Will Brett Favre Be the Next Green Bay Packers Head Coach?

by Rick Rockwell
on December 7, 2018

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On December 2nd, the Green Bay Packers fired head coach Mike McCarthy after the team suffered an embarrassing 20-17 loss to the lowly Arizona Cardinals at Lambeau Field.

The Packers front office felt that the team needed to move on from McCarthy after 13 years. They didn’t want to wait until after the season ended as they believed this would give them a head start on potential candidates.

As of now, Green Bay hasn’t been too forthcoming on which candidates they’re looking at. However, NFL betting sites have come up with a list of potential McCarthy replacements and legendary Packers’ QB Brett Favre is one of them. The following betting odds are courtesy of BetDSI:

  • John DeFilippo +200
  • Josh McDaniels +225
  • Adam Gase +500
  • Jim Harbaugh +800
  • Lincoln Riley +1000
  • Dave Toub +1500
  • Zac Taylor +1500
  • Eric Bieniemy +1500
  • Bruce Arians +2000
  • Pete Carmichael Jr. +2000
  • Jay Gruden +3000
  • John Harbaugh +4000
  • David Shaw +5000
  • Todd Bowles +7500
  • Dirk Koetter +7500
  • Gary Kubiak +10000
  • Kliff Kingsbury +10000
  • Joe Philbin +10000
  • Marvin Lewis +20000
  • Steve Sarkisian +20000
  • Nick Saban +25000
  • Brian Kelly +50000
  • Urban Meyer +50000
  • Mike Holmgren +100000
  • Brett Favre +100000

The Favorites for Next Head Coach of GB

John DeFilippo (+200) and Josh McDaniels (+225) are the two odds on favorites to land the Packers head coaching job, largely because of their success in the NFL as offensive coordinators. DeFilippo is the current Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator and has helped turn the franchise around.

Prior to his stint with the Vikings, he was in Philadelphia coaching Carson Wentz. This year, Vikings QB Kirk Cousins is on pace to set career numbers in DeFilippo’s offense. John will be a hot commodity this offseason as more coaching spots open up.

By now, most NFL fans know of Josh McDaniels. He’s the offensive mind behind the Patriots’ success over the last decade minus his unsuccessful tenure as the Broncos head coach. McDaniels was supposed to take the Colts head coaching job this season, but spurned them after initially agreeing.

Josh went back to New England where his heart is. Its’ believed that McDaniels will be the successor to Bill Belichick.

Personally, I don’t see how the Vikings will allow their OC to go to Green Bay as these two teams are divisional rivals that battle it out for the NFC North title on an annual basis. I also don’t see McDaniels being a realistic possibility. His spurning of the Colts, and his ties to Tom Brady, just don’t make him a great fit in Green Bay with Rodgers.

Can the Next Coach Come from NCAAF?

Prepare to hear these names often over the next few months as more NFL teams fire their current head coaches. Let’s take a look at each one and see if any are a good fit:

  • Jim Harbaugh (+800) – Of all the listed college coaches, this one makes the most sense to me. Harbaugh was a successful NFL coach before the San Francisco 49ers imploded and sent the wrong guy packing. Harbaugh has been a good college coach in his career, but he’s actually a better NFL coach than in the collegiate ranks. Harbaugh has the credibility as a former pro coach and starting NFL QB to mesh with Rodgers and the Packers. He also has the personality to turn this franchise into a legitimate contender.
  • Lincoln Riley (+1000) – Here’s a young, offensive guru who has already been tabbed as the next college coach to move up to the NFL ranks. With that said, he would be a better fit in Cleveland with his former QB Baker Mayfield than in Green Bay with future HOF QB Aaron Rodgers.
  • Nick Saban (+25000) – There’s absolutely no way that Saban returns to the NFL as he’s basically running the 33rd NFL team in Alabama. Saban is on track to become the greatest college football coach of all time. I don’t see him derailing that destiny for a stint with the Packers.
  • Brian Kelly (+50000) – Kelly has done a great job with the Fighting Irish and has a high football acumen. But, he doesn’t strike me as a Packers kind of coach. Kelly is perfect for college football, but I just don’t see him having success as an NFL head coach.
  • Urban Meyer (+50000) – Meyer is set to retire from Ohio State after a rough year due to suspension and multiple school controversies. Urban cited these difficulties and his health as reasons for retirement. Meyer had the credibility prior to this year’s scandal. Now that he’s retiring, I don’t see him going to the NFL at all. If anything, he will take a year off and then return to college football as a head coach or Big Ten Network analyst.

Will They Hire an Nfl Retread?

It’s not out of the realm that the Packers go with an experienced head coach that used to hold the reigns in another organization.

  • Bruce Arians (+2000) – The former Cardinals head coach has said that he would be interested in the Browns head coaching job, but that was well before the Packers job opened up. He’s definitely a legitimate option with offensive capabilities and has worked with superstars at every stop along the way. I can see success for Green Bay and Rodgers if they hire Arians away from the TV booth.
  • John Harbaugh (+4000 – If the Baltimore Ravens don’t make the playoffs this year then Harbaugh could be in the unemployment line. However, he won’t be there for long. I bet that numerous teams would look to snatch him up as a coordinator or a head coach. I like the structure and stability he brings to a team and he would make a solid addition to the Packers franchise. With that said, I think Baltimore will make the playoffs and Harbaugh will stay with the Ravens for another year.
  • Joe Philbin (+10000) – Philbin is currently the Packers interim coach. The only way the team will consider Joe as a long term solution is if he goes undefeated the rest of the season and the Packers win every game 40 to 0. Philbin has a losing record as a head coach during his 3 years with the Dolphins. He’s nothing more than a coordinator at this point.
  • Marvin Lewis (+20000) – Absolutely not. In fact, Lewis’ days as an NFL head coach are over. Once the Bengals dump him this offseason, Marvin will either retire, get hired as a defensive coordinator or find a college team to coach. There’s no way he lands another head coaching job in the NFL ever again.

Is Favre a Realistic Candidate?

Brett Favre at +100000 odds isn’t a realistic coaching option. Brett has zero head coaching experience. His only coordinating experience came in 2013 when he was a high school offensive coordinator. The team did go on to win the state title, but that’s a far cry from the NFL.

Favre is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time and one of the greatest Packers of all-time. Green Bay fans would definitely love to see Favre as a coach, but it’s just not realistic. It’s not even worth taking a flyer on. To Favre’s credit, he hasn’t stoked the flames of this longshot possibility. In fact he was in support of McCarthy before the head coach was fired.

From the list above, I would say you’re better off taking a chance with one of the Harbaugh brothers, Bruce Arians, or Adam Gase than anyone else.
Rick Rockwell

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