Wait, You Can Bet on Beer Pong? Hold My Beer!

Beer pong has become something of a rite of passage in the United States and Canada. If you’ve gone to college, there is almost a 100% chance that you’ve encountered peer bong being played at some point or another. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably played your fair share of it, too. Beer pong has become a staple of college parties all over the country.

The game has become so popular that it has a firm footing in the mainstream. If you’re unfamiliar with the game or its rules, it’s quite simple. It’s essentially ping pong, but with beer involved. Beer pong can be played on just about any surface, but the ideal setting is a table around six to 10 feet long. Players typically place about ten cups on either side of the table in the shape of a pyramid. Each cup is filled with the desired amount of beer (it can also be water or other beverages you prefer). Once that’s all set up, you’re ready to roll.

The object of the game is to successfully throw a ping pong ball into each of the 10 cups sitting at the opposite end of the table. If a player throws the ball into a cup, a player on the opposing team has to drink beer from said cup and remove it from the table. The teams take turns until one team has drank all 10 cups. There really isn’t much to it.

World Series of Beer Pong

While most think of beer pong as little more than a party game, the game’s growth in recent years has led to some people actually playing for real cash. Yes, you read that correctly. Since 2006, the World Series of Beer Pong has taken place in Nevada. The inaugural tournament took place in January of ’06 at the Oasis Hotel and Casino in Mesquite. About 80 two-player teams participated in the tournament, which included a $10,000 grand prize.

Following the success of the inaugural event, the grand prize was doubled to $20,000 for the tournament the following year. The WSOBP’s popularity grew massively in just the span of a year, as a whopping 246 teams competed in ‘07. The next year, they decided to move the World Series to Las Vegas, and the third event took place at the South Point Hotel and Casino. 296 teams competed that year for a hefty $50,000 top prize. The 2009 tournament moved to the Flamingo Hotel and Casino on the Strip.

The sixth iteration of the World Series of Beer Pong, which took place in 2010, drew the most teams in history (507) with players competing from 48 U.S. States, six Canadian provinces, and nine countries total. The 2010 edition was also the first to hold Singles, Ladies, Co-Ed, and International tournaments in addition to the main event.

Rather than filling every cup with beer, the World Series of Beer Pong fills four of the 10 cups on each side with water in an attempt to minimize alcohol consumption. This helps ensure that the best teams win, and that those with less alcohol tolerance aren’t at a potential disadvantage.

Betting on Beer Pong

Beer pong is inherently fun, but putting some money on the line and placing beer pong bets can enhance your enjoyment even more. Let’s say you’re working to hone your skills so that you can eventually try the World Series of Beer Pong. Putting a few bucks down on yourself to see just how you perform under pressure could be a good barometer for how you might fare under the bright lights of the WSOBP.

Beer pong bets are also a way for spectators to get more out of their viewing experience. The game is designed to only have four participants at a time. Assuming you’re playing at a party, most of the people there will be relegated to watching, at least until they get their chance to step up to the table. Having a designated oddsmaker present could raise the stakes of an otherwise standard game of beer pong.

The team that wins gets to stick around to defend their title until another team comes along to beat them. For example, let’s say that Team A has just beaten Team B rather handily in the first game. Prior to the second game, the designated oddsmaker can set Team A as a -150 favorite to win their second game against a new challenger, Team C. Because we know more about the skill level on Team A than we do about the players on Team C, Team C enters the game as a +200 underdog. If you’re planning to place some beer pong bets, it’s important to consider the value of each bet.

For example, if a bettor places $10 on Team A to win the game at -150, they will net $16.67. If a bold bettor wants to take the underdogs, Team C, at +200, they will win a total of $30 if Team C pulls the upset.Click here if you want to learn more about how betting odds work.

Prop Bets

Betting on the result of a game is the easiest way to bet on beer pong. If you want to make beer pong bets even more interesting, though, the oddsmaker can make some prop bets on things that may happen while the game is ongoing. If you’ve ever watched the Super Bowl, you’re probably familiar with prop bets. The most famous prop bet of all-time made news back in 1986 when oddsmakers set odds on whether Chicago Bears defensive lineman William “The Refrigerator” Perry would score an offensive touchdown during Super Bowl XX. Perry did indeed find the end zone that night, and those that bet “yes” cashed out at profitable +2000 odds.

One example of a beer pong prop bet would be “Will Team A win the game (hit all 10 cups) before Team B hits 5 cups?” This kind of bet would likely have “yes” listed around +500, while “no” would be a sizable favorite at -250. Obviously, the odds of the beer pong bets themselves depend on the quality of the players participating in the game. If the talent level on one team is vastly superior to the other, the odds should be shifted accordingly.

Some other potential prop betting options would be whether a team will commit a foul during the game. Believe it or not, there are actual rules that come into play with regard to tossing the ping pong balls. For example, WSOBP rules dictate that a player’s elbow and wrist must both remain behind the edge of the table when throwing. If a player is deemed to have thrown the ball with his/her elbow or wrist beyond the threshold of the edge of the table, that shot doesn’t count. “Will the elbow/wrists rule be broken?” is a beer pong bet that really could go either way, so both sides would presumably be priced around the same -110 odds.


It’s safe to say that beer pong is a lot more than just a way to pass the time at parties nowadays. Whether you have your eye on that big $50,000 World Series of Beer Pong prize, or you just want to play at home with your friends while putting a little money down, there is no shortage of ways to make the game fun for all involved. Betting on beer pong may sound silly, but it’s a fun way to get the spectators involved and raise the stakes in what may be an otherwise standard game of BP.

You can bet on just about anything nowadays, and beer pong is no exception.

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