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Everyone has their preference when it comes to selecting which casino game to play. Most gamblers will settle on a game where they feel most comfortable through trial and error at the casino.

The variety of games in most casinos is one of the reasons why the industry is as popular as it is. The more types of games offered: the more personality types and demographics the casinos will attract.

While no one should feel judged for their tastes and preferences, the game you gravitate towards says a lot about the type of gambler you are.

Here’s what your choices at the casino say about your personality.

1 ‒ Slots

Slot machines are easily the most popular type of casino game in existence.

While most gamblers have likely sat in front of a machine at least one time in their lives, slots mainly appeal to two demographics.

The first is elderly gamblers who want to gamble while avoiding the unpredictability and controlled chaos found elsewhere around the casino. The second is casual and inexperienced gamblers.

Real money slots are the easiest and most inviting game to play in the casino. They are incredibly straight forward, user-friendly, and usually visually appealing. For someone who doesn’t know any better, they can even be quite entertaining.

Because slots are so prevalent around casinos, some newer gamblers might not even attempt to look around and try their hand at other games.

Who can blame them? Casino floors where the table games are located are loud, hectic, and intimidating for beginners.

So, instead of stepping outside their comfort zone, they turn to slots to get their gambling fix. For the most part, slot players are easily entertained, somewhat reserved, and often introverted.

2 ‒ Roulette

Roulette players, together with craps players, are often some of the loudest and most brash gamblers in the casino. Anytime there’s an eruption across the floor, you can pretty much guarantee it’s coming from a roulette or craps player.

Roulette is much easier for beginners to play. In fact, the rules can be picked up in a minute or two just by watching a few rounds play out.

The game requires very little skill, and the results are completely random and outside of the control of any gambler. For that reason, roulette can be one of the most intense games in the entire casino.


A person who prefers to play roulette is typically someone who enjoys the gambling experience. Many might consider them to be adrenaline junkies who love the feeling of uncertainty as they watch the ball bounce around the wheel.

While roulette players aren’t often as inexperienced as slot players, the game certainly appeals to those who want to gamble without exerting much time and energy.

Most of the time, roulette players love the casino atmosphere and some are often the life of the party. If they’re lucky enough to win big, they’re not afraid to broadcast it to the entire casino.

3 ‒ Craps

As I said in the previous point, craps players and roulette players share similar personality types.

They often thrive in social settings and enjoy the unpredictability that comes with rolling dice or a ball hopping around a roulette wheel.

However, craps is somewhat more complicated than roulette. Whereas most people could figure out roulette in the blink of an eye, craps demands more insight from its players.

Pinpointing the exact personality type of a standard craps player is almost impossible. Craps is one of the most popular table games and attracts different kinds of gamblers.

The one thing that binds them all is the appreciation of sheer uncertainty. Some might consider craps players reckless; others might determine they’re simply thrill-seekers.

Whatever it may be, craps tables are full of a wide variety of gamblers, many of whom are usually entertaining and friendly. Both craps and roulette create a sense of unity amongst its players.

Instead of competing against each other, most are happy to see other players win and will celebrate accordingly.

4 ‒ Blackjack

The seasoned blackjack player is the easiest type of gambler to analyze, especially if they can consistently win money.

Real money blackjack is often regarded as the best table game in the world of casinos. It’s entertaining, mentally stimulating, and can reward skilled players.

How gamblers discover the game of blackjack varies greatly. Some encounter it in pop culture; others happen upon it at the casino.
Regardless of how gamblers are introduced to blackjack, it’s tough to drag yourself away from blackjack once you discover it.

The best blackjack players usually are even-keeled, competitive, and savvy with their money. They’re often meticulous and enjoy spending hour after hour playing cards.

Gamblers who prefer blackjack are approachable and welcoming to newer players, for the most part. However, some are hotheads and seem hell-bent on ruining everyone’s gambling experience.

But those types of people are few and far between.

5 ‒ Texas Hold’em

Poker players and blackjack players are often cut from the same cloth. Texas Hold’em is the most popular type of poker, and most players have very similar personality traits.

Quality Hold’em players can play most types of games. However, once they walk through the casino doors, they’re inclined to make a beeline towards the poker room.

Hold’em players are usually the most established and skilled gamblers in the entire casino. They understand the risks involved in playing the game but are confident in their abilities.

Casino Games

These gamblers are often tuned into other gamblers’ psychological makeup, which helps them succeed at the tables. They are contemplative and very tough to read, especially if they’ve been gambling for a long time.

For the most part, poker players sit atop the hierarchy of gamblers in the casino. If you exhibit signs of weakness or your abilities are lacking, you most likely won’t last too long playing Hold’em.

6 ‒ Video Poker

Poker tables often feature high levels of intensity that appeals to some but might turn others away. There is always video poker to turn to for people who enjoy the game of poker but don’t care for that intensity.

Gamblers who enjoy playing video poker can often be found scattered around the casinos. They are frequently seen perched at the bar, sipping a cocktail, and tapping away on the video poker screen.

Like slots, video poker can appeal to those who like to gamble but don’t thrive in social settings. That’s because the game offers a nice change of pace compared to other parts of the casino.

Additionally, fans of video poker often place a premium on the concept of variety. Most machines offer gamblers the opportunity to play more than a dozen different kinds of poker.

Video poker is also a perfect game for fans of gambling who want to either take a break from the tables.

The solitude games like video poker provide can often be a blessing for those who just need to take a moment to themselves.

7 ‒ Keno

Finally, we come to the enigma that is the gambler who prefers to spend their time playing keno.

For those who don’t know, playing keno is basically like playing a faster-paced version of the lottery. Gamblers pick numbers out and wait for the drawing to see if their numbers are selected.

That’s all that goes into the game. You pick numbers and then stand around waiting for the draw.

To outsiders, keno seems like the most boring game casinos offer. You wouldn’t be wrong to make that assumption.

Keno players often don’t prefer the fast-paced style of other, more popular games. Instead, they prefer to mill about while patiently waiting for a drawing.

I’ve never understood the appeal of keno and have never considered giving it a shot.

I’m sure most of you have heard the popular saying that goes, “Don’t knock it until you try it.”

When it comes to keno, dissenters might be missing out on the most entertaining game in the casino. But I, for one, will probably never know if that’s the case.


The games gamblers gravitate towards can reveal a lot about the type of person they are. With the multitude of games they typically offer, casinos are full of gamblers with different tastes and personality types.

If you’ve frequented casinos in the past, you know this to be true.
Gamblers can vary from timid beginners who camp out at slot machines to social butterflies lining the craps table.

Other games, like blackjack and poker, cater to similar kinds of people. Whatever game you choose to play, it’s always worth considering experimenting with other games around the casino.

You’ll never know what you’re missing if you don’t entertain the idea of broadening your horizons.

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