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The best way to win a few dollars gambling is to use a gambling system called the Martingale. But it’s not a viable long term option. To understand why this is true you need to learn exactly how the system works.

You’re going to learn how the system works, why it works in the short term and doesn’t work in the long term, and the best games to play when you use it.

At the end of the day I don’t usually recommend this system, but if you do decide to try it, make sure you’re playing 1 of the 5 games in this article.

How the Martingale Works

The Martingale system for gambling is extremely easy to use. You start with the smallest bet that you’re allowed to make as your base bet. Every time you lose a bet you bet twice as much on the next wager. Every time you win a bet you make your base wager on the next bet.

Every time you win a bet you make a profit equal to the amount of your base bet. All you have to do is win a bet before the rising bet costs make you run out of money.

The reason why the Martingale usually works for short term profit is because you don’t lose too many bets in a row often, as long as you play the right games. The reason why it doesn’t work for long term profit is because in every game you eventually lose many bets in a row.

As the losing bets stack up you have to make larger and larger bets. Eventually you either run out of money or hit the ceiling of bet limits at the table or wherever else you’re gambling.

You also risk falling into the gambler’s fallacy trap of believing that you’re due for a win because you’ve lost so many bets in a row. This is how some gamblers lose everything. They believe they’re due for a win, so they risk far more than they can afford to lose.

If you use the Martingale system, or any other gambling system, protect yourself by setting a maximum loss amount before you start. If you lose this much you have to quit. In other words, you have to know when to walk away or it can cost you more than money.

1 – Roulette

Roulette is 1 of my favorite games when I want to use the Martingale system. You have plenty of options for bets that pay even money or 1 to 1. And most roulette tables offer a good spread between the table minimum bet amount and the table maximum bet amount.

If you play roulette using the Martingale you should only play on European rules wheels or French rules wheels. French rules are better than European rules, but sometimes tables with French rules are hard to find. And many French rules tables have a higher minimum bet amount than European tables, so you have to start at a higher base bet amount.

The reason why French rules roulette tables are better than other tables for the Martingale system is because of the in prison rule on even money wagers. This rule makes the overall house edge lower and returns a lost bet close to half of the time.

In fact, because of the in prison rule you can use the Martingale and not double your bet until after the second loss in a row. In all other games you have to start doubling as soon as you receive your first loss.

2 – Baccarat

Baccarat is also a good option for Martingale users, but you have to make the second best bet at the table to keep things simple.

The Best Bet in Baccarat Is on the Banker, but It Doesn’t Pay 1 to 1

It only pays .95 to 1. You can technically use the Martingale on the banker bet, but you have to bet slightly more than double after losses. This makes it too complicated for most players, so it’s easier to use the player bet.

The baccarat player bet still offers a low house edge compared to most other gambling options, so it’s not all bad. And it pays a straight 1 to 1 so it fits the Martingale system perfectly.

An important thing you need to know is that you can’t use the Martingale with the tie bet option in baccarat. I guess that you can use a modified Martingale system with the tie bet where you only double after several losses, but the tie bet has a huge house edge and it’s much harder to make a short term profit using it.

3 – Blackjack

Blackjack is 1 of my favorite games to use the Martingale system with, but it’s more complicated than using the system with most games.

The reason why I like blackjack and the Martingale is that sometimes you get a blackjack and get paid 3 to 2. When this happens after a couple losses you win a bigger amount so you actually get a profit of more than your base bet.

But the reasons why it’s more complicate is because to play blackjack using the best strategy you have to double down and split pairs sometimes. When you’re using the Martingale this means that sometimes you have to put twice as much money into play after you already doubled your bet.

This means that you have to have an even bigger bankroll to use the Martingale system with blackjack than you have to have when you use it with other casino games.

If you can afford the larger bankroll and can stand the thought of losing it all on a bad string of hands, blackjack is the best game to consider playing with the Martingale. But it’s not for the faint of heart, and eventually you’re going to pay a lot of money.

4 – Craps

Craps is a good option for Martingale users because there are fewer decisions every hour than in most games. You need to stick with bets on the come out rolls if you use the Martingale in craps, and many of these rolls don’t resolve on the first roll.

When a point is set on a come out roll your bet doesn’t resolve until the point is resolved. This means that even when you lose a string of come out rolls it takes longer to get where you have to make huge bets.

If You Have a Big Bankroll You Can Also Make Odds Bets When a Point Is Set

But if you use the Martingale on odds bets you have to have a great deal of money to stay in the game. Odds bets are available up to 100 times your original bet at some casinos, and even if the odds are only available at 10 times your original bet amount the numbers get big fast when you’re doubling.

If you’re not using the Martingale you should always use the odds. But when you’re using the martingale most players can’t afford to use the odds.

5 – Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow poker isn’t popular, and it isn’t available in every casino. It also doesn’t offer a good house edge for gamblers. But there’s 1 important reason why it’s on this list.

Pai Gow poker ends in a tie a high percentage of the time. I’ve seen 5 to 10 straight hands end in a tie. It’s not even impossible for more hands to end in a tie in a row.

When a hand ends in a tie you just make the same bet again on the next hand. This means that it takes a long time to hit a streak of losing hands that requires a large bet.

If you do decide to use the Martingale when you play Pai Gow poker, make sure that you know the best strategy for splitting your hands. A single mistake can be quite costly.


Now that you know how the Martingale system works and what the main danger of the system is, you need to decide if you want to take a chance and use it. You’re probably going to win for a while when you use the Martingale system, but it’s eventually going to turn out bad.

If you decide to give the Martingale system a try, the 5 gambling activities listed in this article are the best ones to use. All 5 of these activities make it easy to use the Martingale system. Finding an easy game is important because you can’t afford to make any mistakes.

I don’t recommend using the Martingale system long term, but it can be fun to play with it from time to time. Just make sure you know when to quit.

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