middle school. The physical advantages are too much for even the legendary Mike Tyson to overcome. In his prime, “Iron Mike” would defeat the British giant, but a 53 year old boxer has no chance.

Furthermore, let’s not overlook the fact that Tyson retired in 2005 after losing to Kevin McBride. Feel free to take a moment and look up who McBride was. Basically, he was a glorified sparring partner.

Mike Tyson looks in great shape, but he has no chance at beating boxing’s top heavyweight today.

Which Tyson Would Win? –Tyson Fury (-5000)
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