What Are the Best Opportunities for Esports Betting in June 2021?

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The month of May is done and dusted, boys and girls! We’ve had plenty of betting excitement, crowned with two marvelous LAN events in Reykjavik, Iceland. However, esports betting in June won’t back down either! May was splendid, that’s for sure, but June has a couple of sweet aces up its sleeves too!

Let’s take a closer look at the most notable events to bet on in June 2021!

Where to Bet on Video Game Events – Best Esports Bookies

Roughly a decade ago, there was no such thing as betting on video game events. It’s a fresh online betting category, one that continues its exponential growth and conquering other, much more established betting markets.

This exponential growth has brought forward more betting opportunities, both quantitively and qualitatively. Nowadays, the odds for esports betting are sky high; the same goes for the number of online bookmakers that actually feature esports wagers.

However, this market isn’t that friendly for beginners. People who enjoy esports aren’t that likely to have placed online wagers in the past. They need help during their first steps, and that’s exactly what our guide for esports betting is for. No worries, it’s not just another online tutorial – it features information that you’re actually going to need.

Esports Betting in June

There’s a ton of outstanding esports events to bet on this month! We’re going to be focusing on the biggest esports titles here, but there’s far more than what’s going to be listed here. If you’re looking for more detailed lists of esports events this month, Liquipedia main portal is where you should look for. It features the most top-tier esports there, and will definitely help you out… especially if you’re interested in esports betting in June!

IEM XVI Summer

IEM XVI Summer started two days ago and has continued in the same upset-friendly fashion that we’ve come to expect from online events with bo1 openers. Yessir, we’ve already experienced the full array of charm and chaos that’s typically surrounding such contests. But, that doesn’t diminish its importance – esports betting in June sees IEM XVI Summer as one of the most popular events to bet on. If you’re a CSGO fan, what are you waiting for?

BLAST Premier Spring Finals

The answer to that question ought to be BLAST Premier Spring Finals! It starts right after the end of IEM XVI Summer and, even though it’s also an online event, it doesn’t have a bo1 opener which is something CSGO betting enthusiasts will greatly appreciate.

Just Eight Teams Will Be Showcased Here

Eight squads who’ve made their way to the finals either through the Group Stage of the Showdown. We already know the seedings and first-round matchups too. There are two perfectly poised clashes right off the bat.

ESL One Summer

Dota 2, just like CSGO, has two exceptional events this month. However, if you’re going to be betting on esports in June, you’ll most likely be interested in ESL One Summer. That’s not to say WePlay AniMajor isn’t important, especially considering the quality of the participants, but as far as betting exposure goes, ESL One Summer has to be the first pick here!

It starts on June 16th and will last for just five days. There will be twelve participants and $400,000 in prize money. As far as the team sheet is concerned, we know just one of twelve contestants, Tundra Esports. All remaining spots are left open for direct invitations, meaning we’re likely to have only top-tier sides at display here.

League of Legends Summer Splits

The MSI is all done, boys and girls. It was a quality event, with close to 2 million peak viewers and over 700,000 on average. Those are fine numbers for a Mid-Season Invitational, that’s for sure. As you probably know, RNGU stole the show against DAMWON in the grand finals. Gala earned the tournament MVP, though there were several other notable contestants that have risen up for the challenge on this year’s MSI.

But, Now It’s Time for Regional Leagues to Kickstart Their Summer Splits

LCS Summer starts later today and is set to last through the end of August. Other regional championships will follow in LCS’ footsteps soon. LEC starts on the 11th, LCK on 9th, and LPL on 7th. League of Legends championships is what esports betting in June is all about for MOBA fans, that’s for sure!

Other Ongoing Events

On top of all events suitable for esports betting in June we’ve gone through thus far, there are also lots of ongoing ones. As you probably know, the esports ecosystem is slowly switching to league-like systems, many of which are of a fully franchised nature.

Overwatch League is still going strong, just like the CDL, and the regional Rocket League championships. The above-mentioned LoL Splits can also be put in the same basket, with the only big exception being CSGO with its, for the most part, fully decentralized ecosystem.

That’s about it as far as opportunities for esports betting in June are concerned. Nothing out of the ordinary; plenty of betting action for us to enjoy!

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