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On Wednesday, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be officially sworn in as the next president and vice president of the United States, respectively. This inauguration will look different from any other we’ve ever seen for a variety of reasons. Large gatherings are obviously discouraged right now as a result of the ongoing health crisis that continues to plague the country. The entire National Mall is also on lockdown right now due to safety concerns stemming from the attack on the Capitol that took place back on January 6.

So, while the inauguration will have plenty of pomp and circumstance, it will be much more sparsely-attended than usual. Even more sparsely-attended than the inauguration of Donald Trump four years ago, though for different reasons entirely.

Right now, the online betting site is offering a few inauguration prop bets posted ahead of Wednesday’s festivities. There seems to be some betting value here, so let’s dive right in.

Will Bitcoin Be Up or Down on January 20?

  • Up (-150)
  • Down (+110)

Bitcoin has been skyrocketing since the end of 2020. Back on December 22, the price of a Bitcoin was $22,729.40. By January 8, the price had risen all the way to $40,675.80. Bitcoin has had a few peaks and valleys since January 8, but the price was sitting right at $36,700 as of Monday.

Current Value of Bitcoin



We know by now that Bitcoin is incredibly volatile, so it’s anybody’s guess as to what the price will be by the end of inauguration day. Bitcoin topped out at $42,000 before plummeting by $11,000 in just over a day earlier this month. Some industry experts believe the Bitcoin bubble will pop sooner than later, but when exactly that comes to pass still remains to be seen.

As you can see, the odds favor Bitcoin being up by the time inauguration day comes to a close. We’ll see whether BTC is able to reach or exceed its previously-established record high again this month, but the reality is that its value has been on a steady climb for well over a month now. Bet on that climb to continue, at least in the near future.

Will Bitcoin Be Up or Down on January 20? –Up (-150)

How Many Words Will Joe Biden Stumble Over?

  • Over 0.5 (+200)
  • Under 0.5 (-300)

Unlike some presidents before him, Joe Biden isn’t exactly a master orator. In fact, speaking hasn’t been Biden’s forte over the years at all. He had to overcome a childhood stutter, for example. While he is well past that in most cases, that pesky stutter does still rear its ugly head every now and again.

Biden’s inauguration speech will be the most important speech of his life, so it’s fair to assume he’ll be at least somewhat nervous leading into it. Biden should be able to get through most of the speech without many stumbles, but it’s a little surprising that the odds so heavily favor the under on 0.5 here.

Many associate Biden’s proclivity to stammer to his age (78). While that may have a little something to do with it, his history with stuttering is likely the bigger culprit. I’d be reluctant to bet the over if it were much higher, but at just 0.5 I think you take the value on the over at +200 here.

How Many Words Will Joe Biden Stumble Over? –Over (+200)

Will Biden Put the Wrong Hand on the Bible During the Oath?

  • Yes (+1400)
  • No (-10000)

When any elected official takes the oath of office, they are asked to put their left hand on the Bible (or any religious text of choice) while raising their right hand before the recital. While Biden has been sworn into several different offices over his nearly 50 years in public life, he hasn’t always presided over smooth swearing-in ceremonies.

Back in 2010, then-VP Biden took the task of helping to swear-in Illinois Republican Senator Mark Kirk. Biden accidentally asked Kirk to put his right hand on the Bible and raise his left hand to take the oath. Senate tradition says Kirk’s hands should have been reversed.

Anything can happen on inauguration day, but I’m guessing this is a gaffe Biden will be able to avoid.

Wrong Hand on the Bible During the Oath? –No (-10000)

Will Biden Wear a Mask During the Oath?

  • Yes (+1000)
  • No (-10000)

Biden was elected due in part to his pledge to help navigate the US out of the pandemic. He has already put together a task force and tapped certain people to help with the rollout of the vaccines once he takes office. Biden has also said that he will install a national mask mandate in an attempt to help curb the spread in the coming months.

Biden’s campaign took any and all necessary health precautions in the run-up to the election, which is something that certainly couldn’t be said about Trump and his own campaign. Biden has been diligent about wearing a mask in public, both in an attempt to follow public health guidelines while also trying to keep himself as safe as possible. Biden has already received both doses of the vaccine, but he’ll still wear his mask in public out of an abundance of caution.

While the president-elect may arrive at his inauguration in a mask, it seems highly unlikely that he’ll actually keep it on while he takes the oath of office. Anyone and everyone that comes close to Biden on Wednesday will have either been tested or vaccinated themselves. While he does seem to like to wear the mask as often as possible in order to be a good example to the general public, something tells me he’ll be mask-free during the oath.

