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5 The Walking Dead Prop Bets Entertainment Betting Sites Need to Offer

The last time I took a stab at predicting who would die next on The Walking Dead, I whiffed miserably. I thought Father Gabriel, Tara or Gregory were next in line and that wasn’t the case.

Sadly, none of those characters were killed off before the first half of The Walking Dead season eight ended. In fact, no main character was. The first season didn’t end without some controversy, though.

Carl Grimes seemingly got bit by a walker at some point and an emotional ride left us on a cliffhanger.

Producers and even Chandler Riggs (who plays Carl) admitted shortly after the gut punch revelation that Carl was indeed set to die at the start of the second half of season eight.

There is a lot of speculation as to whether or not that’s actually going to be the case. After all, it’s not like the producers haven’t faked us out over big character deaths in the past.

The fact that Carl’s death may still be up in the air got me to thinking that this could be an amazing opportunity for entertainment betting sites. This has the makings of an awesome wager, while there is a lot of room for several other interesting The Walking Dead prop bets.

I’ve scoured the interwebs to locate some, but I haven’t stumbled upon any at legit novelty betting sites.

Due to that, I’m just making up some of my own and hoping the top betting sites take notice and showcase some of these killer The Walking Dead props before the second half commences on Sunday, February 25th.

Here’s five that I think should exist for your betting pleasure:

Will Carl Actually Die?

It certainly looks like he will, but there is no denying the conflicting reports out there, nor creator Robert Kirkman even teasing doubt about Carl’s future.

There are a lot of fan theories that this is a huge fake out and/or that Carl is somehow immune to the zombie virus.

That or Carl could get some type of blood transfusion and still survive.

Sure, all of those things.

I’m not sure what I believe, but Carl looked pretty darn sick the last time he was on my TV screen and I have to imagine now that the zombie fever has set in, he’s a goner.

If the show is yet again deceiving us (see: pretty much all of Glenn’s deaths, save for the last one), then it’s whatever.

But it looks like Carl’s run is coming to an end. If there is an entertainment betting site out there offering remotely decent odds, I’m jumping on that wager.

Either way, I’ll miss everyone shouting out his name. Carl! Coral! And the like:

Will Negan Die Before Season 8 Ends?

I’m all for an all-encompassing “who dies first?” TWD wager, too, but I do think these individual bets are a lot of fun. I know I saw several of those types of specials for Game of Thrones and Stranger Things, so why not for a show that is just as popular?

Right after answering Carl’s fate, though, comes the doubt circling Negan’s long-term role on the show.

Norman Reedus recently suggested fans will be delivered some “closure” to close season eight, while there has been growing speculation that Maggie could be exiting the show as well.

Does that mean Daryl and/or Maggie meet their demise? It could, or it could mean that this All Out War that kicked off after Glenn and Abraham got bashed to bits could finally be nearing an end.

It’s not even that I want it to end, either. It’s just that the execution hasn’t been amazing. The show might as well wrap things up and see if a new storyline can inject new life into what used to be a truly gripping series.

The Walking Dead has been bogged down by a lot of character development and unnecessary tugging of the heartstrings. Don’t get me wrong, that’s all necessary and refreshing to see in an action/horror-based production.

However, TWD has saturated their show with those elements and it would make sense to get back to what made this series special.

I’m not sure eliminating Negan helps them do that. Killing off Negan or at least placing him elsewhere could provide a huge moment the show could need, but Jeffrey Dean Morgan is just too devilishly delightful.

I also think it’s been revealed that Negan is a bit more human than everyone thought (thanks for the hard therapeutic prying, Father Gabe). In addition, Carl’s death may be for nothing if his final words (promoting peace) go unheard.

Part of the process may be some type of forgiveness from Rick’s group to Negan and The Saviors. Maybe after this “war” ends, everyone can band together to fight off a new evil.

They’ll sing kumbaya and roast marshmallows over a bunch of burning zombie corpses. Then Rick and Negan will lead a pottery class together.

Except, Rick did promise Negan more than once that he’d kill him.

I bet the show allows Rick to make good on his promise eventually, but The Walking Dead will be back for a ninth season and probably more. Keeping a massive fan favorite like Negan around would be a pretty good idea.

A side wager for this bet? Whether or not it’s Rick who ends up taking Negan out and perhaps even the method he does so.

Will Negan Kill Someone With Lucille?

