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Week Three’s NA LCS Match Predictions

The NA LCS Spring Split is in full swing, and we are approaching the third week of the Regular Season. So far, it’s been an exciting past 2 weeks with several top names being upset in matches. Team SoloMid lost a swift defeat to Team Liquid and Team Liquid was upset by the rookie team, 100 Thieves.

Echo Fox swiftly defeated Cloud9 and Team Solo Mid took down OpTic Gaming. With no apparent victor in sight for a first-place finish, we’ll be predicting the next week’s match predictions. Week Three is the most important week of the Regular Season. It can either decide a victor or level the playing field for yet another year.

Counter Logic Gaming vs. Echo Fox:

Prediction: (Echo Fox Win)

Echo Fox will be facing Counter Logic Gaming, a seemingly formidable opponent, right? Apparently, we’re wrong. For the past two weeks, Counter Logic Gaming has struggled to perform, shown by their 1-3 record.

Currently, they’ve only won a match against the Golden Guardians while losing three matches to the three teams: Cloud9, Clutch Gaming, and 100 Thieves. Meanwhile, Echo Fox has won all four of their matches. This means they currently hold the first-place spot.

Not to mention, Echo Fox’s team has had a splendid two weeks. Their mid laner, Fenix, has been unstoppable. Their top laner, Huni, has been pulling out plays left and right, but most importantly, their jungler, Dardoch, has defied all odds and pulled off a stellar performance in the jungle.

Dardoch has single-handedly turned Echo Fox into an NA LCS monster. He has the fourth highest KDA in the season and has a whopping 53 assists in total for the past two weeks. With his help, he’s put three of the five members of Echo Fox, including himself, in the top ten for KDA.

As for Counter Logic Gaming, they have had quite a shaky last two weeks. With the team facing several problems, the chances of beating Echo Fox is slim. Currently, they have three players averaging disappointing KDA’s in the bottom ten percent, and they have only beaten Golden Guardians, a team with a 0-4 record.

That being said, Counter Logic Gaming will really need to pull it together if they want to have any chance at making it to the Spring Playoffs. As for Echo Fox, if they keep doing what they’re doing, this should be an easy win.

Cloud9 vs. OpTic Gaming

Prediction: (Cloud9 Win)

Both Cloud9 and OpTic Gaming are strong teams. Currently, the two teams have their share of individual talents. Cloud9 has Jensen, Sneaky and Smoothie, while OpTic Gaming has PowerOfEvil and Arrow. Because of this, the Cloud9 vs. OpTic Gaming match will be one to watch.

However, there can only be one victor, and due to a large majority of OpTic Gaming’s weight being put on star mid laner and AD Carry, PowerOfEvil and Arrow, Cloud9’s more well-rounded roster should bring them an eventual win over the rookie team.

Currently, Cloud9’s Jensen outmatches PowerOfEvil in terms of performance and KDA, and Cloud9’s top laner, Licorice, outmatches OpTic Gaming’s Zig, who has been playing poorly for the past two weeks with a measly 1.9 KDA.

The hope of OpTic Gaming will be put on the shoulders of Arrow, a Korean superstar whose experience in both America and Korea make him one of the most versatile players in the current season. The only chance OpTic Gaming has is if Arrow manages to outperform the duo of Cloud9’s Sneaky and Smoothie.

Then, he’ll need to single-handedly take down Cloud9, which is no easy task. Because Cloud9 is a team of both resilience and experience, OpTic Gaming’s amateur status and rash decisions have made them the lesser picked for their matchup against Cloud9.

Clutch Gaming vs. 100 Thieves

Prediction: (100 Thieves Win)

Clutch Gaming versus 100 Thieves is a matchup that many have been expecting to see for a while now. Two of the NA LCS’s top rookie teams will be facing off for a shot at a first-place finish in the NA LCS Spring Regular Season.

