The Walking Dead Rumors: Who Will Die Next in Season 7?

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The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere was brutal. We got handed two literal deaths and in a grand sense, some emotional and mental deaths, as well.

Gone are Abraham and Glenn, and so too, are the former mental and emotional states of a lot of our beloved survivors.

Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon aren’t the same. One is bending a knee in a fashion we have simply never seen, the other doesn’t know where to turn as he attempts to swallow immense guilt and through it all, the folks in Alexandria aren’t quite sure what just hit them.


Negan is the “what”, of course, but no one can be sure what this all means.


Hence, there will be spoilers from this point on.

Death is Coming

What we do know, however, is that it’s not good and that more death is soon to come.

Like, really soon.

How can it not? The Walking Dead hasn’t killed off anyone of significance in three straight episodes (likely to allow us to #heal) and episode three strongly hinted that Lucille is getting all too thirsty, yet again.

Negan almost killed Olivia in the latest episode, merely because she fudged the gun inventory numbers.

Oh, Negan.

While she didn’t perish, she was a physical foreshadowing, as TWD is getting painfully close to another horrific death. Maybe it’s ultimately Olivia in episode five. Perhaps Daryl gets put out of his misery. Maybe Carol kills herself.

There is a lot of speculation and quite honestly, there isn’t much that is concrete that we can hold onto.

Or is there?

Negan has made it loud and clear that he’s running the show now and if Rick and co. don’t get him something that interests him and The Saviors, someone else is going to die.

Harsh as that may be, we tend to take Negan as a man of his word.

Who Will Die Next?

Spencer from The Walking Dead

I don’t think the next The Walking Dead death is coming by Negan’s bat, though. Instead, Spencer’s clear disdain for everything Rick is starting to look all too familiar.

The Walking Dead has done a really great job of dancing in between this new TV world and the one Robert Kirkman laid out in the comics. We have characters alive that should be dead, some died precisely the way they died in the comics, some deaths were switched between characters, some are yet to come and there are even some characters that didn’t even exist in the comics.

Needless to say, even when we think we know what’s going to happen, we might not actually have a clue.

Consider us naive for the near future in season 7 of The Walking Dead, as the writing is very much on the wall for Spencer to finally reach his last mistake.

Everything in episode four set us up for a crucial point in the comics, when Spencer goes behind Rick’s back and tells Negan he wants to kill him. Negan isn’t too keen on Spencer’s cowardice approach of going behind Rick’s back and not just going ahead and killing himself, and he expresses his disgust quite bluntly by gutting Spencer right then and there:

Death of Spencer from the Walking Dead Original Comic Series

In the last episode, we certainly saw the beginnings of Spencer’s rebellion and seeing as this guy has made countless mistakes and really isn’t even a very likable character, it makes all of the sense in the world that this story arc will be carried out just like it was in the comics.

If we’re picking it, Spencer will be the next character to die in The Walking Dead.

Other Options

As firmly as we believe Spencer will meet his end in the very near future, we do understand that TWD show runners are known for their trickery and false foreshadowing.

They do tend to kill off people after featuring them a bit prior to their death, of course. Just go back and look at the way season six wrapped up. Both Abraham and Glenn were featured heavily and at one point we even had the huge Glenn death fake-out.

We’re not getting anything like that, but if someone besides Spencer is going to die soon, we think we have a good feeling of who it could be. Here are our favorite picks:

Custom Image of Different The Walking Dead Characters from Season 7

  • Eugene
  • Rosita
  • Father Gabriel

There could obviously be other character deaths and there is a strong argument for keeping all three of these characters around, but there is also a very strong argument aiding their eventual deaths.


Eugene is probably to a far lesser extent at risk, but TWD showed him a ton in the last episode looking more meek than ever.

Negan has a weird personality and it’s quite possible he ends up bashing Eugene in for two different reasons: he doesn’t deem him useful because he’s so weak or he deems him too valuable to Rick’s group because he knows how to make bullets.

Father Gabriel

Father Gabriel seems to weird Negan out and he doesn’t know yet that Gabriel actually has developed into Rick’s new right hand man. Not only has Father Gabriel backed Rick lately, but he’s emerging as a quiet leader and fighter.

He also defied Negan by tricking him into thinking Maggie is dead (she’s not – SPOILER!). If Negan suddenly realizes Father Gabriel is formidable in any way or worse – that he lied to his face – he absolutely is on the chopping block.


The latter could be tied in with Rosita’s coming revolt. Rosita isn’t accepting this new life or the fashion in which Negan took her friend and lover’s lives. She went out looking for more guns and at the end of episode three even took a bullet to Eugene and requested he make her more ammunition.

The foreshadowing is obvious; Rosita plans on taking out Negan and/or leading some sort of fight against The Saviors.

That probably won’t work out too well. She’s just one person and she has no numbers and no guns. It remains to be seen if Negan would be impressed and just take her over to his side initially, or if she’s simply be killed during the process of raiding his camp.

Whatever the case, Rosita is on a dangerous path that ultimately is probably going to lead to her demise.

The Walking Dead Prediction – Spencer Dies Next

Whether Rosita, Father Gabriel or Eugene die or not in season 7 (or at all) is one question, but the more relevant issue is if they will die before Spencer.

The immediate storyline that episode four churned out was the idea of Rick and his group completely falling in line. As much as Rick hates doing it, he did exactly that. Some will say that makes him weak or a coward, but he’s actually biting his tongue in an effort to save his group, as he knows rising up against Negan would likely mean they all die.

For now, Rick is sucking it up and trying to do what is best for his community, but we’re already seeing layers of decay in Alexandria, with Rosita going her own way and Spencer publicly not being a fan of Rick’s decision-making and general leadership.

That is going to lead to one of them dying very soon. Our pick remains Spencer, just because we saw the mild rift between him and Rick grow more than ever and Spencer has a history of making really poor decisions.

Logic suggests in the next couple of episodes – maybe as soon as episode five – Spencer hatches a plan to take down Rick and ultimately tells Negan or one of The Saviors and it leads to his death.

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