Use These Casino Game Practice Routines to Increase Your Odds

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Casino Game Practice Routines to Increase Your Odds

Casino gambling is an excellent way to get away from the daily grind and unwind in beautiful surroundings. Like most things in life, what you get out of gambling will be contingent on the work you put into it.

I see a lot of first-time casino guests walk through the doors with zero preparation. They sit down and begin slowly burning through their bankroll.

Sometimes, the player will begin to make errors like varying their bet size. More often, the mistakes can be avoided by not a strategy but practice.

Practice is paramount for a successful gambling trip. Drive by your local golf course on a Saturday morning, and you’ll see a line of players preparing for their upcoming round.

Unfortunately, there’s no driving range in the casino. However, there are several places you can practice before your session.
Use these casino game practice routines to increase your odds on the casino floor.

Practice Routines Are Personal

Each gambler is as unique as our fingerprint. We all have different habits, personalities, temperaments, and ambitions.

So, every practice routine is going to be individually suited for the gambler. What works for me may not be suitable for you.

It takes different strokes, folks. That’s why, when you begin looking for ways to practice casino games, you account for personal preferences.

Now, that’s not to say you should immediately start looking into reinventing the wheel. Only that you may take aspects of several different routines to craft one that’s best for you.

How much practice you’ll need is also unique to the individual player. I have friends that immediately sat down at the poker table and began making a profit. Others took to craps like a duck to water.

On the other hand, it took me hours of live play and countless more practice before I ever got into a groove playing blackjack using basic strategy.

Still, I have more ambitious friends that made it their goal to become professional gamblers. Their games consumed them, and they began to live and breathe their gambling obsession.

Advantage gamblers spend large swaths of their time perfecting their card counting skills, as do professional poker players.

The amount of practice you’ll put in will depend on what you wish to accomplish in the casino. It will also determine what you get out of your gambling.

Benefits of Effective Practice Habits

The benefits of effective practice are tremendous whether you’re looking to make a living or merely extend your time in the casino. Let’s look at how these benefits have immediate impacts on your results.

The casinos exist to make a profit; these are not vast welfare networks built by philanthropic billionaires. The games, their rules, and the entire atmosphere are designed to take your money.

Regularly, gamblers will stroll in and start dumping money on the games without much prior investigation. When they inevitably lose, it’s chalked up to Lady Luck not being on their side, and they move on.

Casino Games

Fortunately, there’s a much more successful approach that won’t waste your time and money. By practicing enough to become familiar with the games, you’ll start to understand and naturally avoid the sucker bets.

You’ll also become comfortable with the rules and gameplay. Understanding how a game progresses is a critical factor that’s often overlooked.

If you’re unsure when it’s your turn to act or how to get started placing a bet, you may become flustered. That swings the door wide open for making simple mistakes.

Eliminating easily avoidable mistakes will save you money and keep you at the tables longer, thus, creating the maximum entertainment for your money.

Online Casino Games Make Excellent Practice Arenas

One of the best ways to practice your casino gambling is by playing them online for free. This gives you an unlimited opportunity to play the games without risking any of your bankrolls.

Online poker sites can be tricky to navigate because you’ll run into a ton of complete donkeys that make ridiculous bluffs and calls that would never happen in a cash game. Still, you can find some great tables that will allow you to develop your strategy and learn the game.

Online poker is an excellent habitat for practicing patience and avoiding going on tilt. Many of these sites are filled with free tournaments where the more serious players come to the top within a short period.

Playing online blackjack is where I first began implementing a basic strategy card. I printed the card off at home and would sit it facing me on my keyboard as I played.

I spent hours practicing, and within a few weeks, I felt comfortable enough to take my new skills to the casino. I was able to not only keep pace with the table but was the fastest to act.

The practice had taught me several critical aspects of the basic strategy. I rarely needed to reference my handy chart for the entire session.

Practicing with real money online casinos also means you can practice whenever you want. This means that you’ll be able to work your practice routine around other obligations.

Practice Playing With a Friend

Having a friend to practice with makes the entire experience much more pleasurable for some. I prefer to gamble alone, but I don’t believe that’s right for everybody.

Suppose you’ve never stepped foot in a casino. It would be foolish to assume you’re getting an authentic experience from your online practice experience.

Perhaps everything you know about casinos is what you’ve seen in movies. This will not prepare you for the actual experience in any way.

However, let’s suppose that you have a friend that’s even a recreational casino gambler. In that case, they can give you valuable insights into what the real thing is like.

Betting Bankroll

Your friend is going to be intimately familiar with the growing pains experienced by most casino gamblers and will offer perspective on how you can avoid these pitfalls.

It may be that your friend gives you enough pause to completely reevaluate your goals and approach to casinos. There’s no argument that casinos are a blast, but gambling isn’t for everyone.

Having a close friend to practice with will paint a clear picture of what you’ll be walking into.

Take a Free Class in the Casino

Most casinos worth visiting will offer free classes for newbies to learn the games. These free classes are fabulous because it gives you practical experience with the real thing.

You’ll have professional dealers guiding you through the available wagers and game flow. It’s a great way to jump into some live simulations and get a crash course on the games.

However, there are several downsides to these classes that often get overlooked. 

First, this requires you to make the trip to the casino before learning the game. Ideally, you’ll want to begin your practice months in advance of your casino trip.

Otherwise, you’ll still be learning with both feet in the fire. It’s not an ideal scenario when real money is on the line.

Second, the casino personnel will do a fantastic job of teaching you the game and turn a blind eye to the best strategies. In fact, I’ve overheard more than one of these classes extoll the greatness of insurance in blackjack.

The insurance bet is one of the biggest sucker bets in the casino. So, while the casino is eager to have players make the leap to the tables, they aren’t going to discourage you from throwing them more cash.

Don’t get me wrong, the casinos aren’t out to steer you towards sucker bets. They won’t discourage them either though.

The free casino classes are great for a refresher or practicing before you hit the cash tables, but don’t abandon the best practices you’ve learned at home.

Mobile Games Take Practice on the Go

Playing mobile casino games on my iPad and iPhone has become my go-to practice regiment for most casino games.

The app stores are full of excellent games, and many allow you to set the rules to mimic what you’ll find on the casino floor. 

These games can be played anywhere you are, day or night. They’re also completely free for you to enjoy, as long as you’re willing to deal with some ads.

You can choose from any casino game imaginable, and it’s at your fingertips 24/7. This means you can play on your commute, lunch break, between classes, and the obvious bathroom breaks.

It’s surprising how much playing a game will help you in the casino. I recently decided to hop on the baccarat bandwagon.

Baccarat is a straightforward game where the player simply makes a wager, and the dealer takes care of all the work. Still, playing for hours on my mobile device helped me familiarize myself with the gameplay.

My first go at the baccarat tables wasn’t the glowing success I had envisioned. Fortunately, I was able to avoid making any costly mistakes and left with most of my bankroll.

Playing casino games via mobile apps is the future of casino gaming, and the future is upon us.


Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming casino trip as a first-timer or a casino veteran looking to hone their craft, use these casino game practice routines to increase your odds.

Soon, you’ll be winning more than ever before and teaching your friends like the casino master you’re destined to be.

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