What Comes First: Philip Rivers Retires or Has a 10th Child?

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Sometimes in the sports betting industry, we come across a wager that’s too goofy or hilarious to ignore. This is one of them. Popular NFL betting sites have released a prop bet on the future of Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers. And, no, it has nothing to deal with his on-field production.

BetOnline recently released an NFL prop bet that is almost too laughable to believe. The online betting site is asking what will happen first in Philip Rivers life:

  • Have baby #10 (-160)
  • Retire from NFL (+120)

The stipulation to this wager is whichever life changing moment that Rivers announces first. For example, his wife could technically become pregnant first, but he may end up not announcing it until after he declares his retirement.

As for the odds, there is value with both options as I’ll discuss that in further detail below.

How Many Kids Does Philip Rivers Have?

You might be as surprised as I was when I found out that Rivers and his wife have nine children already. They welcomed their ninth child Anna in March. She’s now just a few months old.

  • Halle (16)
  • Caroline (13)
  • Grace (12)
  • Gunner (10)
  • Sarah (8)
  • Peter (7)
  • Rebecca (5)
  • Clare (3)

Last time Rivers commented on this topic, Rivers said that he and his wife Tiffany are open to having more kids. The Chargers QB will be 38 next month and is still young enough to raise a few more kids provided that his wife is up to it.

In fact, I’m rooting for the Rivers family to have at least 11 kids, that way they can field an entire football team.

Has Rivers’ Game Declined?

If you’ve watched Rivers over the last few games then you have seen an ugly stretch of play where the Chargers QB has been downright dreadful.

Over the last two games, Rivers has a 54% completion rate, 280 passing ypg, 3 TD passes, 7 INTs and 1 fumble. He’s also been sacked seven times. These numbers aren’t completely abysmal in the grand scheme of things.

However, it’s the manner in which Rivers turned the ball over and how it led to the team losing two games in a row.

The Chargers are now 4-7 on the season and pretty much out of playoff contention. They need a huge miracle just to be in the ballpark of getting a playoff spot.

With that said, Rivers’ game hasn’t declined as much as critics are claiming. The Chargers were in the playoffs last year after going 12-4 during the regular season. They even won a postseason game at Baltimore. Rivers finished the year with a 105.5 QB rating which is tied for his career high.

His 4,308 passing yards was the 7th highest in his 16 year career. And, the 32 TD passes in 2018 was tied for the second highest single season total of his career.

This year, Rivers could possibly have the most passing yards in a single season for his career as he’s averaging 288.1 ypg and is 2nd in the NFL with 3,169 yards.

The 14 INTs on the year is a huge concern, but Rivers has thrown 15 or more INTs in five different seasons. Currently, his 3.4 INT rate is tied for the 3rd worst of his career. And, his TD% is on pace to be the lowest single season total in his career.

Is it Just Rivers’ Bad Play Holding Chargers Back?

Other factors contributing to Rivers up and down play this year have been injuries to the offensive line and tight end Hunter Henry. The young tight end is a security blanket for Rivers and a weapon over the middle of the field. His absence created a lull in the intermediate passing game.

Another issue the Chargers have on offense is rushing the ball. The team ranks 25th at just 86.7 yards per game. Part of that is due to the o-line being banged up and the other part was starting RB Melvin Gordon holding out for half the season.

Backup running back Austin Ekeler is a talented player, but not a between the tackles running back like Gordon. Defenses have been able to drop back in coverage and make things harder for LA’s passing attack.

When you factor in Rivers’ current numbers through 11 games along with the injuries and holdouts, it’s a strong argument against Rivers rapidly declining as critics claim. It’s also an argument against Rivers retiring.

Will Rivers Be With the Chargers Next Year?

Here’s where things get interesting. This is the final year of Rivers contract with the Chargers. There is some speculation that the team could move on from Rivers and go with a younger option.

Rivers recently stated that he wants to take some time after the season to reevaluate his career and family responsibilities. Currently, the Rivers clan still lives in San Diego. Philip Rivers didn’t uproot his large family when the team moved to Los Angeles last year. He commutes instead.

Although Rivers wants to play when the team opens up a new stadium, he’s going to take a deep breath and regroup first:

“I think that is my desire. But I do think that it only seems right to say, ‘All right, let’s take a deep breath and regroup.’ I kept saying, a couple years, a couple years or a handful, and then I went to the ‘one year at a time.’ And I think that’s where it is, and that only makes sense when your contract is up and you’re going to be 38 here in a few weeks.”

Earlier this year, Chargers general manager Tom Telesco stated that Rivers wasn’t going anywhere after his contract expired. Rivers also said at the beginning of the season that he had no problem finishing out this contract and negotiating a new one. He’s in the final year of a 4-year, $83.25 million dollar contract.

Despite how poorly he played the last two weeks, Chargers’ coaches and players still believe that Rivers has plenty left in the gas tank.

With that said, it’s only natural to question whether the team wants to strap their future to a 38-year old QB. And, then there comes the rumor that Rivers would love to play for the Tennessee Titans next year.

I believe the Chargers could end up being without Rivers and Gordon next year. We could see a new team with a new QB leading the offense. However, rumors and whispers of Rivers open to playing with another team is further evidence against the QB retiring.

A 10th Kid or Retirement?

When you take all of these things into consideration, the best option for this NFL prop bet is that Rivers and his wife will announce a 10th child before Rivers retires. He still has a desire to play. You can see it on the field. I think the only question is where he will play at next year.

If Rivers can go to a team with a solid offensive line and weapons around him then he can still be successful. Drew Brees and Tom Brady are both older than Rivers, yet they’re still playing at a high level largely due to their supporting cast.

This prop bet was amusing, but the smart play is on the announcement of a 10th kid.

NFL Prop Bet: Rivers will announce a 10th child first (-160)
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