What Is Virtual Sports Betting?

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What Is Virtual Sports Betting?

Sports betting traditionally revolves around real matches that actually take place. However, virtual sports betting brings a totally new experience to the industry.

It features virtual matches that look and sound just like the real thing. The only difference is that these sporting contests are the product of a random number generator (RNG), rather than real athletes playing.

If you’re somebody who’s looking for something new from your betting experience, then you should appreciate what virtual gambling offers.

How Does Virtual Sports Betting Work?

With a normal sports bet, you wager on an outcome associated with a live match. You can bet on one of the teams winning (moneyline), an athlete scoring the most points (prop), both teams scoring the “over” (over/under), etc.

One thing that all of these wagers share is that they hinge on real teams and athletes. A human is kicking the ball, swinging a tennis racquet, or driving a racecar.

Virtual sports betting, in contrast, doesn’t revolve around real-life sporting contests. It merely looks like the real deal, similar to a modern video game.

For example, an RNG could simulate a Serie A match between Inter Milan and Parma. The teams won’t really be playing, of course, but they’ll look like it thanks to the lifelike graphics.

The RNG is designed to produce random outcomes that, over time, would fall along the lines of predicted results. If match statistics favor Inter Milan, then they’ll win the majority of these virtual matches.

As the random aspect alludes to, though, anything can happen. Just like in live sports, a huge underdog could beat the favorite in virtual sports. Outcomes like these are what keeps the virtual segment interesting.

One more point worth making is that virtual sportsbooks don’t show entire matches or races. Instead, they show the highlights leading to the final score.

After all, few people want to watch the full 90 minutes of a computer-generated soccer match. Instead, they’re perfectly fine with seeing a few minutes’ worth of notable shots on goal, game-changing penalties, and big saves.

How to Bet on Virtual Sports

If you’ve wagered on real sports before, then you shouldn’t experience much trouble with the virtual version. The latter essentially works the same way.

You begin by looking at the list of available bet types and lines. Using soccer as an example again, you’ll see moneylines, over/under 2.5 goals, correct score, double chance, and/or Asian handicaps.

The virtual sportsbook will provide a list of statistics that help you place informed wagers. For example, it may show the league standings, points for/against, player stats, and more.


You need to select your desired bet(s) and stake. For example, you might put $20 on the over in an over/under 2.5 goals wager.

After making a selection(s), you submit the betting slip and wait for the game/race to begin. Just like a regular contest, virtual matches have start times too.

The key difference, though, is that these matches run one after another. Furthermore, no set lineup exists like with a regular sports or racing league.

Once the event begins, no more bets will be allowed. The match/race then plays out while showcasing highlights.

Available Virtual Sports Markets

Most virtual sports gambling revolves around soccer, horse racing, and motor sports. Out of these, soccer is especially popular at virtual sportsbooks.

European betting sites have had great success with virtual soccer betting. They run short cyber matches back to back throughout the day.

Racing fans will appreciate the lineup that’s available through virtual betting. Cycling, greyhound racing, horse racing, motor racing, and trotting are found throughout the industry.

Basketball and football haven’t become virtual gambling phenomenons yet. However, Inspired Entertainment and Veepio have developed products for these sports.

Their basketball and football virtual sports betting use generic teams, like the Sabres or Tigers. However, the action feels just as real as the popular racing and football games.

What’s the Point of Virtual Sports Gambling?

From a bettor’s perspective, the main problem with real-life sports is that they have an offseason. Professional sports leagues typically take around 4-5 months off during the season.

If your favorite sport is basketball, for example, then you’ll be without any games to bet in the offseason. Of course, you can fill this time with other sports that are running during the off period. Assuming you love wagering on basketball, though, then you probably won’t have as much fun with these sports.

Virtual sports gambling helps fill this void to some degree. It provides sports wagering in an on-demand format.

Betting Money

Provided a bookmaker offers virtual basketball betting, you needn’t wait from June until November before lines become available again. Instead, you can just fire up a virtual sportsbook and begin wagering on the action.

Virtual sports betting’s other main benefit is that it lets you enjoy games/wagers in a quicker manner. The matches and races take place every couple of minutes or so. They end in a minute or two as well.

You can place your bet, wait a short time for the match, race to happen, and see the bet quickly resolved. In contrast to traditional sports, you don’t need to wait hours or days before the contest happens.

Virtual Sports Betting Strategy

Virtual sports gambling weights odds similar to how regular sports betting does. The difference, though, is that an RNG ultimately determines the results.

Therefore, you can’t factor in human tendencies like emotions and confidence when wagering on virtual sports. You can, however, use other strategies to boost your chances of winning—or at least lessen the losses.

Tip #1: No Patterns Exist

You may see forum and/or social-media users advocate for patterns regarding virtual sports gambling. In other words, they believe that identifying patterns can lead to regular profits.

For example, they may claim that road soccer underdogs with a high goal-scoring average will provide long-term profits.

Maybe such a pattern would be true when dealing with a faulty RNG. However, almost every bookmaker has their RNGs rigorously tested to ensure that they work properly. You stand almost 0% chance of spotting a pattern that will deliver guaranteed profits.

Tip #2: Use Common Sports Betting Bankroll Management

Assuming you have a bankroll management system for traditional sports betting, then your strategy shouldn’t differ much for virtual gambling. After all, the betting process is the same.

A common bankroll management technique for regular sports gambling involves risking 1% to 2% of your roll per wager. If your bankroll is worth $1,000, for example, then you’d only risk $10 to $20 per bet.

Tip #3: Consider Treating Virtual Betting as a Hobby

If you have dreams of becoming a professional virtual sports bettor, you should probably treat them as such—just dreams. The RNG makes it harder to earn consistent profits from this endeavor.

Virtual betting’s computerized aspect takes out the emotional aspect of sports gambling. As a result, you’ll experience more difficulties in gaining an edge.

You might consider dedicating a portion of your bankroll to virtual betting in the offseason. However, I don’t recommend quitting your day job in pursuit of long-term profits.

Tip #4: Better Odds Reduce Volatility

Some websites suggest focusing on the underdog when it comes to beating virtual gambling. The problem with this strategy, though, is that it creates much more volatility.

Just like in real sports, virtual underdogs lose the vast majority of the time. Therefore, you’ll need to wait longer on winnings when continually taking the dog. In contrast, you’ll collect more frequent winnings when betting on the favorite most of the time.

Of course, you don’t need to totally avoid underdogs because they can still be the right pick in certain circumstances. I just don’t suggest centering your entire strategy on them.

Tip #5: Go for Virtual Sports Betting Bonuses

Bonuses provide a great way to boost your virtual gambling winnings. They allow you to cash in on betting through another avenue.

The two main types of virtual sports betting bonuses include:

  • Deposit Bonus – You receive a bonus worth a match percentage of your first deposit (e.g. 100% up to $200).
  • Free Bet – You get a chance to recover losses on your first bet (e.g. free wager worth up to $200).

In each of these cases, you’ll need to satisfy terms and conditions before receiving the money. That said, you should always carefully read the terms and conditions prior to chasing these offers. Nevertheless, virtual sports betting bonuses can pad your bankroll and are worthwhile.


Virtual sports wagering may not be entirely like the real deal. However, it’s close enough to traditional sports gambling that it’s worth trying.

You may even come to like virtual betting more than the real-world version. It plays out quicker and doesn’t leave as much time in between matches.

Of course, regular sports wagering features real athletes and teams. You might prefer this version assuming you want authenticity.

Even if this is the case, though, you may still find virtual betting worthwhile. It gives you something to do in the offseason and offers the same basic betting process as with regular sports.

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