Despite Clutch Gaming’s star, Febiven, 100 Thieves has a more diverse and sturdy composition which should aid them in taking down the rookie sensation. 100 Thieves already has 3 wins under their belt, and though they suffered a loss to Cloud9, their performance has looked solid nonetheless.

Clutch Gaming may have Febiven, but 100 Thieves has Ryu, Meteos, Cody Sun, Ssumday and Aphromoo, a team which consists of some of America, Europe and Korea’s finest. Febiven has certainly done a lot for his team so far, but there’s only so much that one player can do.

FlyQuest vs. Team Liquid

(Prediction: Team Liquid Win)

FlyQuest certainly shocked audiences throughout North America with a win over Team SoloMid. However, their current fifth-place standing cannot be attributed just to their win over TSM. They have also beat Golden Guardians, a team which has gone 0-4 in the past two weeks.

Meanwhile, they’ve lost to Echo Fox and OpTic Gaming. Both their loss to Echo Fox and OpTic Gaming were crushing defeats. In their match against Echo Fox, they only managed to acquire two kills while suffering fifteen deaths to the current first-place holder.

As for Team Liquid, they currently hold a 3-1 record for the past two weeks and have looked solid despite their loss to the rookie team, 100 Thieves. They took down both Clutch Gaming and OpTic Gaming with little to no difficulty as well.

Team Liquid has a superstar roster consisting of five individuals who have each gone to Worlds. Meanwhile, FlyQuest only has Flame and WildTurtle—two strong, but inconsistent individuals who have kept their team in the games.

Though FlyQuest has had a decent season, to say the least, their chances of beating Team Liquid are slim to none when you really look at it. Team Liquid has been firing on all cylinders, and FlyQuest is still struggling to find its rhythm in the season.

Team SoloMid vs. Golden Guardians

Prediction: (Win Team SoloMid)

This is no contest whatsoever. Golden Guardians have had one of the most horrid first starts in NA LCS history. They’ve lost all four of their matches with little to no opposition. The only match that went anywhere near close was their match against FlyQuest, in which both teams acquired fourteen kills.However, against Counter Logic Gaming, Cloud9 and Clutch Gaming, it wasn’t even close. In all three games, their kills never went past single digits, and it became evident by the twenty-minute mark that their opponents were going to win the game.

While Team SoloMid may be having a rough patch in the current Split, they certainly have shown that they can still be a threat. As for Golden Guardians, the chance of them advancing to playoffs is almost nonexistent. The chance of them making it to the Mid-Season Invitational? Not a chance.

Echo Fox vs. OpTic Gaming

(Prediction: Echo Fox Win)

On Sunday, Echo Fox will be facing OpTic Gaming, a formidable opponent. However, like their match against Cloud9, Echo Fox’s stacked roster will prove too much for the superstars of their team. OpTic Gaming may have PowerOfEvil, Arrow and LemonNation, but Echo Fox has Huni, Dardoch, Fenix, Altec and Adrian.

Yet again, OpTic Gaming is outnumbered. They may have a decent amount of firepower in certain lanes, but Echo Fox just outpowers them when it comes to sheer talent. Echo Fox has a World Champion finalist along with one of the best junglers and mid laners in the North American region.

Though OpTic Gaming may be a fairly strong team, they just don’t have what it takes to take down the current first-place holder. Arrow and PowerOfEvil combined won’t be able to take down a stacked five-man roster by themselves. OpTic Gaming may win the battle, but they certainly won’t win the war.

Team SoloMid vs. 100 Thieves

(Prediction: Team SoloMid Win)

While I think that 100 Thieves certainly has what it takes to make an impact on the NA LCS, as time passes, I think it will ultimately be Team SoloMid that comes out on top. Team SoloMid has too much experience, skill and raw talent to be ignored.

100 Thieves has had an outbreak of success for the past two seasons. However, when looking at it from a matchup standpoint, Team SoloMid will have the obvious advantage when the time comes. For Team SoloMid, the one thing holding them back is their communication.

