The Walking Dead Season 7 Right Hand Man Trailer: What it Could Mean

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The anticipation for the seventh season of The Walking Dead has been torture. First the show runners at TWD left us all in limbo with the mother of all cliffhangers at the end of season six, where we’re introduced to Negan in all of his glory and learn that one (or two?) of our beloved The Walking Dead characters will meet their demise.


We get to find everything out in just two weeks, as The Walking Dead Season 7 fires up on October 23rd. Nothing can stop the fact that we have to wait that long to have our hearts ripped out of out chests as we lose some of our favorite TWD characters, but that also can’t keep us from wondering what all of these trailers keep suggesting.

In the effort to keep things as dialed in as possible, we’ll mostly focus on The Walking Dead’s latest tease, the Right Hand Man trailer:

As gut-wrenching as the season 6 finale and season 7 initial trailers were, this moment from the clear post-killing(s) is even worse.

Here we have Rick Grimes, our trusted TWD leader, clearly shell shocked after seeing one or more of his followers murdered right before his eyes. It was probably Glenn and Abraham, as we’ve suspected all along, but there is the slight possibility the show took things in a different direction.

All we know at the moment is what this teaser trailer showed us, and it has us wonder what Right Hand Man really means. Here’s a breakdown of the biggest takeaways from the latest The Walking Dead trailer:

Does Rick Grimes Lose His Hand?

Remember those The Walking Dead spoilers we noted earlier in the post? Here’s the first: Rick Grimes loses his right hand in the comics. He actually lost it on behalf of The Governor originally, but we all know that hasn’t been the case in the show.

Then again, TWD has a way of switching things up on us so as to keep us on our toes. Grimes not yet having his hand detaches is one, while Denise took the arrow through the eye instead of Abraham earlier in season 6.

Of course, just as The Walking Dead can deviate, it also normally rectifies. Abraham dying in the season 7 premiere could fulfill his comic death, Glenn dying could also pay homage to the comics (see? More spoilers) and Grimes could lose his “right hand” here – just as he did in the comics – but thanks to Negan instead of The Governor.

Or maybe that’s just TWD creators’ way of paying tribute to the comic and making you think Grimes is in serious trouble when Negan drags him into the RV.

After all, when pressed on Rick Grimes possibly losing his right hand in the series, TWD creator Robert Kirkman suggested that dealing with such a popular character not having part of a limb could be too taxing.

Maybe, but Hershel and Merle both lost limbs and that seemed to work out just fine.

There has to be a dance the show runners do on this issue, as they’d have to figure out how to cover up the injury (seeing as actor Andrew Lincoln, ya know, has his right hand), whether it be with cloth, some type of glove or just using CGI. It might be too much of a headache to endure and this could all be a tease.

Past reports suggest Lincoln actually wants Rick to lose his right hand, but it’s worth noting that TWD creators usually don’t tell us something before they do it. In fact, this should only make us question if we’ll ever see Grimes lose that hand at all.

Still, it’d be a pretty powerful moment to see Negan take something so personal away from Rick, naturally impacting his ability to shoot accurately or do things normally as he’s accustomed.

Who is Rick’s Right Hand Man?

There is also the distinct possibility that this is a mere distraction in the appropriately dubbed “teaser” trailer and instead of Rick losing his right hand, we need to focus on him losing his right hand man.

Or, considering this clip is after blood was splattered across the ground already, we may be left to figure out who was Rick’s right hand man.

If we’re going just off of what we’ve seen in the show, there are actually several options that Negan could point out as Rick’s right hand man:

  • Carl
  • Michonne
  • Daryl
  • Glenn
  • Abraham

All of these characters could apply. Carl is Rick’s son, Michonne is his love interest, Daryl has been one of his main buddies the whole way, Glenn has always done all the dirty work for the group and Abraham has helped him as another strong leader for the group.

But really, if Rick has a true right hand man, it’s Daryl.

So, either Daryl is dead, is going to be dead or TWD is severely messing with us here.

Is Daryl Dead???

I had to throw in three question marks there because, DARYL. Hello!

Seriously, I’m pretty sure we’re not alone in saying that if Daryl is killed off, we’re done. DONE, I say!

Not really, but losing Daryl would be pretty damaging. It wouldn’t make sense to kill him, either, since he’s already half-dead and his rivalry with Dwight seems to be something that could be explored more. He needs to get that cross bow back, and all.

Daryl is already shot and near death, though, so the logic could be as easy as this: Negan sees a guy who is virtually useless to him because he’s wounded and possibly going to die, he learns he’s of extreme importance to Rick and the group and/or Daryl, being the stubborn do-gooder he is, steps up and tries to help whoever Negan first tries bashing.

Maybe all of that. But one thing we know, is in that last shot it appears the blanket Daryl had draped over him while kneeling with the group is strewn across the ground.

That leaves us two likely scenarios: The coat was abandoned when Daryl and the others were moved- as they clearly were. Or Daryl got killed he doesn’t need something to cover up with anymore BECAUSE HE’S DEAD.

The latter would make for quite a moment in the season 7 The Walking Dead premiere, but we hope Daryl survives round one with Negan.

Who Did Negan Kill?

This remains the big question and main takeaway from the latest The Walking Dead Season 7 trailer, and the main reason why is because for all we think we know, there is still a weird feeling that the show runners may decide to rip the rug out from under us.

We’ve broken it down before, however, and with the episodes already shot, we still think both Glenn and Abraham meet Lucille (Negan’s baseball bat).

As the camera pans out you get to see a mess of blood and bone, but we don’t see anything definitive. Some Reddit users pointed out an object (they think it’s a ring) on the ground, which could tell us it is Maggie, Glenn or both.

For us, that’s fine if there is a ring there and it’d only aid our “Glenn dies” argument. We think Abraham is the first to go, though, as he’s the most defiant and Negan probably feels he needs to make an example out of him. Even if Abraham stares him in the eye and won’t back down, Negan will ultimately show everyone who is boss.

Glenn could die for a number of reasons, but seeing as he yelled out initially when Negan was making his rounds and landed on Maggie, that probably happens again in some manner. Glenn will either try to protect Maggie or maybe even stop Negan from bashing Abraham and then Glenn will pay the price.

While we truly don’t know anything yet, we do know this teaser trailer was chilling and the season 7 premiere promises to knock it out of the park. Sorry, I couldn’t help it. Lucille would be proud.

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