Why Is Virtual Reality Gambling So Fun?

by Jeff Harris
on January 14, 2018

Online gambling has undergone some major advancements within the last decade, including 3D graphics, live dealer casinos, and mobile gaming.

Virtual reality is the next big step in internet gambling’s evolution. With VR headset sales expected to hit 81.2 million by 2021, countless people will be gambling in virtual reality in the near future.

The exciting thing is that you don’t have to wait until then to get started. Virtual reality gambling is here, right now, and there are affordable headset options available.

Besides affordability, the main reason you should consider VR gambling is that it offers a fun and exciting experience that’s totally different from traditional PC and smartphone gaming.

I’m going to discuss the different elements that make gambling in virtual reality so entertaining. I’ll also cover how you can get started with VR gaming and be ahead of the curve.

Virtual Reality Gambling Brings You Closer to Land Based Casinos

Nothing beats walking into an actual land based casino, holding real cards, and chatting with the dealer and other players. But online gaming software companies have progressively moved players closer to the land based casino experience.

The biggest development in this goal is live dealer casinos, which stream gambling action from either a studio or real brick-and-mortar casino.

Live casinos are popular because they give you an opportunity to see, and chat with, a human dealer – all from your smartphone or laptop.

But even this isn’t close enough to a real casino experience for many players. The reason is you still have a screen blocking you from the dealer and casino atmosphere.

Enter virtual reality gambling, which transports users inside of the game with a first-person view and no screen in the way. This immersive experience allows you to walk around the casino, see humanlike gestures from other players, and sit down to tables and slot machines like at real land-based venues.

Virtual reality technology isn’t to the point where players look exactly like real humans. But the avatars are close enough to the real deal, making the games feel more social.

VR Gambling Offers Totally New Experiences

Online casinos do their best to offer a fun experience through smartphones, tablets, and computers. But you’re still merely selecting options in a lobby whenever you visit traditional gaming sites.

This is where virtual reality takes things a step further by expanding the experience to include elements beyond the games.

Take SlotsMillion, for example, which features a casino housed on the 80th floor of a high-rise building.

Virtual Reality High Rise Building

You can actually walk around SlotsMillion casino and browse the gaming floor as well as look out the windows. Outside, you’ll see huge buildings that line the sky of a futuristic city.

Land-based casinos don’t have windows on the gaming floor, because they don’t want gamblers noticing day turning to night. Never mind the fact that you can experience SlotsMillion in a posh upper floor with great views.

The Swedish-run casino, VR Poker, is another gaming site that’s leading the push into virtual reality.

Casino VR allows you to choose your character at the beginning of the game. You then guide this character around a poker room that includes six Texas Hold’em tables.

This poker site really puts you behind the wheel since you can look around the room and at opponents while playing. Casino VR Poker does a good job with the opponents too, because you’ll see plenty of lifelike mannerisms and movements from them.

The end result is that you’re not just playing a poker game, like at many other sites. Instead, you’re in an immersive experience that makes the game feel more lifelike.

Experiences Will Only Get Better in Virtual Reality Gambling

One limitation to VR gambling right now is that the majority of casino and poker sites haven’t joined this movement. But you can be sure that many more sites will enter the industry within the coming years.

And when this happens, there’ll be even more experiences available to VR players.

The potential is limitless with virtual reality gaming. In fact, I can think of numerous scenarios that’ll be totally different from what’s available today.

Here are just a few potential ideas that that could/will come to fruition with VR gambling:

Example #1:

  • You’re playing a superhero slots game.
  • The bonus round requires defeating an evil villain.
  • You use your hands and arms to fight the bad guy while flying around.

Example #2:

  • A poker game is based on both playing poker and a high-roller lifestyle.
  • You stay at lavish hotels and can walk around them.
  • You can visit nightclubs and see city attractions while on the tournament circuit.

Example #3:

  • You’re playing a racing slots game.
  • The bonus round sees you try to outrace other cars.
  • You can earn upgrades for your car on the reels.

Example #4:

  • A craps game puts you at the table with fellow players.
  • Every player is controlled by a human (rather than AI players).
  • You can chat with other players while the game is happening.

Virtual reality gambling is already fun. But it’s going to be far more exciting when additional sites join the fray and begin revolutionizing the industry.

For now, though, you can still enjoy a number of experiences that aren’t available in traditional 2D and 3D gaming.