Will Biden Wear a Mask During the Oath? –No (-10000)

Length of Joe Biden’s Speech

  • Over 17.5 minutes (-175)
  • Under 17.5 minutes (+135)

Biden has made plenty of speeches over the past couple of years. To this point, the most important speech of his life was the one he made back in November shortly after he was announced as the winner of the election. Needless to say, his first speech as POTUS will take that title on Wednesday.

Biden’s speech at last summer’s Democratic National Convention lasted around 24 minutes. Biden’s speech after winning the election clocked in at just over 15 minutes. Donald Trump’s inaugural address lasted around 17 minutes. Barack Obama’s initial inauguration speech in 2009 was timed at right around 18 minutes. His second inauguration speech lasted about 20 minutes.

There is an awful lot going on in the country right now. It’s safe to assume that unity will be a theme of Biden’s first speech in the wake of the Capitol riots. Biden will also surely discuss the virus and the economy, among other topics. I doubt he’ll be out there for too long, though, especially considering there won’t be much of a crowd there to see it in person.

The value is on the under on 17.5 minutes here at +135. Biden has never been a guy to make lengthy speeches in the first place, so I’d expect his inaugural address to be on the short end. Bet the under.

Length of Joe Biden’s Speech –Under 17.5 minutes (+135)

What Will Be Said First by Joe Biden?

  • “Nation” (-120)
  • “America” (-120)

Again, we can expect Biden to preach for national unity now that Trump’s term is in the rearview mirror. During his speech at last summer’s DNC, “America” came out of Biden’s mouth before he said “nation.” The opposite was true during his victory speech after the election in November.

For the purposes of this bet, we’re assuming “Americans” doesn’t count. Biden may well say “My fellow Americans” or something along those lines to kick off his address, but saying “Americans” isn’t quite the same as saying “America.” Just like “nation” isn’t quite the same as “national.”

Still, I think “America” is the way to go with this prop. You’re getting the same odds on either choice, and this is essentially a coin flip. I don’t think you’re wrong to bet either side of it, but I’ll give “America” the slight edge.

What Will Be Said First by Joe Biden? –“America” (-120)

What Will Be Said First by Joe Biden?

  • “God” (-170)
  • “Faith” (+130)

Unlike his predecessor, Biden is known to be religious. The former VP dutifully attends Mass on a weekly basis, and he has cited scripture often over the years.

It’s fairly likely that Biden utters something about religion over the course of his inaugural address. He could certainly say something about being a man of faith, but the more likely scenario involves Biden talking about something happening “by the grace of God.” Biden actually wrote that on the wall of his childhood home during a visit on Election Day.

The odds favor “God” here at -170, and with good reason. Biden may call for Americans to have “faith” in their government again, but “God” looks like the safer option.

What Will Be Said First by Joe Biden? –“God” (-170)

Will Biden Say “Scranton?”

  • Yes (+170)
  • No (-250)

Biden has represented the state of Delaware in congress over the years, but he originally hails from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Biden cited Scranton relentlessly over the course of the campaign, likely due in large part to the fact that Pennsylvania was always going to be a crucial swing state in November.

Biden made a habit of reminding voters that he is just a normal guy from humble beginnings. His father was a member of the working class in Scranton before the family eventually moved to Delaware.

It’s fair to assume that Biden will refer to his origin story over the course of his first address as POTUS. He may no longer have to worry about trying to get Pennsylvanians to vote for him, but his early days have been a hallmark of his recent speeches. You’re getting plus-money upside from Political betting sites on Biden mentioning his hometown during his first speech at +170, which looks like a solid flier.

Will Biden Say “Scranton?” –Yes (+170)

Will Joe and Jill Biden Kiss on the Lips?

  • Yes (+160)
  • No (-225)

There hasn’t been a lot of onstage smooching between presidents-elect and wives in recent years. Obama did not kiss Michelle as he strode to the front of the stage in 2009 or 2013. Trump kissed his wife, Melania, on the cheek immediately after taking his oath in 2016. Of course, Trump and the First Lady have not been known to be all that affectionate in public over the years.

In previous years, the likes of Obama and Trump have been carried away shaking hands and greeting fellow luminaries as they walk down the steps toward the stage. There likely won’t be any handshaking at all going on in light of public health measures this year, though, which could give Biden the chance to lay one on his wife.

Once again, I think this is a good opportunity to get some upside in the odds. The weird circumstances will have this inauguration looking a lot different than the ones we have been watching for decades. Who’s to say Biden won’t kiss his wife on the lips if he’s in a celebratory mood? Bet “yes” at +160.

Will Joe and Jill Biden Kiss on the Lips? –Yes (+160)
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