The Walking Dead Season 8 Death Odds: Which Main Character Will Die First?

by Kevin Roberts
on October 20, 2017

Season 7 of The Walking Dead was horrifying to start and tough to bear for much of its journey. Last we saw Rick Grimes and our favorite survivors, however, they were finally ready to fight back and reclaim their freedom.

It also looked like Negan and the Saviors were readying their army for a war.

In the comics it literally is called “All Out War” and something tells us we don’t even know the half of it. Simply put, heads are quite likely going to roll.


Our apologies if you’re not caught up and you’re somehow still reading this post, but our job here isn’t necessarily to spoil what you haven’t seen. It’s to prognosticate how things may unfold in the near future to help your wallet grow a little fatter.

Part of the process is certainly watching the show, understanding the characters and storylines and projecting where this thing could go. Specifically, though, people want to know which main characters will be the next to die.

Even more specifically, it’s something we can make money off of. Most of the top entertainment betting sites haven’t issued The Walking Dead death odds yet, but with the new season right around the corner, it’s something we need to prepare ourselves for.

To get the juices flowing and to enhance speculation, let’s take a stop at the latest The Walking Dead Season 8 trailer and then dive into some hypotheticals:

Walking Dead Season 8 Death Odds

Depending on which entertainment betting sites you call home, your TWD prop bets are going to be a little different.

Most sites don’t even have new The Walking Dead bets up, but you better believe that is bound to change with the season 8 premiere set for October 22nd.

Needless to say, all of the chatter we’ve heard over the summer has us excited for a new year. A lot is bound to happen and judging by everything we’ve seen – including the new trailer – some people are going to die.

Will Rick Grimes or another major character fall? That’s certainly open for debate. We can look at this from two different ways, too; which characters will die eventually and who will die first.

While no odds are out there to wager on just yet (keep checking Bovada and BetOnline), our focus to kick off TWD season 8 is going to be which characters are in danger of dying first.

Completely Safe

There is a long line of characters that won’t die in episode one and probably still have a long life on this series. The Walking Dead remains extremely popular and if it’s up to the showrunners, this series won’t be ending anytime soon.

Still, ratings have been in steady decline over the last three years, so it’s fair to wonder what a condensed TWD future may hold.

That being said, we’re going into season 8 with the assumption there will be a 9th season and possibly several more seasons. Even aside from that, promotions, the comics and the natural storyline that has progressed eliminates a number of characters from an early death this season:

  • Rick Grimes
  • Negan
  • Carol
  • Maggie
  • Michonne
  • Carl
  • Daryl

Depending on where you bet on The Walking Dead, your field of characters may be drastically different. That could mean that anyone offering TWD death odds will only feature well-known characters.

If that’s the case and smaller characters aren’t an option, we may need to bet based on the idea that a big character could die at some point in season 8. It’s just a waiting game at that point.

That’s something we need to consider, but I still really like the odds of all of these characters surviving through season 8. The biggest reason why, is most of them seem to have unfinished arcs, while they’re also huge fan favorites and could still play vital roles in this season and seasons to come.

Grimes is the foundation of this show and really the driving force behind it. Some speculate that because we see “old man Rick” in the trailer that means he lives on for quite some time. That may be, but he’s still alive in the comics and he’s still playing a key role in the rise of his community.

Ditto for Maggie and Daryl, who are really Rick’s two biggest allies. I think Negan is also very safe. He’s alive in the comics, but he’s also going to be one of the last Savior members to fall, in the event the show takes a totally different direction on his status.

These characters are huge and they’ve helped morph The Walking Dead into a totally different beast compared to what we started with.

Of that immediate group, Daryl always seems to be most at risk. He’s been highly volatile, Negan has promised to kill him if he finds him and considering he was never an original member of the comics, there’s no written path for him.

I don’t think Daryl dies in season 8, though. Not only is he arguably the biggest fan favorite, but after blaming himself for Glenn’s death, he still has unfinished business at hand. He’s also got a thing going with Dwight that hasn’t really worked itself out entirely.

You could make a case for Carol, too. She’s come full circle and there was talk for a while she might just kill herself. We were on shaky ground for a bit there, but she’s also come back around. I don’t think she’ll last much beyond this season, but she’s playing a crucial role in uniting the communities and training normal citizens to become confident soldiers.

Carol is at risk, but I think she at worst lasts deep into season 8.

Carl and Michonne are admittedly wild cards. One has to think that anyone close to Rick Grimes will forever be in danger, too. I still think there is a distinct possibility that Carl is the future leader of this group (probably after Rick dies) and that Michonne is too dynamic of a character to be killed off just yet.