Even if Negan does get axed from season eight, I have to think fans are graced with one more beat down, courtesy of Lucille.

It’s a bit odd that The Walking Dead hasn’t had this element resurface, as Negan’s debut started off with a bang when he destroyed Glenn and Abraham. He’s since killed more people, but you haven’t witnessed him do so on camera with his baseball bat.

I’m not saying I crave another gory scene quite as devastating as the season seven opener (although, I kinda do) but it’s a little weird that Negan’s go-to method of killing hasn’t popped up since.

This whole All Out War thing has obviously changed the game in the sense that Negan and the rest of The Saviors have to use more of tactical approach. Still, it’s high time Negan gets back to his bread and butter.

Perhaps he makes an example of Eugene, locates and takes out Dwight or finally kills Daryl.

I don’t really care who gets it, but if another Lucille bashing doesn’t occur, it will feel like Negan’s character has been kind of wasted.

Why/How Will Morgan Leave?

It’s old news by now that Lennie James, the actor that plays Morgan, is now a fixture of Fear the Walking Dead. That’s pretty cool to see a crossover character, but for someone to be spending time with another AMC show, it surely means their time on the other has to end.

There has been a lot of chatter about what that means for Morgan. Some speculate he has to die for that to happen, but there has been a lot of talk about the two shows eventually overlapping in terms of timeline.

If that’s true, Morgan doesn’t have to die at all. In fact, if The Walking Dead creators really want to, they could also let Morgan leave and bring him back at a later time.

Morgan has proven to be a very complex character. He was at first very protective of his son and trying to survive, while also coping with the death of his wife. He struggled so much with the latter that he couldn’t put his zombified darling out of her misery.

That ultimately led to his son being killed and eventually, Morgan lost his mind and will to live.

After going down a dark path that included a “nothing matters” mantra, Morgan found his way back home and started to value life again.

Morgan would later rejoin Rick’s team and since then he’s been back and forth on what his current worldview actually is.

Due to his erratic behavior, I can see him jumping ship in the near future. I don’t think that has him dying, but instead, once he sees Rick’s group has “won”, he’ll take his show on the road.

Will Rick Die Before Season 8 Ends?

This last one is the big one, as Rick Grimes truly is The Walking Dead. I personally can never get sick of Andrew Lincoln’s harrowing performance and I can’t wait to see what the death of his son does to him.

Not in a cold way. I like to see range, people!

A lot of people will assume Rick will again go off the deep end (and maybe he will), but he still has Michonne, Judith and a war on his hands.

He could go darker than ever, of course, and perhaps that’s the direction he needs to go in to finish off Negan and The Saviors, once and for all.

Killing off Rick would be the biggest blow the show could ever deliver to fans. He has been the heart and soul of this show from the very beginning and this specific story wouldn’t be possible without him.

This isn’t a show about Rick Grimes or his future, though. It’s about Rick Grimes leading a group of survivors into and out of the fray. He’s here to make sure everyone makes it out alive and has the tools necessary to stay alive long into the future.

As much as I’d like to think those “old man Rick” flash forwards paint a warm and fuzzy portrait of his future, I’m starting to think it’s a dream sequence or all some huge tease.

I do think the show kills off Rick at some point before the series is up (the show runners have admitted they probably will), but season eight feels too soon.

This entire show is about characters fulfilling their arcs. Characters are around until they use up their usefulness or until it makes sense for them to die. That, or they just dip and go take an acting gig elsewhere.

That’s what happened for both Heath and Sasha and it sounds like that’s the case with Morgan and Maggie, too. That hasn’t happened yet with ol’ Rick Grimes and with his son now meeting his demise, it’s safe to say there is a lot of story left with Rick.

At least for me, if a character has a lot of reason to stick around and they’re a key part of the show, I don’t fear them dying all that much. Rick Grimes has too much going on and Carl dying might end up taking the place of any other massive character death in the immediate future.

Rick Grimes won’t survive the series, but I do think he makes it through season eight and possibly even season nine.

If you’re into side bets, you could also look for a TWD prop bet dealing with Rick finally losing his hand like he does in the comics.

Like I said, these The Walking Dead prop bets aren’t even out there. The top entertainment betting sites have been slow (or hesitant?) to issue any The Walking Dead odds for some reason, but they have to have a few days to toss them online.

If some of these do emerge, hopefully, this article helps nudge you in the right direction.

Either way, the second half of The Walking Dead season eight is back this weekend and all is right with the world.

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