Virtual Reality Gambling Adds More Interaction

Virtual reality has only scratched the surface of the interactions that players will be able to have. And this is yet another area where VR gambling trumps regular online casinos and poker rooms.

Once VR technology really becomes popular among consumers, you can expect a lot more gambling games that focus on the interactions. This means you’ll be able to both chat with the dealer and fellow players.

Of course, some of this exists in traditional internet gambling already. I covered how live dealer casinos allow you to communicate with the dealer.

But again, the drawback here is that the screen serves as a barrier. Furthermore, you can only type comments to the dealer through a chat box.

Once virtual reality casinos get going, you’ll be able to walk up to people in a casino or poker room and voice chat with them.

This is far more interactive than sending messages to people through a chat box.

Another thing worth mentioning is that virtual reality can better prepare you for a land-based casino experience.

Some players are intimidated to join brick and mortar casino tables, either because they’re not very social or don’t want to mess up in front of other people.

But VR can help you overcome this fear since you’ll be playing at tables with lifelike players. This helps you get used to human mannerisms and voices while you’re gambling.

VR Headsets Are More Than Just Gambling Devices

Buying a virtual reality headset isn’t just about gambling, because there are many other things you can do with these devices. This includes everything from unique experiences like the VR casinos I’ve discussed, to useful everyday applications.

Regarding the latter, you can use VR technology to take virtual real estate tours, see how a new home will look when it’s built, or interview for a job.

Of course, I’m more interested in the fun things that you can do beyond gambling.

One example is a first-person shooter video game called Bullet Train.

This takes you into a lifelike subway, where you need to blast gun wielding terrorists.

I’ve also got my eye on a flight simulator called War Thunder, which lets you pilot a World War II plane. Other cool experiences that you can get through a VR headset include skiing, mountain biking, mountain climbing, and flying like a bird.

How Do You Get Started with Virtual Reality Gambling?

Buying a Headset

Facebook’s Oculus Rift set a bad precedent for virtual reality headsets, because it cost $499 when it was released in March 2016. It also didn’t help that casinos like SlotsMillion only worked on this headset.

Virtual Reality Casino

But it’s important to understand that Oculus Rift is a hardcore gaming headset for those who’ll be playing in depth video games. Today, casual VR users can experience this technology without paying hundreds of dollars.

Both Samsung’s Gear VR and Google Daydream costs less than $100, and they can be used with a smartphone. Further encouragement comes from the fact that VR gambling sites are not compatible with these devices.

Even the Oculus Rift has dropped its price to $399, which puts it in line with a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. That said, the VR headset market has become more affordable for the average user.

Signing up and Depositing at Virtual Reality Gambling Sites

The online gambling world has been slow to embrace virtual reality. But this is understandable, given that consumers are finally starting to pick up on this technology.

In any case, you can still find a few VR gambling options across the internet. And if you’re already experienced with online casinos, then you won’t have any trouble signing up and depositing at these sites.

All you need to do is fill out an account at any desired casino or poker site. This involves entering simple details like your name, address, email, username, and password.

Some gaming sites are play money only, including Casino VR Poker. But others allow you to make deposits and play for real money.

I suggest looking at a gambling site’s banking section beforehand to see if they offer deposit methods you can choose.

Many online gamblers are using Bitcoin these days, because the transactions are faster and anybody around the world can use this cryptocurrency.

Try Free Virtual Reality Casino Games First

If you’re at all hesitant about virtual reality gambling, then keep in mind that you can try games for free.

VR casinos require that you fill out an account first. But once you’re a member of the casino, you can walk around and play games for free.

Perhaps you’ll find that you don’t like the casino after trying it. But I suggest taking a few trials just to get the virtual reality experience, if nothing else.


Virtual reality presents an interesting and new concept to gambling. And the exciting thing is that you can jump into the VR world right now.

Headsets are more affordable than ever and also compatible with smartphones and tablets. If you’re on the fence about buying one of these devices, the good news is that you can use them for more than just gambling.

One drawback is the lack of options with regard to gaming sites.

But this was also a problem with mobile gaming several years ago. And these days, nearly every online casino is compatible with smartphones and tablets.

I predict that the majority of internet casinos will feature virtual reality setups within the next five years.

But again, you can already get started with VR and start enjoying new gambling experiences now.

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