Why Beginners Should Avoid Using Popular Sports Betting Systems

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Sports gamblers can do some crazy, illogical things in the pursuit of profit.

Desperation is a powerful motivator that becomes stronger with every lost wager. Some gamblers chase losses, others might completely overhaul their strategy.

Then, some turn to popular betting systems, hoping that they can reverse their fortunes. These systems are well known. And while some of them can work, many are convoluted and ineffective.

Still, beginners are sold a bill of goods and flock to these systems. Unfortunately, they rarely find that gambling success they so desperately hope to achieve.

Many problems come with using betting systems, especially for beginners. Here are seven reasons new sports gamblers should avoid using many of the popular sports betting systems.

1 ‒ Betting Systems Are a Dime a Dozen

It’s no secret that sports gambling’s popularity is on the rise. While fans of gambling are aware of the pastime’s merits, there’s always been a stigma attached to the idea of betting on sports.

Whether that stigma is deserved or not is unclear, however, it’s been reinforced for generations. Society as a whole, politicians, and even the sports leagues we gamble on have always seemed to frown on sports betting.

However, times are changing, and the fight against sports betting continues to lose steam.

For the popular sports leagues around the United States, partnering with casinos and gambling sites is proving to be quite lucrative. The NBA, NHL, and MLB have all teamed up with some form of casino or gambling site over the past few years.

Additionally, every year more and more states legalize gambling.

As that stigma decreases and more and more states legalize the trade, the industry has exploded into mainstream society. Unfortunately, this increased popularity has a few negative side effects.

When new gamblers flock into the world of gambling, they are often eager to learn about the industry and search for the easiest way to break in. With that in mind, many different outlets, handicappers, and gambling media personalities are there to offer “assistance.”

One of the ways these people assist gamblers is by selling picks or trying to convince them to use particular betting systems. The problem is that there are so many systems available to gamblers that it can be challenging to pick one that will work.

2 ‒ Many Systems Are Worthless

Of all the systems that exist, there might be a handful worth utilizing.

The fact is that most systems will cost you more money than they will make you. For those who are completely out of the loop, you must know what a betting system is.

Contrary to popular belief, a betting system isn’t some technical, complex strategic approach to gambling. Instead, a betting system is simply a consistent method that gamblers use.

A betting system can be as complicated or as basic as you want, and each one is unique. An effective betting system nets consistent profits over an extended period.

With all that being said, you might be a little confused. That’s because gamblers tend to overcomplicate the basic concept of sports betting systems.

Additionally, the most well-known systems are often somewhat more involved than what I just described.

When someone claims their system promises a high ROI (return on investment), there’s good reason to be skeptical. Most systems in use are either worthless or too complicated for someone who is brand new to gambling.

3 ‒ Beginners Tend to Misuse Betting Systems

It’s often easy to confuse complexity for productivity when analyzing certain betting systems.

Said differently, some systems look good on paper simply because they’re complicated. When beginners are attempting to select a betting system to use, they can run into this conundrum.

It’s Worth Pointing This Issue Out for a Few Key Reasons

There are many different strategic approaches to gambling and each one has its pros and cons. Just because it seems like a lot of thought has gone into a strategy doesn’t mean that’s the case.

When beginners jump into sports betting, the best thing they can do is keep it simple. By doing so, they’ll have an easier time getting started and placing sharp, intelligent wagers.

Using a system that you don’t understand will likely end up costing you money. Many betting systems are too complicated for their own good and should be avoided by anyone unfamiliar with gambling.

New and inexperienced gamblers tend to make their first few gambling experiences much more challenging than they need to be. Instead of misusing and abusing a betting system, stick to a plan or strategy you can comprehend and execute

4 ‒ Popular Systems Might Not Work for Your Sport

Certain gambling systems work better when gambling on particular sports.

While many systems can be used for multiple sports, some are tailor-made for one brand of gambling. But that doesn’t stop some gamblers from applying certain strategies to sports systems that weren’t designed for.

Of the most popular sports betting systems, many are quite ineffective for some of the most popular sports. Additionally, these popular betting systems might not be your best option depending on your volume of betting.

Unfortunately, this problem will only reveal itself through trial and error. Unless that is, a newer gambler goes the extra mile and researches potential betting systems.

Always remember that even though sports gamblers have used these popular systems for years, you never know if they’ll work for your style of gambling.

5 ‒ Creating Your Own System Is Superior

As I said earlier, a betting system can be anything you want it to be. That fact is often lost on sports gamblers, especially those who are trying to break onto the scene.

But the fact that a betting system can be uniquely yours can work in your favor. You’ll likely experience more success if you create a system that works for your type of gambling.

You see, most systems involve progression or success that relies on high-volume betting. But if you don’t like either of those styles, then most of the popular systems might not work for you.

Instead of trying to mold your betting style around a system, you should mold your system around your betting style.

If you only like placing one or two wagers a day, so be it. There’s no problem with that, despite what some detractors will tell you.

Not only will designing your own system help you feel more comfortable and confident, but it will also remove some potential financial strain. Additionally, you’ll be forced to familiarize yourself with sports gambling more so than those who handpick a system that’s already out there.

6 ‒ Strict Systems Stunt Growth

When you use a “proven” gambling system, you deprive yourself of an important and formative gambling experience.

Half of the fun for beginners is failing productively and figuring out how to navigate around certain issues that you’ll likely encounter. When using a betting system, you most likely won’t be able to engage in this productive problem-solving.

Instead, you’ll follow a system and not understand why certain things do or do not work for you.

Sticking to a strict system when gambling can stunt your growth. At some point, you’ll lose. And if you don’t learn how to work yourself out of jams, your gambling experience won’t last long.

7 ‒ Managing Money Is Easier

One of the most important things beginners must learn is how to handle their sports betting bankroll. Unfortunately, many betting systems don’t take into account a certain gambler’s bankroll size.

Say you have $100 to spend and use a volume-based underdog betting system that works best when you’re placing 10+ wagers a day. If your unit size is $10, you could max out your bankroll on one slate of games.

That limited action could not only drain your bankroll but provide you with absolutely no salvageable experience to hang your hat on. Learning to manage your money like a pro is something every gambler should hope to accomplish.

Established systems often fail to prioritize responsible gambling habits.


Beginners should consider abstaining from using betting systems, at least until they know what they’re doing. Betting systems have their place in the world of sports betting, but they can be dangerous for new players.

Instead, try to create a system that works for your style of betting and can be successful in the long run. Of the countless betting systems on the market, there might be a handful that are worth using.

If you feel compelled to use proven methods, try hand-picking certain aspects of each of the more prominent systems.

Above everything else, the most important part of a betting system is that it’s comfortable and allows you to gamble both responsibly and profitably.

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