Of this entire group, I think Michonne is the biggest risk to die at some point in season 8. She is a strong female lead, though, so in my opinion, the showrunners would be making a mistake to kill her off, especially since they’ve already eliminated too many powerful female characters (namely Sasha in season 7) already.

Still, if we’re picking someone from the “safe” group, Michonne is the one. Nothing would fuel Rick’s internal fire more than another lover of his meeting their demise, after all. 

They Might Not Make It

To be clear, I really think everyone in the safe group really is fine for the duration of season 8. TWD likes to toss us some curveballs, though, so we need to stay on our toes.

That’s probably more so the case for this next batch of characters, many of whom have become fan favorites or fairly instrumental to the current storyline:

  • Jesus
  • Morgan
  • Rosita
  • Aaron
  • Tara
  • Eugene
  • Dwight
  • King Ezekiel
  • Jadis

You honestly could pull me either way on most of these people, as a lot of these characters are either fun to watch or could have a lot to say yet in how things play out.

Dwight is a very complex character and he’s become very interesting. He has odd relationships with Negan, Daryl and soon potentially Rick, as well.

You could say something similar about Morgan, who has been tough to peg ever since he resurfaced. It’s also very true that his character has come full circle. He refused to kill and now he’s back to being a killing machine. What is there left for us to root for there?

Jesus is just a fun character that the show wouldn’t dare kill off this quickly, either. He has a big role in the comics and I feel for the hype surrounding him, we’ve yet to really learn anything about him. He should do a bunch of cool stuff during the All Out War and at least survive until season 9.

I am not sure we can say the same for Eugene, who is now in the lion’s den and it’s anyone’s guess how that plays out. He’s both an idiot and a genius, but loveable, nonetheless. I hope he lasts, but the closer you are to Negan, the greater danger you appear to be in.

Tara, Rosita and Aaron are probably in the same boat. Rosita seemed to have run her course last year and I was sure she was a goner. If she gets close to death’s reach again this season, this may be it for her.

Tara and Aaron have endearing qualities and have risen to be strong voices in the show. They would be really dramatic, emotional deaths. They are fan favorites, but if the show wants an impactful death to open season 8, they’d do the trick.

We can close out this group with two leaders in Jadis and King Ezekiel. I’ve seen some speculating that Ezekiel won’t last, but I don’t see the shock in killing him off. We barely know the guy and he actually seems like he’d be a fine soldier. Considering we just met the people of The Kingdom, I sincerely doubt killing off their poetic and philosophical (both humorously so) leader makes much sense.

Jadis could be in trouble. She burned Rick and making deals with Negan could always backfire. She could easily be dispensed of, but we just met her and her clan, too. I wouldn’t be shocked if she lasted a while and we got to know more about her and her group.

If we need to pick one out of this group, it’s Rosita. She’s really lost her purpose and her arc has come full circle. She’s also ridiculously reckless, which opens her up to fates few would dare flirt with.

Rosita is the favorite to die here, but as we touched on, everyone in this group is at risk.

They’re Goners

The Walking Dead has proven to be unpredictable and unforgiving in the past, so I don’t think we can ever truly rule any death out. However, there are two names that really pop off the board to me for the early going of season 8:

  • Gregory
  • Father Gabriel

Gregory is not a fighter. He’s already been stabbed and he’s basically lost his people to Rick’s group. Because he couldn’t keep his deal with the Saviors, he’s at serious risk if they ever get their hands on him again.

Killing Gregory would send a message to everyone that anyone can be gotten to and that this is officially Rick and Maggie’s army to run. Gregory has mostly just a roadblock to any real success. He has no place in this new TWD world of war and it’d make sense for him to perish pretty early on.

I think Gregory is in real danger, but the number one character at risk going into season 8 has to be Father Gabriel. He is Rick’s top supporter these days and is another character that has come full circle.

At one time this was a guy that let his people die in his church and did nothing to stop it. Now he’s part of the good side and actually doing things to make up for his past failures. He’s no longer useless or someone you love to hate, which could make him the perfect sacrificial lamb to start the new season.

Judging by the trailer, Negan is going to kill somebody again. We don’t know when that’ll be or how it will happen, but I think Father Gabriel goes on another mission outside the walls and never comes back. He dies in the comics and I think this is another way for the show to keep us guessing, instead of going completely by the book.

Again, pretty much everyone is in trouble to get season 8 going, but if I had to pick one character slated to die first, it’s Father Gabriel.
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