What is YouTube Doing With Gambling Channels?

In early June, gambling channels came under fire as YouTube began suspending a large number of them. And the massive online platform didn’t discriminate, they suspended users from small followings to massive followings. It didn’t even matter how successful the channel was in regards to how much money it made YouTube. If it was a gambling channel then it was axed.

For two weeks, these gambling video content creators were left in the dark, panicking, and wondering why they were suspended out of nowhere. In fact, some of these users have been creating content on YouTube for several years without any issues. And then, one day, all of the accounts were reinstated without an official reason as to why they were suspended in the first place other than the standard:

“due to repeated or severe violations,” and that they “don’t allow content that promotes violent or dangerous acts.”

Not the First Time YouTube Has Done This

This wasn’t even the first massive sweep of changes or suspensions that hit YouTube in 2018. Back in January, YouTube decided to change their monetizing policies which left tens of thousands of users without the opportunity to use ads on their videos and make money. Instead, users had to meet certain criteria. This led to a furious backlash by users and YouTube eventually caved in. With that said, at least you can still see some logic with this decision. But, there’s absolutely no logic as to why they targeted gambling channels.

Speculating on Why YouTube Suspended Gambling Channels

Prior to this mass suspension, YouTube had changed or tweaked some of their policies and procedures. Somehow, this change sparked off a mass suspension of users and deactivating gambling channels. Well, that’s what many users, pundits, and I are assuming as YouTube has yet to tell anyone why they went after gambling channels.

YouTube doesn’t say anywhere that gambling content is prohibited. And, they haven’t really even publicly elaborated on their stance regarding gambling content. Once again, I would assume that the gambling channels were collateral damage due to policy change. Or, we could assume a larger conspiracy was at play and that the gambling channels were deactivated due to a sinister, International plot.

The Future of Gambling Channels on YouTube

I believe that gambling channels will continue to be allowed on YouTube especially now that sports betting is legal in America. The popularity of sports betting will spread throughout this country like a wildfire and media platforms like YouTube, Amazon and TV stations will benefit greatly from having sports betting content.

Just think back to when daily fantasy sports began to sweep through television channels and online platforms. It wasn’t overnight but grew rapidly. And now, many networks like ESPN have made a lot of money off of fantasy sports programming. Sports betting content will be similar in a rapid spreading, but I also believe it will be more prevalent as major businesses, states and local economies are going to make money off of sports betting.

Hey, if the absurd YouTube boxing can remain on the massive media platform then gambling channels should be able to also. Well, that’s only if the gambling vloggers decide to stay or take their talents elsewhere.

Let’s not forget that YouTube can deactivate any channel they want if they deem it has violated their policies. So, make sure to adhere to whatever the latest YouTube policies are. With that said, I’m not surprised at the public comments from longtime YouTube gambling content creators who said they were most likely taking their vlogs to FaceBook instead dealing with YouTube’s instability.

For many successful gambling vloggers, they make a full time living off of YouTube. So, when the company just decided to deactivate their channel, it compromised their business relationships, income and following.

Rick Rockwell

As a longtime freelance writer, avid sports fan, former athlete, and experienced sports bettor, Rick Rockwell has risen up the ranks at GamblingSites.org to become the self-professed "King of the Blog" in his first year with the site.

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