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Most slots players have dreamed of hitting that life-altering win, and some of us have come within a hair’s breadth of landing it. I can remember coming dangerously close to scooping the Jackpot Giant progressive jackpot once, but alas, it wasn’t to be.

Lady Luck is a fickle mistress at the best of times, but for the lucky UK slots players you’re about to read about below, she stuck around just long enough to change their lives forever.

If you’re in need of some gambling inspiration or are just in the mood to read some heartwarming stories, you’ll enjoy these big slot wins. Try not to turn green with envy as you read about the biggest slot wins in UK history.

The Biggest Online Slots Jackpots in UK History

In this section, I’m going to tell you about the biggest UK slots jackpots and who won them. I’ll get into more detail about the games in the games themselves a little later.

Casumo Player Wins £2.7 Million on Mega Fortune Dreams

We all dream of a retirement in the sun without any financial worries. In fact, a comfortable retirement is what most of us work most of our lives to achieve. That, and something to leave behind for the kids, right?

You can imagine the joy a lucky 59-year-old Casumo player called Susan felt when she learned that her retirement fund would be topped up to the tune of £2.7 million quid. Like so many winners, Susan entered a state of shock and disbelief so severe that her partner worried something bad had happened when he came to see what she was yelling about.

Susan has spent her career looking after the elderly in her local village and had just recently retired. It’s this type of story that makes me wonder if maybe there’s something to the notion of good karma. Then again, maybe it’s just plain old good luck. Either way, congratulations, Susan, and enjoy it!

A Lucky Librarian Scoops £4.5 Million on Jackpot Giant

I sometimes play slots on my mobile when I’m on the train or waiting for my wife to finish shopping. Why not, right? There’s nothing that makes the time pass by faster than being fully engaged in a progressive jackpot slot game.

One lucky librarian from Glasgow, Scotland, won £4.5 million, the second-biggest jackpot in Playtech’s history while playing Jackpot Giant on her mobile. She chose to remain anonymous, but she did tell a newspaper that the windfall was the equivalent of 170 years of pay.

Not bad for a little after-work fun and games, eh? Fair play to her, I say. You could say that being a librarian helped her read the game correctly!

A Midlander Wins £6.2 Million on Mega Fortune Slot

I’m not sure who’s heart was racing faster — Wellzyc from England or the BGO casino manager — as the reality of a £6.2 million Mega Fortune jackpot sunk in back in December 2016.

Wellzyc claims he bet £1.25 on Mega Fortune and was initially confused when the bright lights of the bonus wheel went out and the message “You’ve Won the Mega Jackpot” appeared on the screen.

Wellzyc told BGO that he was going to surprise his family with a trip to Disneyland since he won in the runup to Christmas. These stories just keep getting more and more heartwarming. In fact, I think someone is cutting onions next door. Be right back.

A Brand-New Player Wins £6.3 Million on Hall of Gods

Do you believe in beginner’s luck? Philosophers since Socrates have debated the existence of luck as a phenomenon. Let’s leave the difficult thinking to them, but there’s no denying that beginners do win a little too often for it to be chalked up to coincidence.

One such example was Neil from Aberdeen, who won a staggering £6.3 million the first time he ever played at an UK online casino sites in his life.

Neil told The Sun tabloid that he deposited £30, used £4 on a single spin on Hall of Gods slot, and he won £6.3 million on the spot. Like many winners, Neil had to call family members into the room to verify that he wasn’t dreaming or mistaken. He soon realized that the dream was real and his new life as a multi-millionaire had begun.

Jon Heywood Wins £13.2 Million on Mega Moolah

This is probably the most famous UK slots win of all time. Part of the reason for that is because it was such a large win that it entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest online slot jackpot of all time.

Who was the lucky punter? An English soldier called Jon Heywood. He won on his final £0.25 spin on Mega Moolah and was so utterly gobsmacked by his win that he quietly reported for duty for several days before he told anyone.

