Will Baker Mayfield Sport a Mustache, a Beard, or Be Clean-Shaven for Week 1?

The 2019 NFL season is filled with high expectations for the Cleveland Browns and their fanbase. With significant offseason moves, like trading for Odell Beckham Jr. and a young core of skilled players, the Browns head into the season as one of the favorites to contend for the AFC North division title and an AFC Wild Card spot. However, the anticipation for this year’s success isn’t just for the on-field product. In fact, there’s an offseason storyline that has taken on a mythical status within the Dawg Pound and the media.

No, this storyline has nothing to do with relocation or any roster moves. Instead, the excitement growing in Cleveland as of this writing is all about Baker Mayfield’s facial hair. That’s right, the second-year franchise quarterback has captured the media’s attention and the imagination of fans with his facial hair styles. This buzz has grown to the point where NFL betting sites are now taking bets on what facial hair style Baker Mayfield will showcase for the Browns’ first game on September 8th against the Tennessee Titans.

Baker Mayfield Betting Odds

Bovada provides us with the following NFL prop bet, asking fans and sports bettors to wager on which facial hair style Browns QB Baker Mayfield will unveil for the first game of the 2019 regular season.

  • Mustache Only (+110)
  • Full Beard (+175)
  • Clean Shaven (+300)
  • Horseshoe Mustache (+700)
  • Chin Curtain (+1200)
  • Muttonchops (+2000)
  • Chin Strap (+3000)
  • Soul Patch (+3000)

On the surface, Bovada provides us with plenty of options that cover a wide range of facial hair styles. Additionally, all of these options offer positive odds which means more profits if you select the right one. As someone who’s rocked at least half of these facial hair styles, I feel more than qualified in examining this prop bet and providing an in-depth betting analysis on the amazing adventures of Baker Mayfield’s facial hair.

I Wish He Would, but He Won’t

Despite how awesome these would look, I highly doubt that Baker Mayfield will rock the following facial hair styles.

Horseshoe Mustache (+700)

The horseshoe mustache, also known as a biker mustache, is a fully-grown mustache that extends down the corner of the lips to the jawline. These vertical lines are also referred to as “pipes,” but they give this facial hair style the look of a horseshoe or an upside down “U.” This style can be mistaken by the average person as a “Fu Manchu,” but they’re not the same. The Fu Manchu grows hair only on the upper lip and is combed downward. There’s no hair growing along the sides of the mouth. In other words, there are no “pipes” like with the horseshoe.

It’s unknown when this facial hair style became fashionable, but there is one celebrity that really popularized this look and that was no other than Hulk Hogan. While Hogan told the world to train, say their prayers, and take their vitamins, the professional wrestler was working on his horseshoe mustache and his 24-inch pythons. So, what you gonna do when the horseshoe mustache runs wild on you?

Mutton Chops (+1200)

This facial hair style sounds perfect for a player that’s supported by fans called the Dawg Pound. And it’s a style that Baker Mayfield could surely pull off if he chose to. But he must be aware that there are big shoes to fill when wearing this look.

The mutton chops, or muttonchops, is a thick set of sideburns that can cover the entire cheek and connect with the mustache or can be worn without the mustache. The one common factor with mutton chops is that the chin is shaven.

The mutton chops look has been around for centuries, but the one man to really make this look a household name was Elvis Presley. Not only was Elvis the “King of Rock N’ Roll,” but he was also the “King of the Mutton Chops.” Elvis inspired at least two generations of male fans to sport this look. In Presley’s case, he never had a mustache or chin hair.

Another popular, and more modern, example of mutton chops is Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine. Jackman played this role in nine separate movies from the X-Men series to the standalone Wolverine films. Jackman’s ripped physique and mutton chops made him the perfect real-life Wolverine character. At times, he did connect his chops with a mustache. However, most of the time, Jackman subscribed to Elvis’ mutton chops philosophy.

Chin Strap (+3000)

Although this sounds like a unique facial hair style made for just football players, the chin strap beard look is actually more common than you think. It’s a beard that’s neatly trimmed to follow the jaw line from one side of the face to the other side. It starts at the hairline by the ear and runs along the jawbone, across the bottom of the chin only, and back along the other side of the face. This look was popular in the late 1700s into the mid-1800s.

For the chin strap to look clean and noticeable, it requires men to keep the cheeks, upper lip, face, and neckline to be completely smooth. It also requires a lot of maintenance if you don’t want it to be thick and run the risk of becoming a chin curtain. Baker Mayfield could certainly pull off this beard, but I believe it’s just not a style that he feels comfortable with yet.

Soul Patch (+3000)

Whenever I feel a little funky or want to jazz things up in life, I shave off all of my facial hair and rock the soul patch. This style became popular in the 1950s and 1960s with African American musicians and entertainers. It’s one of the easiest facial hair styles to maintain.

All the soul patch requires is a small patch of hair below the lower lip and on the upper portion of the chin. Everything else is shaved. Basically, shave off all the facial hair on cheeks, upper lip, neck line, and bottom portion of the chin.

