Why Roulette Is Perfect for New Gamblers

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New Gamblers Playing Roulette

Deciding how to start a night at the casino can be a more challenging process than you might think. While there might not be a wrong decision, the choice certainly isn’t inconsequential.

After a good deal of time gambling, some gamblers will establish routines inside a casino. They’ll come to know which games they want to try their hand at, and how much they’re willing to bet per hand.

However, beginners don’t have the luxury of falling back on experience while deciding where to begin. Instead, many are essentially left to feel their way around a casino floor blindly.

Among the games the average casino features, there are a few that tend to attract inexperienced gamblers. These are, in no particular order, games like slots, blackjack, and roulette.

While all three of those games have their advantages for beginners, roulette might be the best starting point for gamblers. But it often flies under novices’ radar while roaming the casino for the first time.

Nonetheless, here are six reasons roulette might be the perfect table game for new gamblers.

1 ‒ Roulette Takes Just Minutes to Learn

Opting to simplify things when learning to gamble is a veteran move. Understandably, many new gamblers have a terrible habit of overcomplicating the learning process.

Inevitable missteps typically result from playing the wrong games, failing to set a bankroll, and simply taking advice from untrustworthy sources.

These common mistakes, combined with an influx of information, make something that should be straightforward anything but. Trust me, though: gambling is a lot easier than you might think after your first few trips to the casino.

When gambling for the first time, it might be smart to spend a majority of your time focusing on one game. Doing so will provide you an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the game and understand how a table operates.

Roulette is perfect for this scenario because it truly only takes minutes to learn. After a few spins of the roulette wheel, most people will be able to grasp it regardless of their experience level.

2 ‒ It’s More Entertaining Than Other Basic Games

When deciding which game to play based on simplicity alone, roulette might not rise to the top of the list. Often, that top spot is reserved for slots.

Slot machines are a favorite among specific portions of the gambling populations. A sizable one is first-time gamblers. Unlike the seemingly chaotic nature of many table games, slot machines offer a more tranquil gaming experience.

Don’t let that sense of tranquility lure you into sitting at a slot machine the entire time you’re at the casinos. They might be unthreatening, but other table games are objectively more entertaining.


Slots might be the easiest game to play, but roulette isn’t too far behind. Additionally, the amount of fun you’ll have playing roulette will make up for the fact that you have to spend a little extra time figuring it out.

Roulette is not only more stimulating than other games, but it also offers gamblers multiple different betting options. That reason alone makes it superior to a game that only requires you to press a button repeatedly.

3 ‒ You Can Play at Your Own Pace

Some casino games are terrible for beginners due to the pace of play. These games can put new gamblers into challenging situations where they feel as though they’re losing control.

Once that feeling of helplessness makes its presence known, it might be challenging to pull the ripcord and escape with any money. Games like blackjack tend to foster the perfect environment for situations like these.

Real money roulette, on the other hand, allows gamblers to play at a pace they’re comfortable with. While blackjack tables are designed to keep gamblers actively betting each hand, roulette is more laid back.

That is due in large part to the sheer number of players at a typical roulette table. Roulette moves quickly, but it’s perfectly acceptable to take spins off from time to time.

Having some control over the rate at which you gamble is critical for new gamblers. It can lead to a more comfortable and less stressful environment where you can learn how the game operates.

Additionally, the chances of blowing through money at an alarming rate can be significantly lower.

4 ‒ There’s a Good Chance to Win Money

As you might already know, the likelihood of winning money at a casino varies based on the games you decide to play. These odds often depend on the casino you do business with, several variables surrounding particular tables, and a gambler’s abilities.

The house will always have at least a slight advantage in every single game they offer. That edge can vary from less than a percent to over 30%, depending on the game in question.

Perhaps the most compelling reason new gamblers should give roulette a shot is the table game’s odds.


While the exact percentage may vary, it typically stands somewhere around 5%. That essentially means that a run-of-the-mill gambler has a 45% chance of winning money if they choose to play roulette.

That might seem low, but it’s worth putting that number into context.
Let’s say you decide to test your luck at a slot machine. Most of those machines you’ll play are programmed with anywhere between a 6% to 15% advantage to the house.

Once again, odds vary based on the machine and the casino that houses them. But the fact remains that you have a better chance of winning money at the roulette table than slot machines.

5 ‒ Roulette Isn’t Overly Competitive

Sometimes, table games can get a little rowdy. Many gamblers are competitive by nature, which can lead to some tense moments around the casino.

It’s true that most games pit players against the house instead of other people. But that fact is often lost on certain types of casino-goers.

Specific card games, like blackjack and particular types of poker, can sometimes bring out the worst in people. Emotions can run high, and it can be tough to see other people win money while you’re on a cold streak.

Some might choose to internalize their emotions and deal with losses responsibly; others are less courteous. One of the worst things that can happen to an inexperienced gambler is being caught in tablemates’ crosshairs.

These types of players often look for an excuse to combust, and rookies tend to provide them with an abundance of opportunities. Whether it’s misplaying a hand of blackjack, or failing to practice basic etiquette at the poker table, these miscues can make you an easy target.

Roulette, on the other hand, doesn’t often feature combustible scenarios like the one above. Sure, it’s always possible to upset a fellow player regardless of the game you’re playing. But it’s much less likely to draw the ire of another gambler while standing around a roulette wheel.

6 ‒ It’s a Great Game for Groups

If possible, new players should always go to casinos with people they’re comfortable playing with. I can’t overstate the benefits of having a network of people to rely on while learning to gamble.

Casinos can be perplexing and intimidating for people lacking legitimate gambling experience. When faced with an inevitable, awkward situation, it’s nice to be able to turn to a trusted advisor for guidance.

Additionally, gambling with a group of friends is often a fun experience.

Certain games around casinos are better suited for groups than others, roulette being one of them.

The somewhat open and often expansive nature of a roulette table makes it possible for more people to get in on the action. Other games place a hard cap on the number of people per table, which can create a problem for large groups.

Roulette tables can also be more social and lively than other types of games, promoting a feeling of camaraderie.

Winning money is obviously the goal of many gamblers. But, it’s always best to pursue that goal while enjoying yourself and the company around you.


Many casino games are decent entry points for inexperienced gamblers. Slots, blackjack, and craps all appeal to beginners for their own specific reasons.

However, when it comes to the optimal starting point, roulette might be your best bet.

One of the first things a gambler should consider when selecting a game is its ease of access. Roulette is one of the more basic games around a casino and can be mastered in a matter of minutes.

Sure, slots might be the most straightforward, but it’s worth investing a couple of minutes to learn about roulette. Not only is it relatively simple to learn, but it’s also one of the most entertaining games to play.

Its simplicity, entertainment value, and competitive odds make it one of the more enticing table games.

Roulette also tends to be less competitive and tense than other games, meaning gamblers can comfortably learn and play at their own pace.

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