What Is Live Deal or No Deal Online? How Does It Work?

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Almost every person in the UK knows what Deal or No Deal is. This is one of the most exciting TV game shows which has ever aired on British TV, and legions of fans tuned in to watch it between 2005 and its final episode in 2017.

Yet, it isn’t over for Deal or No Deal, despite the fact that Noel Edmonds no longer hosts it on the telly. Firstly, it has spread across the world to many other countries, and secondly, you can now play Deal or No Deal with live dealers online.

As a fan of the show, I was curious about how it might work. I decided to play and find out if the online game lives up to the TV show. This post is a summary of what I found.

Deal or No Deal Game – How It Works

Lots of people search for “How to Get on Deal or No Deal” on Google and other search engines. However, with online casino options, you won’t need to apply for the TV show. Instead, you can play its online counterpart at any Evolution Gaming casino.

I fired up my account, loaded £50 into my bankroll, and played a few rounds. This is a step-by-step explanation of how it works.

Remember that before you enter the Deal or No Deal game studio, there are a couple of qualifying rounds:

  • First, you go to a digital screen with a digital vault door in front of you. You need to set your bet size and the game difficulty. It can be “very easy,” “easy,” or “normal.” The bigger you bet, the more you can win when you qualify. You’ll need to spin the vault until all of the gold segments line up. This unlocks the door and grants you access to the game.
  • Second, there’s an optional round in which you can top up some of the briefcases. This is a bonus wheel round. You select which briefcase you want to top up, set your bet size, and spin the wheel. Whatever you win will be added to that briefcase. This round will continue for as long as there’s time left on the clock. However, you can stop at any time and let the clock run down.
  • Finally, you’ll enter the live Deal or No Deal game. A live dealer and a beautiful assistant will greet you. As in real Deal or No Deal, you’ll see 16 cash amounts, eight on each side of the screen. As the assistant opens briefcases, these will be eliminated, and the banker will make you a payout offer based on what’s left on the screen. You can take his deal or decline it.
  • If you don’t take the banker’s deal, it will come down to two final briefcases and two cash prizes on the screen. The banker will make you a final offer before the dealer opens the final briefcase. This can be intense if there’s one large prize and one small prize left on the screen. If you don’t take the banker’s deal, the dealer will open the final briefcase, and you’ll win that cash amount.

I really enjoyed this game. Of course, it’s not quite as good as the TV show, but that’s probably a bit much to expect. Evolution Gaming has done a fantastic job of recreating Deal or No Deal online. If you enjoyed the show, make a deposit and give it a try!

Deal or No Deal Tips and Tricks

So, how can you win Deal or No Deal online? Is it a game of pure chance, or is there anything you can do to improve your odds? There are some important things you need to know about this game. Memorizing these will help you increase the size of the prizes you can win and avoid some of the pitfalls of the game.

  • You should recognize that you can’t do anything to control events in this game. Once you’re in the studio, you have no control over how much is in the briefcases or which ones are opened and eliminated or when. The only thing you can control is whether or not you accept the banker’s offer.
  • Lots of experienced players recommend accepting the banker’s deal when the number of high-value prizes outweighs the numbers of small-value prizes on the screen. This might seem counter-intuitive, but when you think about it, the banker will always offer higher amounts when the probability is in your favour of winning a bigger prize. He wants to prevent you from winning the biggest payouts, so he’ll offer a sweet deal to tempt you to settle.
  • One thing you can control is how big the cash prizes are likely to be. The more you bet in the qualifying rounds, the bigger the prizes in the briefcases will be. Briefcases contain multiples of your bets at this stage. *See the table below for a breakdown of these multiples.
  • Be aware that you’re not guaranteed to qualify. You could lose all of the money you spend in this round which can be frustrating. This is where the game modes come in handy. If you choose “normal” mode, you’ll have to align all three gold segments of the vault. If you choose “easy” mode, one of the segments will already be aligned, but this increases your bet size 3x. If you choose “very easy” mode, you will have two gold segments pre-aligned, but it will cost 9x your bet size.
  • On my second try of this game, I decided to write down what I was investing in the qualifying rounds. This helped me keep track of the potential returns of banker’s offers. I’m not greedy, so I decided that if the banker offered me 3x my investment or more, I was taking it for sure. I advise you to keep track of how much you bet in the qualifying round. A simple tally system under each bet amount can help you quickly count how much you’ve risked.
  • I also don’t recommend stuffing more cash into the briefcases in the optional top-up round. I didn’t play this round at any time. There’s no telling which briefcases will be eliminated, and this seemed like a waste of money to me for that reason. Since I didn’t have enough time on the clock to top up at least half of the briefcases, it didn’t seem like a good option.

In the end, this is a game of pure chance. You’re not going to beat Deal or No Deal every time, and I can see how this game could chew your bankroll up pretty quickly. My best advice is to keep track of what you’ve spent, and if a tempting banker’s offer comes in, strongly consider taking it. You can decide for yourself what multiple would satisfy you. Remember, “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” Sometimes, it’s best to take guaranteed cash on the table.

Deal or No Deal Game – What’s in the Briefcases?

The table below shows how much you can win in each briefcase. Remember that these are multiples of the bets you make in the qualifying rounds.

Briefcase Number Multiplier Value
1 0.10x
2 0.20x
3 0.50x
4 0.70x
5 1x
6 2x
7 3x
8 5x
9 8x
10 10x
11 12x
12 15x
13 20x
14 25x
15 50x
16 Between 65x and 500x

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You can bet between £0.10 and £4,500 per spin at some Deal or No Deal casinos. Therefore, this game is suitable for both higher stakes players and penny players on a budget.

Your Questions About Deal or No Deal Live

After explaining this game to a few gambling friends of mine, I noticed that many of them had the same questions. In case you also have the same questions, I’ve decided to answer them here.

Is Live Deal or No Deal Rigged?

No. The number in each briefcase is controlled by a random number generator. There’s no way that a top-tier gaming firm like Evolution Gaming would run rigged games. Doing so could also cause UKGC casinos to lose their licences.

Can I Play Deal or No Deal From America?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Evolution Gaming casinos typically do not accept US players. There may be some exceptions such as casinos for NJ players, but generally, US players can’t play due to the UIGEA regulations. Sorry!

Are There Other Deal or No Deal Casino Games?

Yes, there are Deal or No Deal slot machines and scratch cards, too. You can play these at some of our approved UK casinos as well.

Can the Host or Dealer See Me When I Play Deal or No Deal?

No. You can see them, but they can’t see you. Interaction with the dealer is also limited in this game. Whereas many live games are social, this one is fast-paced, and the dealer has their work cut out for them.

What’s the Deal or No Deal RTP?

The game RTP is 95.42%, which gives the casino a nice margin. That means you’re better off playing roulette. However, roulette doesn’t offer a shot at 500x prizes, so you have to decide what’s best for yourself.

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