Why Live Blackjack’s Bet Behind Is a Stupid Feature

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Live blackjack is a huge part of online gaming. It gives you an opportunity to experience the brick-and-mortar casino world through your smartphone or tablet.

Unfortunately, live blackjack can be too popular—especially during peak hours. You won’t be able to find a seat in some cases.

Live casinos have solved this problem by allowing you to bet behind other players. You can still enjoy the action even with full tables.

However, you should avoid using bet behind at all costs. I’ll explain several reasons why this feature is really stupid. But first, I’ll discuss more on bet behind along with why certain players like it.

What Is Bet Behind?

Most live dealer gaming sites offer several blackjack tables—each with seven seats. Therefore, you should have access to anywhere from 35-49 seats at the average casino.

But even with all these openings, you’ll still run into times where you can’t find an open spot. Normally, this situation would require you to wait for an open seat.

Bet behind, however, makes it possible for you to join the action anyways. This feature lets you bet on one of the seated player’s hands.

The game rules are the same regarding bet behind. The only difference is that somebody else is playing the hands rather than you.

You don’t have to use this feature throughout the entire session. Instead, you can simply bet behind another player until a seat opens up.

Why Do Blackjack Players Like Bet Behind?

When you visit a live casino, you’re most likely looking to play. You’re not visiting just to watch other people gamble with nothing riding on the outcome.

This aspect is why it’s so frustrating when no tables are open. You can’t gamble when the urge strikes if your favorite game is full.

Bet behind solves this dilemma to some degree. It allows you to participate in a situation where you normally wouldn’t be able to.

Of course, betting behind somebody else isn’t the same thing as actually playing hands. But it’s close enough to give you some gambling action until a seat becomes available.

You may even like the different perspective of wagering on another player. You don’t need to make any decisions and can just sit back and watch the hand play out after betting.

Reasons Why Bet Behind Is Totally Stupid

Bet behind may offer some limited advantages. Overall, though, it’s a bad feature that carries major downsides. You can see the biggest problems with bet behind below.

You Don’t Actually Play Hands

Bet behind feels like sports betting to some degree. You wager on somebody else’s ability to win the game.

However, blackjack isn’t like sports gambling. It’s a house-banked game that features amateur players—not high-paid and famous professional athletes.

Do you really want to bet money on an everyday Joe’s ability to play blackjack? The whole point of this game is that you actually play hands and use your skill to win.

The Player You’re Betting on Could Be Terrible

Blackjack calls on you to use strategy to win more money. Each decision bears an impact on the long-term house edge.

Therefore, you stand to win more money as a skilled player. Assuming you’re not a skilled player, you can improve by learning more strategy.

Unfortunately, the average blackjack player doesn’t share this same logic. Many make decisions based on their limited knowledge or, even worse, by feeling.

You have no control over how much a player does or doesn’t know when using bet behind. You’re at the mercy of their strategy knowledge when using this feature.

You’re Expected to Review Players’ Hands Beforehand

Continuing off the last point, you can learn more about a player before gambling on them. Most live casinos let you review past rounds and determine how many rounds people have won or lost.

You can also use a simple eye test by watching the person play. If they make good strategy decisions, then they’re likely a solid bet.

However, you may have no interest in sifting through previous rounds or watching somebody else play. This process feels like unnecessary work when you could simply be playing the game yourself.

Other Live Casinos Will Feature Open Seats

So, your favorite live casino doesn’t have a blackjack seat open? The good news: you can visit another live dealer site and look for a seat there.

No open seats here? You can visit the next live casino and so forth. You’re not contractually obligated to stick around a certain site and use bet behind.

Of course, your favorite dealer(s) may be at a specific casino. But if their table isn’t available, you can use the opportunity to explore other gambling sites and find new favorites.

Other Live Dealer Games Exist

You aren’t forced to stick with blackjack if all the seats are taken. You can also jump into another table game, such as baccarat, Caribbean stud, or roulette.

Live dealer gaming offers at least a dozen games spread throughout the industry. You don’t always need to play blackjack and settle for bet behind.

Sure, blackjack is one of the top casino games thanks to its mixture of great odds and skill. But baccarat, casino hold’em, three-card poker, and sic bo are also interesting.

You may not ultimately fall in love with every game you try. But you should at least keep an open mind when blackjack isn’t available.

Play Live Blackjack Yourself – Don’t Bet on Somebody Else’s Hand

Live casinos can only offer so many blackjack tables. They deal with unpredictability as far as traffic goes and can’t employ 100 dealers for each shift.

Bet behind offers casinos and software providers a way to capitalize during overly popular hours. They can still make money even when tables are full.

However, I’m not going to stick around a full table and gamble on somebody else’s hands. If I’m spending time with live dealer blackjack, I want to actually play.

You always have a choice when it comes to using bet behind. I strongly suggest that you choose not to use it.

  • First off, many live casinos and software providers offer live blackjack. You should open accounts at multiple gaming sites so that you can hop around when tables are full.
  • Secondly, you don’t always need to play blackjack. Live dealer gambling features plenty of other games that you might find enjoyable.

Blackjack is more fun when you’re actually playing hands and using your own skills to win. It becomes less interesting when you’re betting on other gamblers.


Bet behind remains a popular feature at live dealer casinos. It allows you to wager on somebody else’s action if other seats aren’t available.

You can even use bet behind when you’re seated. You treat this feature like a side bet when you’re also playing the game.

In any case, bet behind is among the dumbest things I’ve seen in gaming. It requires you to bet on a stranger’s action.

Of course, you can familiarize yourself with their play by looking at previous rounds. You may even watch them for a while to judge their strategy knowledge.

But why waste good gambling time scouting out another player like they’re a pro athlete or prize pony? You could instead use this time to enjoy hands yourself and improve your odds of winning through strategy.

Enough live dealer casinos exist to where you don’t have to rely on the same one. When tables are full at your favorite site, you can head to another casino and find action there.

You might also consider trying another game. Sure, nothing replicates the strategy and excitement of blackjack.

However, other live dealer games can be worth trying while you’re waiting on your favorite dealer’s table to open up.

In summary, live casino games are meant to be played and not watched. You’ll find plenty of opportunities that let you participate in the action rather than betting behind somebody else.

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