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This is it! The next big Starcraft II event starts tomorrow, and I’m here to fill you in with the freshest details. The spectacular summer iteration of the Starcraft II World Championship Series will be held in Kiev, Ukraine. We’re talking about the second of three offline 2019 WCS Circuit events, with 2019 WCS Fall scheduled for early September. Of course, the pinnacle of the 2019 WCS season is the WCS Global Finals. Not only does it bring forth a whopping $700,000 in total prize pool money, but it also features the world’s 16 greatest players.

As far as 2019 WCS Summer is concerned, it features 80 players in total. 64 of them start from the first stage of the tournament, while the remaining 16 join them from the third group stage round. With such an abundant number of players (and matches), it’s no surprise the 2019 WCS Summer betting aspect is at a pretty admirable level.

Yes, I’m well aware of the fact the glory days of Starcraft II betting are long gone. Still, the game’s most loyal fans (and bettors) are keeping it alive. They’re keeping the heart beating with their involvement with the action, both spectators and bettors. With all that in mind, 2019 WCS Summer betting sites ought to have splendid coverage, so let’s dive right in and see if we can find proper value!

Where to Bet | Best 2019 WCS Summer Betting Sites

Before diving into the WCS Summer coverage, first, I’ll guide you through some of the best 2019 WCS Summer betting sites out there. Even though Starcraft II’s esports betting presence isn’t as high as it once was, a solid number of bookies still support betting on the biggest tournaments. And, let’s face it, World Championship Series events are the bread and butter of Starcraft II esports scene!

As far as the best 2019 WCS Summer betting sites go, our esports betting sites page ought to be of service. That page can be your go-to location for all things related to Starcraft betting. It features the best-rated esports betting sites and explains all the key virtues you need to look for when choosing your bookie.

2019 WCS Summer Preview | Interesting Facts

  • The event kicks off on Friday and will feature three days of Starcraft action. The final playoffs matches are scheduled for Sunday, with the last remaining players battling for their share of the $100,000 in the prize Additionally, there’s also 12,600 WCS Circuit points on the line, something a lot of these players crave for. Oh, and I almost forgot, the winner goes home with $20,000 in his pockets as well as 3,000 WCS Circuit points.
  • What was once among the most successful franchises in the first generation of proper esports is now a marginalized title and a part of a dying niche. Despite that, Starcraft II still has a solid number of followers. The hardcore fanbase is here to stay, hopefully leading their beloved franchise to new heights in the foreseeable future.
  • The total amount of money on the line is pretty big for Starcraft II standards. After all, it’s not a team-based game. All these matches are 1v1. At $100,000, WCS alone can’t exactly beat the likes of WESG and IEM. However, when you combine all WCS iterations together with the Global Finals, you’ll realize the World Championship Series sustains the Starcraft II competitive season.

Tournament Format

As usual, the tournament formats of World Championship Series in Starcraft II are pretty complicated. Even though the main concept is pretty simple, things quickly become overly complex, especially for newcomers. That said, here’s everything you need to know about the 2019 WCS Summer format in order to bet at the best 2019 WCS Summer betting sites.

Group Stage(s)

The event kicks off with three group stage rounds. That’s right, you’ve read that correctly—three group stage rounds. The first round features 64 players, with 16 groups of four players each. It’s played in the popular double-elimination system and features only Bo3 matches, just like both remaining group stage rounds. Top two players of each group advance to the next group stage round. Bottom players drop to the first knockout round where they’ll have plenty of all or nothing matches to prove their worth.

The second group stage is based on the exact same system but it features half the players. That means eight groups of four players with the top two players advancing to the third and final group stage round. The losing players, however, go to the third and fourth knockout round.

Finally, the third group stage features 16 remaining players who’ve qualified via the first two group stages, as well as sixteen additional players who’ve earned their way through the regional WCS Qualifiers. The fixtures are, once again, played in the exact same system, with the end-results being the only real difference. Read below to see how they pan out.

The top two players of each group advance straight to the playoffs. Group winners go all the way to the round of 16, while runners-up will have to battle their way through the round of 24 first. Third and fourth place players advance to the sixth round of the knockout brackets.

Knockout Brackets and Playoffs

For the majority of participating players, the event continues with the knockout brackets. If you’re planning to bet at some 2019 WCS Summer betting sites, keep in mind that only the 16 best players from the third group stage have the luxury of resting. This stage features eight single-elimination brackets with six rounds in each. As the rounds progress, group stage players will start flocking the stage, creating an absolutely spectacular KO atmosphere. The first five rounds are played as BO3, while the sixth round is scheduled for Bo5 series. Obviously, each of the eight brackets’ winners advances to the playoffs.

