Will Bran Stark Rule Westeros at the End of Game of Thrones?

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It’s finally here. The sixth and final episode of the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones will air on Sunday night. A bunch of questions have already been answered as the season has progressed, but we are still waiting to find out who will rule Westeros once the dust has settled.

The fifth episode of the season was one of the more dramatic in the history of the show. Daenerys Targaryen decided that she was tired of playing nice. Rather than simply taking out Cersei Lannister and taking charge of the people of King’s Landing, Dany decided to hop on her dragon and burn the entire town to the ground.

She (allegedly) took Cersei out in the process, but there were also a lot of civilian deaths as Daenerys wiped the city off the map. Arya Stark and Jon Snow managed to get out alive, so we’ll have to see how they’ll deal with Daenerys following her fiery tirade in the series finale.

There are still a number of Game of Thrones prop bets available over at MyBookie in anticipation of the final episode. Which character will end the series atop the Iron Throne is the main source of intrigue, but there are tons of other props available to the betting public.

Let’s dive in and break down a few of the more interesting props as we get ready for the GoT series finale.

Which Stark Will Die First?

  • Arya -200
  • Sansa +150
  • Bran +600

Once Bran survived the Night King’s attempted invasion of Winterfell, his odds of dying in the series dropped considerably. At this point, he’s just hanging around Winterfell, and there is no real imminent threat to the city at this point. Bran at +600 makes for an interesting value bet, but him being the first Stark to die in the final episode would be fairly shocking.

Arya Stark

Arya is the heavy favorite to die first and with good reason. She survived Daenerys’ fire attack, but there’s a strong chance we see some kind of head-to-head showdown between Arya and Dany in the final episode. Daenerys is going to have to answer for what she’s done, and one would imagine that both Arya and Jon Snow have now turned on her.

Because Arya is right in the thick of things, and the fact that she’s the only Stark with any derring-do, it makes sense that she’d be the most likely Stark to perish first. Things are about to go south with Daenerys in a hurry, and the fact that Dany has a dragon at her disposal puts Arya at a pretty stark (pun VERY much intended) disadvantage.

There isn’t a ton of value in betting on Arya to die first at -200, but it’s the only viable option on the board, in my opinion.

Will Daenerys Survive?

  • Yes +300
  • No -500

Daenerys has been one of the main protagonists in the series to this point, but she did quite the heel-turn with her display in the most recent episode. The daughter of the “Mad King” is clearly following in his footsteps. Daenerys is hell-bent on being the queen at the end of all of this and, at this point, it looks as though she is not willing to let anyone else stand in her way.

She knows that Jon Snow, also known as Aegon Targaryen, has a more legitimate claim to the Iron Throne. While Jon insists that he has no interest in ruling Westeros, the fact that she isn’t technically first in line for the throne is clearly something that has disrupted Dany’s entire mindset.

Much of the popularity with regard to Game of Thrones comes from its unpredictability. Those that started watching the show without having read the books beforehand were probably shocked when Ned Stark was killed off way back in the first season. There has been no shortage of shocking deaths since.

So, it’s not unreasonable to think that Daenerys can still wind up winning, even after becoming something of a villain in Episode 5. Dany dying in this episode is far more likely than her escaping alive, but I don’t think it’s crazy to bet “yes” on Daenerys surviving at +300. Again, it helps to have a dragon on your side.

“Yes” isn’t a safe bet by any means, but it’s not the craziest flier to be taking.

Will Jon Snow Survive?

  • Yes -800
  • No +500

Jon Snow is playing with house money at this point. He has escaped death on numerous occasions in the past. This guy was about to go toe-to-toe with the ice dragon before Arya saved his bacon at the Battle of Winterfell. Jon has also literally died on the show already before being revived by Melisandre at the beginning of Season 6.

Jon Snow

Like Arya, Jon is going to have to face off with the Mad Queen in the series finale. That alone gives him a pretty strong chance of dying. Jon pledged his allegiance to Daenerys in the most recent episode, but that was before she went rogue and leveled everyone and everything inside of Kings’ Landing.

