Will Andy Dalton or Cam Newton Sign With the Patriots or Jaguars?

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Another day, another veteran quarterback hits the unemployment line. This time, it was Andy Dalton who received his release after nine years with the Cincinnati Bengals. Dalton was let go by the Bengals on Thursday, April 30th, after the team was unable to trade the QB before and after the 2020 NFL Draft.

Dalton joins a growing list of former NFL starting QBs waiting to be signed. This group includes Cam Newton, Joe Flacco, and Blake Bortles. One name that’s no longer standing in line with these quarterbacks is Jameis Winston who recently signed with the New Orleans Saints.

Will There Be a Jameis Winston Effect?

Like Dalton, Newton, Flacco and Bortles, Jameis Winston is a former starting QB who’s had plenty of ups and downs in his young career. However, instead of holding out for a starting job or even a prominent backup position, Winston took a small contract offer from the New Orleans Saints to rebuild his career.

On April 28th, Winston signed a one year deal with the Saints for $1.1 million dollars. He can earn up to $3.4 million in incentives.

The former #1 overall pick in 2015, Winston sees this experience as something that will rebuild his career and teach him how to become a better quarterback. It certainly helped Teddy Bridgewater who’s now the starting QB for the Panthers. Winston stated it’s like a Harvard education being in New Orleans:

“Being a part of the New Orleans Saints — being a part with Drew Brees, Taysom Hill, Sean Payton, coach Joe Lombardi, coach Pete Carmichael Jr. — when you think about that room, that’s like a Harvard education in quarterback school.”

Winston chose to have a backup role and learn over holding out for a prominent opportunity. With that said, one has to wonder if that philosophy will also apply to Andy Dalton and Cam Newton for the upcoming season. Could they sign one year, incentive laden deals to play for a team in 2020?

Andy Dalton Betting Odds

The following Andy Dalton betting odds are courtesy of BetOnline:

  • New England Patriots (-135)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (+150)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (+650)
  • Las Vegas Raiders (+3000)
  • Washington Redskins (+3000)

New England Patriots (-135)

Many pundits and fans feel that Andy Dalton would fit well in New England. Unfortunately, the Patriots aren’t in any hurry to bring in another QB. They didn’t draft one in the 2020 NFL Draft and are confident in Jarrett Stidham as of now. NFL Insider Mike Reiss shed more light on the Patriots’ thinking:

“So specific to Andy Dalton, I didn’t get any sense from anyone around the Patriots that when he became available yesterday that there was an aggressive push to sort of see where that would lead. If anything, it would be a conversation of due diligence.”

This doesn’t sound promising for Andy Dalton or Cam Newton. Keep in mind, the Patriots have Brian Hoyer as their backup QB right now. He knows the system really well and is a good safety net if anything happens to Stidham or if the young quarterback has any setbacks.

As of now, I would avoid the Patriots’ betting options for both Dalton and Newton. However, between the two, I think New England would be more interested in Dalton from a scheme perspective and culture fit.

Jacksonville Jaguars (+150)

The Jaguars are heading into the 2020 NFL season with 2nd year QB Gardner Minshew as their starting QB, but no real veteran presence at the position. Andy Dalton could make a great option for the Jags to backup Minshew.

Unlike the Nick Foles debacle last year, Dalton would be brought in to backup and not start. Whereas, Foles was brought in as the starter, but ended up getting injured and ultimately losing his job to Minshew.

Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone has committed to Minshew as the starter, but he did allude to the fact that the team is interested in bringing in a veteran backup.

I actually like this fit for Dalton and the Jags. The odds provide value unlike the Patriots betting option and there’s some optimism for this pairing.

Pittsburgh Steelers (+650)

Can you imagine Dalton in a Steelers uniform? That would be just as hard to picture as it would if Joe Flacco signed as a backup in Pittsburgh. With that said, I don’t see Dalton, Flacco or Newton in Pittsburgh this year.

Like the Patriots, the Steelers didn’t draft a QB and have made no attempt to sign a veteran quarterback this offseason. And, I don’t see them doing so.

Pittsburgh is content with Ben Roethlisberger returning from injury and Mason Rudolph being his backup. It doesn’t appear that this will change heading into the season. GM Kevin Colbert said as much during a radio interview this week:

“We’re always gonna watch what’s out there. It’s my job to evaluate any position, any player that happens to be available, and we do that. But I can honestly say that we absolutely made no negotiation or any offer to any veteran quarterback.”

Las Vegas Raiders (+3000)

The Raiders already signed a backup QB in Marcus Mariota so there is no need to bring in Dalton or Newton. In fact, I don’t see the Raiders adding another veteran QB. However, they could add a young quarterback since Coach Gruden loves QB projects.

The only way Dalton or Newton end up in Las Vegas is if there’s a serious injury to Carr or Mariota.

Washington Redskins (+3000)

Washington is rolling with 2nd year QB Dwayne Haskins and 3rd year QB Kyle Allen who they traded for from the Carolina Panthers in the offseason.