As far as the playoffs are concerned, I believe the only thing left to explain is the fixture system. After all, we’ve already gone through the entire qualification process up to this point. We’re talking about a single-elimination bracket featuring a total of 24 players. 16 start off from the round of 24, while eight remaining ones (third group-stage round winners) join them from the round of 16. All playoffs rounds are Bo5 except for the Bo7 grand finals.

2019 WCS Summer Player Overviews

After checking out the best 2019 WCS Summer betting sites, as well as the most interesting facts, it’s time to dig deeper and see which players have the best chance of lifting the 2019 WCS Summer trophy. Of course, with 80 players competing on this tournament, it’d be outright ridiculous to talk about all of them. Instead, I shortlisted a few most notable names that ought to have high aspirations for the Starcraft spectacle in Kiev.


Even though he lost the WESG finals against INnoVation in March, Joona “Serral” Sotala is still considered the best Starcraft II player out there. His 2018 season was absolutely phenomenal. He won seven major trophies with the 2018 WCS Global Finals as the icing on the cake. Despite the fact 2019 started off on the right foot (two grand finals losses against Reynor and INnoVation), he is still the heavy favorite to take the WCS Summer trophy. His spring performance was top level, and I expect him to repeat the same in Kiev. Keep an eye out for Serral’s odds at the best 2019 WCS Summer betting sites.


Next up, we got Neeb. A 21-year-old American prodigy that mains Protoss. At the moment, he’s sitting at the second spot of the WCS Circuit and is looking quite terrifying. Even though 2017 was the ultimate year for Alex “Neeb” Sunderhaft, the start of 2019 seems promising. He won the American 2019 WCS Winter and ended up with a semifinal finish on 2019 WCS Spring tournament. A quick reminder, he was defeated by SpeCial after a hectic five-map thriller. Coming into this tournament, Neeb is the second name on the players’ sheet. If everything goes according to expectations, we’ll end up seeing Neeb and Serral battle it out in the grand finals.


The up-and-coming European superstar, Riccardo “Reynor” Romiti, ought to have high expectations from the spectacle in Kiev. This 17-year-old Italian super talent seems to be the second-best European player at the moment, right after Serral who already defeated him twice in 2019 on notable occasions. WCS Spring (semifinals) and EU Winter (finals). Need I remind you, this guy is an absolute beast as far as Starcraft II is concerned. He’s broken so many records, and it seems as though he has no intentions of stopping anytime soon. With Neeb and Serral being the heavy favorites, Reynor definitely isn’t too far away. In fact, the same can be said about the last player on this list, too. Check out a few of the best 2019 WCS Summer betting sites for odds on Reynor.


Lastly, we got Juan Carlos Tena Lopez, who usually goes by the name SpeCial. The 26-year-old Starcraft player from Mexico has been playing pretty well recently. WCS Spring runner-up is his biggest feat in 2019. He was on the receiving end of a 4-0 stomp by Serral who did his best to assert his dominance. SpeCial is known for his aggressive, all or nothing gameplay, dynamic pushes and constant poking. While his strats work most of the time, in case the opponent extinguishes his early game aggression and pushes forth for a counter, the game’s pretty much gone. SpeCial needs to balance his aggression if he wants a proper chance to win the 2019 WCS Summer trophy!

Outright Betting on 2019 WCS Summer

Serral SCII PhotoObviously, Serral and Neeb are the biggest favorites for winning this event. In fact, all major 2019 WCS Summer betting sites have them as the top runners. Serral is the first choice, with odds ranging from -250 to -230, depending on where you look. Neeb’s odds, on the other hand, range from +350 to +370.

Even though the tournament can pin them together at any point, fingers crossed we get to see them play in the grand finals. They’re the two strongest names on the player sheet, and I know all true Starcraft II fans want to see the clash between the best European and North American players.

For what it’s worth, my money will be on Serral here. I’m expecting him to win the triple crown in 2019, perhaps the Global Finals as well. It’ll be a difficult road, that’s for sure, but I’m sure the Finnish prodigy will take it one step at a time.

That said, the outright betting winner tips are pretty obvious, Serral at roughly -250 to -230. It’s not the greatest odds, I know, but his superiority on the battleground ought to justify them!

Wrapping Things Up

That’s about it as far as this post is concerned. We went through everything, really, including the best 2019 WCS Summer betting sites, player overviews, and a bunch of extra details that ought to come in handy once the tournament kicks off.

All in all, it seems as though Starcraft II is not a dead game just yet! With a small but highly passionate community and well-established organizations honing the hottest prospects, the most popular RTS esports title isn’t going anywhere… And I, for one, couldn’t be more happy about it!

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