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I’ve almost abandoned digital table and card games in favour of live dealer games, and I have always wondered when some innovative game company would attempt to launch live dealer slot games. That wait is over.

In December 2019, Playtech announced that it was launching live dealer slot machines. As a longtime fan of both live dealer games and video slots, I immediately logged into one of my casino accounts to give them a try.

So, what are live dealer slots? How do they work? Will they take off and replace video slots in the same way that live table and card games have dislodged digital versions of those games? I’ll tell you all you need to know in this Playtech live slots review.

Live Dealer Slot Machines – A Walkthrough

I played live Buffalo Blitz at Betfair Casino. This is a walkthrough of what I experienced.

  • When I first entered the Playtech live slots studio, I was welcomed by the dealer who stood behind a podium on the left side of the reels.
  • I watched a couple of spins take place to get a feel for what was going on. The slot reels spin on a screen behind the dealer. She commentates, entertains, and congratulates as the game takes place.
  • On the third spin, I decided to place a small wager of £0.50. I didn’t win, so I placed that wager again and won a small amount plus eight free spins.
  • After my free spins, I had won just under £5, so I decided to play larger £1 bets for a few spins.
  • In the end, I lost my bankroll, but I had fun while doing so. Live slots are a lot more sociable than regular slot games if nothing else.

As you can see, live dealer slots aren’t so different from regular ones. The reels spin on the screen just the same as they do in video slots. The two main differences are the live dealer to the left side of the reels and the live chat box to the right. They make the game more sociable and entertaining.

About Buffalo Blitz Slot

Playtech has launched this new type of game by transforming one of its most popular video slots into a live dealer game. I suppose this will give them a good idea of whether or not live slot games will be a hit with players or not.

Here are the key facts about Buffalo Blitz slot:

  • Buffalo Blitz was released in 2016 and remains popular.
  • This is a six-reel game with 4,092 ways to win.
  • You can win up to 100 free spins in the bonus feature.
  • It’s a medium volatility slot game with an RTP of 95.96%.
  • The Buffalo Blitz jackpot is 300x your stake.

This is what I’d usually call a “mid-range” Playtech slot. The jackpot isn’t absolutely massive, and there’s only one bonus feature, but players love it. And with so many ways to win, it will provide plenty of smaller base game wins to keep live players interested.

Extra Features

This isn’t a bare-bones slot game. There are a few extra features which add small, yet important, things to the game.

  • Player Stats – You can see how many players are currently betting, and you can see the biggest wins and losses after every single spin.
  • Chat Box – You can send the dealer messages and chat with other players through the chat box to the right side of the reels. This most definitely increases the social aspect of live slots.
  • Autoplay – Instead of deciding how much to bet on each spin, and possibly missing some spin if you don’t act quickly, you can set the game to autoplay. You’ll have to decide how many spins you want to bet for, your loss limits, etc. I highly recommend using this feature.

How Live Slot Games Work

You might wonder how live dealer video slots work from a practical perspective. Here are some things which will help you understand.

  • Community Spins – Everyone is betting on the same spin. This way, there only needs to be one screen. Instead of running hundreds or thousands of studios to entertain each player, Playtech puts one live dealer in each game and everyone bets in the same studio.
  • Individual Bets – However, you can set your bet size to suit your bankroll. One player could bet £100 per spin while another might bet £0.50 like I did. Playtech’s live slot software can keep track of hundreds of bets on each spin and will calculate wins and losses for each individual player on a per spin basis.
  • Random Number Generators – Live dealer slots are the exact same games as you’d play in any casino, except that they’re projected onto a screen and have live dealers to provide entertainment. Therefore, powerful random number generators determine game outcomes. This ensures the game fairness which Playtech is renowned for.

Where Can You Play Live Dealer Slots?

I’m willing to wager that every slots company out there is working on a competitor product to Playtech’s live slots right now. Just as several of them have released new game engines to compete with BTG’s Megaways slots, I think live slots will start popping up all over the web soon.

Right now, you can try Playtech’s live dealer slots at the following Gamblingsites.org approved casinos:

  • Betfair – One of the biggest brands in UK gambling, and one of the best, Betfair offers a massive range of Playtech slot games. It’s no surprise that it’s one of the first casinos to offer Playtech live dealer slots. It also offers regular free spins promotions for UK players, although not on this particular game.
  • William Hill – We gave William Hill a positive review, and there are plenty of reasons for that. It’s got a massive library of Playtech slot games, some generous casino bonuses, a great live casino, and a leading sports betting platform. You can play Buffalo Blitz live at William Hill, too.
  • Bet365 – Very few UK gambling sites receive a “great” grade from our review team. Bet365 is one of them. As well as playing Buffalo Blitz with live dealers, you can play hundreds of other Playtech slot games. You can also bet on the best UK sports betting platform by a long way. All new players can claim a generous welcome bonus, too.

Live Dealer Slots – Hit or Miss?

There’s no doubt that live dealer table and card games have been a massive success. Only a few players still choose digital games over them. Will live dealer slots slowly overtake regular video slots in the same way? I’m not so sure.

There’s no doubt this was a refreshing gaming experience, and I enjoyed playing Buffalo Blitz live, but I’m not sure that live slots will be as big as live card games.

Why not? Because I’m not sure that slots players seek the same social experience as those who play blackjack, poker, or roulette. Slots are, and always have been, a solitary game. I love them precisely because I can zone out, switch off, and get into the zone. Regular slots players will understand what I’m talking about.

While the live dealer does provide entertainment, and you should absolutely try live slots just to see what you think of them, I’ll remain sceptical about whether or not they can become as big as live card and table games for now.

Then again, I’m old-school, so it may just take me some time to warm up to them. The only way for you to find out is to try them for yourself. The best way to do that is to grab a bonus at one of the three casinos listed above.

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