Haskins needs time to develop and the team needs to see what they have in the former Ohio State star quarterback. With that said, I don’t see Andy Dalton going to Washington.

This team would be more interested in Cam Newton than Dalton considering the relationship that new Washington head coach Ron Rivera had with Newton during their time in Carolina. Dalton isn’t a fit, but Newton could be.

What Team Will Andy Dalton Play for in 2020?

From the betting options above, I like Jacksonville the best for Andy Dalton. All of the teams listed in this prop bet already have someone in line as their franchise QB. So, they are looking for potential backups that can help a team out or mentor a young QB.

Andy Dalton can be a great mentor for any young QB and also come in and be a solid backup for any offense. The Jags need both of these roles on their roster. I also like the betting value with the Jags. If you are pressed to bet now, go with the Jags instead of the Patriots.

Dalton Bet: Jacksonville Jaguars (+150)

Cam Newton Betting Odds

The following Cam Newton betting odds are courtesy of BetOnline:

  • New England Patriots (+150)
  • Washington Redskins (+175)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (+450)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (+550)
  • Denver Broncos (+600)

New England Patriots (+150)

As mentioned above, the Patriots aren’t in the running for Dalton or Newton. They seem very set on Stidham moving forward, which is a surprise to me. Between Dalton and Newton, I believe a healthy Cam can put the Patriots in contention to win the AFC East again.

With that said, I would avoid this betting option for now.

Washington Redskins (+175)

Since Newton has been a Free Agent, there have been numerous reports and speculations about Cam heading to Washington to play with his former head coach. This is a scenario that Ron Rivera has also thought about as he commented on the possibility of bringing his former QB into Washington:

“I think with Cam, and I have thought about it, I mean, it’s something that’s run through my mind, and it’s about the situation and circumstances. I’m not sure I would do it. I’m not sure if I wouldn’t do it. It depends on circumstances.”

Washington is pegged to be one of the worst teams this season. They have some of the longest odds to win their division, the NFC conference, and Super Bowl 55. With that said, Cam Newton could improve those chances if he were 100% healthy.

Although Washington is committed to Haskins’ development and Allen as the backup, Newton at full health is better than both of them combined.

Of all the betting options for potential Cam Newton landing spots, I like this one the best.

Jacksonville Jaguars (+450)

A healthy Cam Newton isn’t going to sign with the Jaguars unless they give him an opportunity to compete for the starting job. Unfortunately, most of the teams on this list aren’t going to give Newton a starting opportunity.

Additionally, I believe Andy Dalton is a better fit to backup Jacksonville this season. Newton needs a chance to compete for the top QB spot whereas I feel Dalton is better suited as a backup at this stage in his career.

Pittsburgh Steelers (+550)

As mentioned above, the Steelers aren’t looking to add a veteran QB to their roster. With Big Ben back, and Rudolph as the backup, Pittsburgh won’t be signing Dalton or Newton. However, can you imagine a healthy Newton with this team?

Avoid this betting option as Newton won’t play second or third fiddle to Big Ben and Mason Rudolph.

Denver Broncos (+600)

The Broncos are all in on Drew Lock as their quarterback. In Free Agency, they signed Jeff Driskel to backup Lock as he’s not a legitimate threat to become a starter. He’s a supportive piece that the Broncos have added to help Lock succeed.

Other pieces include signing Free Agent running back Melvin Gordon and drafting WR Jerry Jeudy, WR KJ Hamler, and TE Albert Okwuegbunam. These are additions to RB Phillip Lindsay, WR Courtland Sutton and TE Noah Fant.

Denver’s head honcho John Elway made a commitment to Drew Lock by bringing in all of these pieces to help the young quarterback succeed:

“I felt that offensively, for us to be able to compete and give Drew a chance to be successful … we had to get some speed and we had to get some talent on that offensive side and some explosiveness.”

Elway made all of these moves instead of bringing in Newton or Winston to compete with Lock for the starting spot at QB. Additionally, Elway went with Driskel instead of Winston or Newton because he wants Lock to be the main quarterback for the present and the future.

With that said, Andy Dalton would be a better fit as a backup in Denver than Cam Newton. Dalton is transitioning to the phase of becoming a backup QB in his career whereas a healthy Cam Newton still has enough juice left to be a high quality starting quarterback for any team.

Avoid this betting option.

Where Will Cam Newton Play in 2020?

It’s safe to rule out Pittsburgh, Denver, and New England for Cam Newton. I also give Dalton the edge in Jacksonville over Newton. Of these betting options, Washington is the best fit. He knows the system and could lead this team to more wins this year than Allen or Haskins.

For this NFL futures bet, I say go with Washington. However, we probably won’t see Newton sign anywhere until restrictions are lifted throughout the NFL. Additionally, I think Newton will also have to prove that he’s 100% healthy and that won’t happen anytime soon due to the restrictions in place.

These betting odds provide a positive return on investment, but I would’ve liked to have seen these odds a little higher considering Washington already has two young quarterbacks and a head coach that is unsure about Newton. This option is slightly overvalued.

Newton Bet:Washington Redskins (+175)
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