There Is a Chance

These two betting options are possible, but do have more risk than the facial hair favorites.

Clean Shaven (+300)

As a rookie, we’ve seen Baker Mayfield go with the clean-shaven look. Unfortunately for Mayfield, it made him look like he was 12 years old. Since then, Mayfield has experimented with many different beards and mustaches.

It’s this experimentation that makes me think that this betting option might be risky. Once a man starts growing facial hair and trying out different styles, the last thing he will do is go back to the clean-shaven look. There are times when you need to shave it all off, but that’s only to start all over again with another look. It’s like erasing a chalkboard to start writing again or wiping the slate clean in order to create something even more marvelous.

I just don’t see Mayfield going back to the “baby face” look for the first game of the season.

Chin Curtain (+1200)

Like with the chin strap beard, the chin curtain style of beard starts next to the ear at the hair line and follows along the jawline across the chin and back up to the other ear. However, unlike the chin strap, the chin curtain beard covers the entire chin. This style is also known as the Shenandoah and the Amish beard.

President Abraham Lincoln sported the chin strap look, albeit his hair was a bit thicker than what we see today by many athletes. Lincoln’s style was very popular in the 19th century.

One prominent NFL quarterback who has donned this look is Colts QB Andrew Luck. He’s another NFL star who has often changed his facial hair styles, but has mostly preferred some type of thick beard instead of the clean-shaven or mustache only options. I can see Mayfield following in Luck’s footsteps with this type of beard.

The Facial Hair Favorites

Of all the betting options available, the following two facial hair styles are the odds on favorites.

Mustache Only (+110)

The mustache, also known as moustache, is a style that refers to the growth of facial hair on the upper lip. It was Mayfield’s unveiling of a mustache at training camp this summer that caught the attention of fans and the media. This attention grew into a large-scale buzz, which prompted this prop bet.

The reason that this betting option is the favorite is because Mayfield is currently wearing it as of this writing. Furthermore, there are many variations of the mustache that Mayfield and any other man can try out. The following is a list of popular types of mustaches that we’ve seen in pop culture and past generations.

  • Chevron – This is a thick mustache between the nose and the upper lip. However, it is trimmed so that the hair doesn’t go over the upper lip or past the edges of the upper lip. The chevron became popular in the 1970s and 1980s and also took on the moniker of “porn-stache” due to it being commonly used in adult films of that era. Other celebrities who popularized this look were Richard Petty, Freddie Mercury, and Tom Selleck.
  • Dali – Named after the famous artist Salvador Dali, this is a narrow mustache with long points curved upward near the corner of the mouth.
  • Handlebar – A thick, bushy mustache where the ends point upward at the side of the mouth. This look was made popular in the Old West days. It was also the preferred look for pitcher Rollie Fingers.
  • Pencil – a very thin, straight and narrow mustache. It became popular in the 1940s by actor Clark Gable. Also commonly seen with John Astin as Gomez Adams on The Addams Family and with musician Little Richard.
  • Toothbrush – This is like the soul patch of mustaches. It’s a thick patch of hair beneath the nose that is about one inch in length. It’s kept trimmed on the sides and was popularized by Adolf Hitler and Charlie Chaplin.
  • Walrus – A very bushy, thick mustache that hangs down over the lips and mouth. It was popularized by Mark Twain.

Of these mustache types, I would love to see Mayfield either go with the Chevron or the Handlebar. Additionally, I wouldn’t mind seeing him rock the Horseshoe mustache that we discussed above.

Full Beard (+175)

This look is the exact opposite of clean shaven, as it basically affords any man the luxury of growing his facial hair without shaving at all. From the cheekbones, across the upper lip and chin, and down to the neckline, the full beard can become a signature look for any athlete or celebrity. There have been so many variations of the beard that I could write an entire article on that alone. For the sake of brevity, we’re going to refer to Baker Mayfield’s previous full beard and not something like from a member of ZZ Top.

Mayfield started off with the “five o’clock shadow” and grew his beard into a thicker facial fur. He actually looked rugged and fearsome compared to his clean-shaven, prepubescent look. This betting option offers a nice return on investment, but I am a little hesitant to put money on it. Mayfield has already rocked the full beard and decided to shave it off and evolve into a mustached mercenary on the gridiron. With as much fun as he’s having with the mustache, I’m concerned that he won’t go with the full beard until we get into the fall and winter months.

Baker Mayfield’s Facial Hair for Week 1 Will Be…

After examining these betting options, and based on the evolution of his facial hair choices, I believe Mayfield is going to stick with the mustache. There are plenty of options for Baker Mayfield to play around with as the season draws closer. But I doubt he’s going to go with a full beard during the hot, humid months of August and September. Instead, I see some type of mustache becoming his preferred look. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes so popular with Browns fans and media that they officially dub his facial hair style the “Mayfield mustache.”

For this bet, go with the option of mustache only (+110). A potential value bet would be clean shaven (+300) and a long shot play would be the chin strap (+3000).
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