What Is Lightning Dice Online? How Does It Work?

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From shooting dice on the street corners in New York to playing craps in swanky casinos in Vegas and Macau, dice have been a central feature in gambling games for as long as anyone can remember. There’s something intuitively satisfying about gambling dice games. We know they’re truly random, and they’re exciting, too.

When I heard that Evolution Gaming had created a new and innovative dice game, I had to check it out. I know from experience that this company has a habit of pushing the envelope and creating world-class live dealer games. I enjoy dice games immensely, so it was inevitable that I’d find myself loading £100 into my casino account to play Lightning Dice.

This post explains everything I learned about the game. From how it works, to strategy and tips, to my thoughts on it. Keep reading below for my Lightning Dice review.

How Does Lightning Dice Work?

Lightening Dice

The thing I like most about this game is its simplicity. There’s very little to remember, and everything works straightforwardly.

Here’s how to play Lightning Dice:

  • I chose the game from my favourite live casino and immediately entered a cool looking black and gold studio. Everything about this game syncs with this colour scheme, from the background to the dealer’s clothing. There are even lights inside the transparent dice tower which give it a golden hue.
  • A digital game board popped up on the screen with various numbers on it. There were 16 in total. Each number had a multiplier associated with it, which I understood to be the amount I would win if that number was a winner. I picked three numbers with decent multipliers on my first attempt.
  • When the betting window closed, lightning struck several numbers on the game board. The multipliers linked to these numbers then increased significantly. These were the lucky numbers, and luckily, I had picked one of them.
  • The dealer then pulled the handle to release the three dice. They rattled and rolled through the transparent tower. The camera angle switched to give me an up-close view of their journey through the tower and the total when they settled at the bottom.
  • On my first attempt, I won a 300x multiplier on the number 18. That’s highly improbable. You’re not likely to replicate my results, but I got lucky on this occasion, and number 18 was one of the lucky numbers, so it had an enhanced multiplier.
  • The amount I had won appeared on the screen (£300) and a new round of betting began before the entire process outlined above repeated itself.

I’ve tried to remain unbiased despite having a big win on my first bet. However, I must say I love this game. If you like dice games like craps or sic bo, you’ll likely enjoy this much simpler game a lot. Why not grab a welcome bonus at one of our approved UK casinos and give it a try? My only regret is not placing a larger wager before I won!

Yes, I got incredibly lucky on my first bet. I did enjoy a couple of smaller wins during the rest of my time playing, but I didn’t win anything like the 300x multiplier again. Still, I feel that the payouts are decent. They range from 5x up to 1,000x your stake depending on which number you bet on. I’ve provided a table showing the potential payouts for each number below.

Lightning Dice – Tips and Strategy

There are a few things to remember about Lightning Dice before you play it. These tips will help you maximize your chances of winning and avoid some of the mistakes you might otherwise make as a new player.

  • Remember, this game is about betting on the total of the dice. Forget everything you know about playing craps and sic bo. This game is as simple as it gets. The more difficult it is to make a number, the higher the multiplier will be.
  • You can’t see what the lucky numbers are before you place your bets. These are decided after you place your wagers. They’re decided by a Random Number Generator and are lit up on the game board by digital lightning. Lucky Numbers can have multipliers of up to 1,000x your stake.
  • However, only numbers 3 and 18 qualify for the 1,000x multipliers. That’s because there is only one possible combination which can make both of these. The lower the probability of making a specific number, the higher the potential payout. Your probability of hitting either 3 or 18 is 0.463%.
  • Since there are more than 20 possible ways to make 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, or 13, the biggest multiplier which can apply to these numbers is 50x. The probability of these totals landing is between 9.722% (8) and 12.5% (10 and 11).
  • It’s possible to bet on all 16 number combinations if you want. You can use the “bet all” button to do this. Using this method, you can be sure you’ll win the lucky numbers if they land. Remember: The total can be different from the lucky numbers. Even if you picked one, it’s not guaranteed to win.

At this point, I think it will be helpful to have a clear breakdown of the potential lightning multipliers and payouts for each number combination.

How the Lightning Multipliers Work

Numbers Potential Payouts
3 & 18 149-999:1
4 & 17 49-499:1
5 & 16 24-249:1
6 & 15 14-99:1
7 & 14 9-99:1
8 & 13 6-49:1
9 & 12 5-49:1
10 & 11 4-49:1

The lightning multipliers are decided randomly by a random number generator (RNG). There’s no way to tell in advance what they will be and which numbers they will apply to.

When a lightning multiplier applies, the base multiplier becomes null and void. For example, if the base multiplier of 18 is 150x and the lightning multiplier is 500x, you won’t get both. You’ll win 500x, and the 150x won’t apply.

Can I Bet on Every Number in Lightning Dice?

Yes, it’s possible to do so, but you might want to think twice about it. Given that the potential multipliers are different for different numbers, it probably isn’t worth doing so. I placed a few bets on numbers with a high probability of coming in with 5x or 7x base multipliers, and an outlier bet or two on 3 and 18 for the chance to win those 1,000x payouts.
Lightening Dice Screenshot

Your Questions About Lightning Dice Answered

I read through a few gambling forums and casino blogs, and I noticed the same questions coming up about Lightning Dice again and again. I’ve collected and answered them here for your convenience.

Can Americans Play Lightning Dice?

Sadly, no. I’m not aware of any Evolution Gaming casinos which accept US players. Hopefully, this will change as online gambling becomes legalized state by state.

Which Numbers Have the Best Chance of Winning? Which Numbers Have the Least Chance?

10 and 11 have the best chance of winning because there are 27 different possible number combinations which can total them with three dice. 3 and 18 have the worst chance of winning because there’s only one way to make these with three dice. However, the harder it is to make a certain number, the bigger the multiplier will be.

What Extra Features Does Lightning Roulette Have?

No, it’s based on the same concept of lucky numbers which get struck by lightning, but it’s also different in one important way. In Lightning Roulette, all numbers can have the highest (500x) multiplier. That’s not the case here. That’s the main reason why the strategy of betting on every number won’t work as well in this game.

Is Lightning Dice the Same as Lightning Roulette?

No, it’s based on the same concept of lucky numbers which get struck by lightning, but it’s also different in one important way. In Lightning Roulette, all numbers can have the highest (500x) multiplier. That’s not the case here. That’s the main reason why the strategy of betting on every number won’t work as well in this game.

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