This is a heartwarming story because Mr. Heywood told the British media that his father was in bad need of first-class medical care, and that’s what he planned to spend his newfound fortune on first.

This jackpot has been topped since then, but it still remains the largest online jackpot in UK history and is a testament to the notion that just one final spin can change your world forever.

A retired care worker, a librarian, a family man, a first-time player, and a soldier all prove that it can happen to anyone from any walk of life. There’s no doubt that it won’t happen for most people, but it has to happen for someone, and these lucky lads and ladies prove it!

How Progressive Jackpots Work

Progressive jackpots are collective or pooled jackpots where every player of a specific slot machine contributes. For example, every player who bets on Mega Moolah by Microgaming at any online casino puts a cut of every losing bet into the collective pot known as the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot. Eventually, some incredibly lucky player wins it, and the rest is history.

There are lots of progressive jackpot slots offering a few hundred thousand or thereabouts, but the “big hitters” have jackpots seeded at £1 million. That means that a cool mill is the minimum jackpot, but these jackpots often climb into the tens of millions. The record belongs to Mega Moolah, which paid out over €18 million in 2018, finally topping Jon Heywood’s record-breaker in 2015.

You can win progressive jackpots in multiple different ways:

  • You can win them by matching five symbols on a payline.
  • You can also win them randomly, even on non-winning spins.
  • You can win them in special bonus rounds such as bonus wheels.

It’s not uncommon for a jackpot slot to have multiple progressive jackpots. For example, Mega Fortune by NetEnt has three—the Rapid, the Major, and the Mega jackpots. You can win these by making your way through a multi-layered bonus wheel. If you make it to the centre, oh boy!

So, that’s how progressive jackpots work in a nutshell. Everybody contributes to them, meaning progressive slots have slightly lower RTPs, and everybody has a chance to win life-changing money on a single lucky spin.

Which Slot Machines Offer the Biggest Progressive Jackpots?

To finish off, I’m going to give you a quick rundown of some of the best progressive jackpot slots available online. These are the games which helped the lucky winners above win.

(1) Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is Microgaming’s most famous progressive jackpot slot. It’s the game which Jon Heywood won his record-breaking jackpot on. Mega Moolah is a simple game with a wildlife theme, a free spins feature, multiplier wilds, and a bonus wheel. It’s the bonus wheel which offers a shot at several progressive jackpots. Win the biggest of these, and you’ll be an instant millionaire.

(2) Mega Fortune

NetEnt has an answer to Mega Moolah in the form of Mega Fortune — its headline progressive jackpot slot. This game has a glitzy, glam theme, a free spins feature with large multipliers, and a multi-level bonus wheel. Each section of the wheel offers random payouts and progressive jackpots. If you make it to the centre layer, you’ll join the ranks of the casino millionaires.

(3) Hall of Gods

Hall of Gods is also a NetEnt slot, but this one has a theme about ancient Norse gods. It has an epic free spins feature with up to 20 free spins and 3x multipliers, and a picking feature in which you smash shields with Thor’s hammer to reveal cash wins. If you’re lucky, you’ll win a massive progressive jackpot when one of the shields shatters.

(4) Jackpot Giant

Playtech offers lots of progressive slots, but this one is among the best. It’s set in the stone age, and a friendly giant dominates the reels. It has an interesting picking game where the giant flips coins into smouldering volcanoes for cash payouts. You can land the progressive jackpot on any lucky spin for five jackpot symbols across the centre.

(5) Mega Fortune Dreams

Mega Fortune Dreams is the sequel to the original Mega Fortune slot. It’s almost a clone of the original with a few minor tweaks such as an upgraded theme set in the tropics. It also has a free spins feature with multipliers of up to 8x and three progressive jackpots in the bonus wheel feature. Again, this slot has the power to give you the lifestyle which its theme hints at.

So, now that you’re suitably inspired, you know how progressive jackpots work, and you know which games to play, what are you waiting for? As these slots success stories prove, you’re always one lucky spin away from the life of your dreams. Try these games at one of our approved UK casinos now!

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