What Is First Person Online Roulette? Why Should You Play It?

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First Person Online Roulette

Online roulette has improved greatly in terms of graphics and gameplay over the years. Today, it features lifelike visuals and plenty of gameplay options.

But as realistic as online games seem, you can’t help but feel that you’re merely playing an online casino game.

First Person Roulette helps solve this problem. It puts you closer to the table so that you feel like you’re actually in a land-based casino.

This page discusses more on the basics of First Person Roulette. It also covers the advantages and disadvantages to playing this game.

First Person Roulette Offers a More Lifelike Feel

The average virtual roulette game provides an authentic-looking wheel and table. The wheel typically features a polished look, while the table offers realistic felt.

Real money online roulette games often have a slanted angle so you can clearly see the wheel and table. The slanted angle adds to the realistic feeling. But as close as online roulette is to the real thing, there’s still the feeling that it’s missing something. The view isn’t quite what you’d experience at a land-based casino.

First Person Roulette helps solves this problem. Rather than offering a static view of the table and wheel, it presents a rotating view that’s closer to the action. This game makes it feel as if you’re sitting at the virtual table and looking around the casino.

You’ll first view the table when placing a bet. Your view then switches to the wheel when it begins spinning. Finally, you get a close-up look at the pocket where the ball comes to a stop.

Similar to Regular Online Roulette in Many Ways

You can see that First Person Roulette differs from the standard online version in the experience department. It gives you an opportunity to scope out more parts of the virtual casino while playing.

If you’re used to regular online roulette, though, you’ll be comforted by the fact that there are many similarities with the first-person variation. Below, you can see the biggest ways in which these games are the same.

Based on Random Number Generators

First Person Roulette may look a little different from the traditional online version. However, it operates through the same type of technology.

All online roulette is based on Random Number Generators (RNGs). Therefore, the dealer, wheel, table, and chips are generated by casino game software.

Low Stakes

You don’t need to bet much to play First Person Roulette. Instead, the minimum wager is just $0.50. As you’ll notice, this amount is even cheaper than the $1 bets featured in regular online roulette.

Of course, you can always increase your bet size and play for much more in the first-person version. You might feel particularly hot and want to test your luck.

Just know, though, that you can fall back to the lighter $0.50 wager at any point. This amount not only lets you play cheaply but also helps you make multiple bets at a small cost (e.g. 5 bets x 0.50 = $2.50 total).

No Elaborate Side Bets

Online roulette games aren’t typically known for elaborate side wagers. The first-person version is no different in this regard.

It features basic bets that you’ll find with any other online roulette game. This means that you’ll have access to single-number, split, trio, corner, six-line, columns, dozens, and even-money wagers.

Of course, you can always find unique roulette variations throughout the gaming world. Just don’t expect any exotic bets when playing the first-person variation of the game.

Standard Betting Options

Simple gameplay is one secret to online roulette’s success. You don’t need to be a professional gambler to understand the online chip denominations and how to use them.

First Person Roulette is exactly the same in this regard. It offers basic chip denominations and a simple betting process.

Here’s an example on how you place a roulette wager:

  • You select a $5 chip.
  • You place a $5 chip on the red/black space.
  • You select the “spin” button and wait for the results.

Various Gameplay Options

In addition to different betting options, First Person Roulette also offers multiple gameplay options. Some of the different options that are available include game speed, repeat bets, and the ability to turn music on and off.

With game speed, you can either speed up or slow down the action. This allows you to make the game roll at the exact pace you want.

The rebate option lets you play the next round with the exact same wagers and chip denominations. It allows you to quickly jump into the next spin without adjusting all of your bet settings.

How Does First Person Roulette Compare to the Live Dealer Version?

Live dealer roulette is the closest thing to land-based roulette that you’ll find through a smartphone or computer. It features a human dealer along with a real wheel, table, and casino atmosphere.

If you want to enjoy a brick and mortar experience without leaving the house, then live dealer roulette is your best option.

Of Course, First Person Roulette Online Serves as a Nice Alternative

Thanks to its rotating first-person views, it makes you feel more like you’re actually sitting at the table. In fact, you may feel closer to the table with First Person Roulette than the live-dealer variation.

The latter, however, has its advantages as well. Live roulette presents a social aspect that’s not found anywhere else online.

You can chat with the dealer and other players while gambling. You also get to revel in the land-based casino atmosphere.

The first-person version can’t match these qualities. Again, though, it does put you closer to the (virtual) table than any other roulette game.

Pros and Cons to First Person Online Roulette

First Person Roulette features unique advantages that can’t be matched by other games. But like any other casino game, it also has downsides. You can see the good and the bad of this variation below.


As mentioned before, online First Person Roulette provides some excellent views. The camera rotates around so that you can see different aspects of the table, wheel, and casino while playing.

These rotating views create an authentic feeling that’s not seen with other online roulette variants. It’s the closest thing to feeling like you’re in a brick and mortar casino while still playing a virtual game.

You’ll also enjoy more control when playing First Person Roulette. As with other internet variations, you decide when to take breaks and spin the wheel. Compare this to the live dealer game, which only allows so many seconds to place bets.

The first-person version also makes for a nice transition to live-dealer gaming. It gives you the same type of feel as live roulette—only in a virtual setting.

Finally, you can play the first-person variant for extremely low stakes. You only need to wager $0.50 to enjoy each round.


The vast majority of online roulette games feature demo modes. You can use demo mode to play for free and see if you like a game before risking real money on it.


You’d think that First Person Roulette would offer the same setup. After all, it’s a unique variation that not all gamblers are used to. Nevertheless, online casinos don’t feature a first-person demo mode. You need to gamble real money or not play at all.

Availability presents another drawback to First Person Roulette online, which is an Evolution Gaming product. The latter restricts certain countries, such as the United States. Therefore, you need to live in a country that allows Evolution’s games.

Lastly, First Person Roulette isn’t a perfect substitute for the live dealer version. It doesn’t have the combination of a real dealer, casino atmosphere, and physical wheel.

You might still feel like you’re closer to the action with the first-person game. On the other hand, you probably won’t totally feel like you’re in a land-based casino when playing.


First Person Roulette has its advantages and disadvantages. Overall, the positives outweigh the negatives. This game literally gives you a unique view of online roulette. It adjusts the camera view so that you’re looking around the virtual casino.

You might expect to spend more to play an interesting game like this. The reality, though, is that you need only bet $0.50 per round.

However, the key downside is that you might not have access to First Person Roulette. The software provider, Evolution Gaming, prohibits certain countries from playing its games.

Provided you’re not in this boat, though, then you should definitely give First Person Roulette a chance. It boasts an experience that you won’t get with traditional online roulette.

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