Jon doesn’t want to rule Westeros but, at this point, it’s also probably safe to say he’d prefer that to an insane Daenerys taking charge. Still, I don’t buy the idea that Jon will be sitting on the Iron Throne at the end of all of this. That’s a far too convenient way to end the series, and this show hasn’t been about that, for the most part.

Jon wants to die honorably. Right before the Battle of the Bastards in Season 6, he tells Melisandre, “If I fall, don’t bring me back.”

I really think there’s a decent chance Jon sacrifices himself for the greater good in the final episode. Considering he doesn’t want to rule, dying in order to help Arya or Sansa take over could be the only way to stop Daenerys. So, Jon dying at +500 makes for an awesome betting option. The profit potential speaks for itself, and this is the way the series has been trending all season long. Jon Snow will die in Episode 6. Bet “yes” at +500.

Who Will Be the First to Die in Episode 6?

  • Daenerys -1000
  • Grey Worm +300
  • Arya +600
  • Drogon +800
  • Brienne +1000
  • Tyrion +1000
  • Ser Davos +1000
  • Jon Snow +1400
  • Sansa +1400
  • Tormund +2000
  • Gendry +2000
  • Samwell +2500

The fifth episode of Season 8 brought us the deaths of Varys, Cersei, Jaime, the Hound, and the Mountain, among countless other innocent citizens of King’s Landing. This isn’t the boldest call in the world, but I’m going to predict we see more death in episode 6.

Frankly, it’s a bit shocking to see Daenerys as a massive -1000 favorite to be the first character to die in Episode 6. The season is building toward a conflict between Dany and everyone else. I know the show is generally unpredictable, but Daenerys dying early in the episode would take an awful lot of luster out of the rest of it.

I think that’s a pretty easy bet to pass up. Grey Worm at +300 is a far better option. He is one of the few that appears to have retained his loyalty to Daenerys, and he showed in the last episode that he’s still willing to fight for her. I would be very surprised if Grey Worm emerged from this season alive, so I really like that bet at +300. He’s gotta go.

Drogon at +800 is also interesting. If anyone is going to be able to get to Daenerys, they are going to have to get through her last remaining dragon first. You can bet she won’t be letting the dragon out of her sight considering what she’s just done, so Arya and Jon are going to have to figure out a way to incapacitate Drogon if they want to confront Dany. So, Drogon dying first at +800 makes plenty of sense too.

Arya at +600 is a possibility, but I’d bet on Jon at +1400 before Arya given the massive difference in odds. Because I think Jon will die, +1400 is viable. My favorite bets are Grey Worm at +300 and Drogon at +800, however.

Who Will Rule Westeros?

  • Bran -550
  • Sansa +350
  • Tyrion +800
  • Jon Snow +800
  • Daenerys +1500
  • Arya +3000

Cersei was sitting comfortably atop the Iron Throne at this time last week, but it seems as though she’s a goner. She was seemingly crushed by the falling building as a result of Dany’s destruction, so Cersei’s no longer a threat here.

We saw massive line movement from last week to this week, with Bran taking over as a massive -550 favorite to rule Westeros at season’s end. I’m not sure if oddsmakers have received some kind of tip that Bran winds up sitting on the Iron Throne, but it’s hard to ignore those odds. Betting against him is a bit daunting at this point, though it’s worth noting that Bran doesn’t even really consider himself to be Bran anymore. He self identifies as the Three-Eyed Raven.

Obviously, you’re not making much money betting on Bran at -550 here, so I’d be taking some stabs on some of the long shot betting options instead. Sansa (+350) makes plenty of sense as well, considering she’s been in positions of prestige for most of the entire series to this point. With Cersei and (probably) Dany out of the way, it’s not impossible to think that Sansa could rise above Bran and sit on the Iron Throne at the end of the season.

Tyrion at +800 is also viable, considering he’s the last surviving Lannister. He has endeared himself to the Starks along the way, though he’s another character (like Jon) that hasn’t shown a ton of interest in ruling. Still, +800 makes him a worthwhile punt option. Ditto for Arya at +3000.

With the odds heavily favoring Bran, it’s tough to get too enthusiastic about any of the other options. Bran seems like the most likely candidate to rule Westeros at the end of Episode 6.

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