They have a bot lane duo, Zven and Mithy, that have been world-class threats, and they have a mid laner, Bjergsen, that has dominated the North American scene since his debut in 2014. Meanwhile, for 100 Thieves, they may have veterans, Ryu, Meteos and Ssumday, but in the end, they don’t match the legacy that TSM’s Bjergsen, Zven and Mithy have created.

Because of this, I think that TSM will eventually take over the NA LCS Regular Season. They started out with a shaky 1-3 record, but give the team time and they’ll find their rhythm. I think that Team SoloMid’s journey to dominance will start with a victory over 100 Thieves.

Golden Guardians versus Team Liquid

(Prediction: Team Liquid Win)

This is no contest. Team Liquid’s chance of victory is extremely high against Golden Guardians. In every aspect of the game, Team Liquid dominates the Golden Guardians. They have the better roster. They have the better skill, and they have the better work ethic.

While Golden Guardians may have talents like Hai and Contractz, Team Liquid dominates the competition with players like Doublelift, Impact and Pobelter. Teams that Golden Guardians have struggled to even make a presence against, Team Liquid has destroyed without blinking an eye.

Unless Golden Guardians somehow manage to pull off a miracle, or Team Liquid’s entire roster is off their game, then this should be a relatively easy victory for Team Liquid. Team Liquid has shown solid results so far, and I believe they don’t plan on showing anything else.

Clutch Gaming vs. Cloud9

(Prediction: Cloud9 Win)

Cloud9 has built themselves a legacy of clutching the tightest of games, and the Regular Season is no different for them. Currently, Cloud9 is tied for the second-place spot, and if they want to keep it, they’ll have to take down Clutch Gaming during the third week of the Spring Split to do so.

Clutch Gaming may be a strong team, especially with the presence of Febiven and Apollo, but they lack the depth of players that Cloud9 has. Clutch Gaming displays superstars like their mid laner, Febiven, and AD Carry, Apollo.

However, while Clutch Gaming may have some of the top in their class, Cloud9 has a sturdy roster that’s consistent across the board. They have Licorice, Svenskeren, Jensen, Sneaky and Smoothie. Each of these players brings about a steady performance that is rarely challenged in the NA LCS.

Despite Clutch Gaming being a team that’s holding a few talented players, they lack a fully supported roster that can keep up with the fast-paced playstyle that players like Febiven and Apollo bring to the table. Because of this, I think that eventually, Cloud9 will take the win.

Counter Logic Gaming vs. FlyQuest

Prediction: (FlyQuest Win)

In 2016 and 2017, Counter Logic Gaming would’ve destroyed FlyQuest without blinking, largely thanks to a synergized and fully-functioning team. However, with the departure of CLG icon, Aphromoo, the team has recently found themselves in shambles.

It’s been difficult, if not impossible, for the team to come together and make themselves useful. Currently, they have four players in the bottom 10% of the NA LCS, KDA-wise, and so far, there haven’t been any improvements.

If you look at it from a roster standpoint, Counter-Logic Gaming should win this game without any problem. They have Darshan, Reignover and Biofrost, three extremely strong players in the game. However, with Counter-Logic Gaming’s synergy issues at hand, FlyQuest’s game could bring them a win over the once powerful titan of the NA LCS.


This will be one of the most significant weeks in the NA LCS, mainly because this is usually the week that defines teams. It will be significant in discovering if the current leader, Echo Fox, can maintain their position, or if a new team has a shot at claiming the throne.

There will be upsets, highlights and unexpected events throughout the course of week three of the Regular Season. Money is going to be tossed around in every direction, and with all this chaos, it can sometimes be hard to focus on what really matters.

Luckily for you, with these match predictions, you’ll know what to look for and which players you should keep in mind if you’re betting on a team. If you do so, the advantage will be in your hand before you know it, and in League of Legends competitive betting, the advantage is everything.

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