Will Conor McGregor Get Arrested Before His Next Fight?

Conor “Notorious” McGregor is once again in the news for criminal behavior. However, unlike smashing a cell phone, McGregor is in trouble for smashing an old man’s face. Over the last few days, social media has been buzzing over video footage released by TMZ of McGregor punching an older bar patron in the face. It’s been speculated and debated as to why McGregor did this. However, the one thing that hasn’t been in doubt is the backlash that McGregor has received over his actions. From fellow athletes to social media followers, McGregor has received a great deal of criticism. MMA betting sites are now taking bets on whether or not McGregor gets arrested for this assault before he steps back into a ring or octagon.

A Shot of Whiskey or a Shot to the Face

It should be pointed out that this incident took place at the Marble Arch Pub in Dublin over four months ago on April 6th. However, not much was made of it until video footage was recently released of McGregor punching an older bar patron in the face.

The details are short and sweet. It appears that McGregor started out with positive intentions by buying a round of his Proper No. 12 Irish Whiskey for patrons sitting at the bar. However, one fella refused McGregor’s gesture. So, the former UFC champ took offense to this refusal and decided to punch the older bar patron in the grill. It was a straight left right to the side of the guy’s face. What makes it even worse was that the gentleman wasn’t even looking at McGregor when it happened. This was a classic example of a sucker punch or a cheap shot.

A friend of the victim told the local media that his mate was sore, upset, and didn’t leave his house for a week. At this point in time, local authorities are still investigating the incident.

Today, He Punches an Old Guy, What’s Going to Happen Tomorrow?

McGregor’s UFC rival Khabib Nurmagomedov publicly lambasted Conor and is calling for McGregor to be arrested. Nurmagomedov shared his thoughts on the matter with TMZ Sports:

“We have to respect old people, I don’t understand. One fan sent me a message, he said ‘Hey, you remember when he tried to give you his whiskey, like alcohol, and you don’t take this? But why don’t he punch you?’ But now he goes crazy with old people? I don’t understand this. People like this have to go to jail.”

Nurmagomedov continued to echo what many critics are saying, that McGregor needs to go to jail. Khabib also brings up a good point as to what will McGregor do “tomorrow” if he continues to get away with these crimes:

“(In) my opinion, he has to see a little bit jail, because when something happens and you see jail and you sit a little bit and think about this, ‘OK what I did, why I sit here.’ He has to think about this. Today he punches an old guy. What’s going to happen tomorrow? Nobody knows this.”

MyBookie has the following prop bet that seeks to address what might happen to McGregor “tomorrow” or in the very near future:

Will McGregor Be Arrested Before December 31st?

  • Yes (-120)
  • No (-120)

On the surface, these odds offer good value, as they’re both at -120 lines. However, we should take a look at his past legal issues to better gauge whether or not Conor gets arrested for this incident.

Will McGregor Get Arrested for Punching an Old Man?

If you were to ask people on social media or fellow MMA athletes as to whether or not McGregor should be arrested, the answer would be “yes.” What McGregor did was reprehensible on many levels. First of all, Conor wasn’t even threatened in any way. So, there was no self-defense element to this encounter. Second, McGregor hit an older man, which is despicable in itself. But the worse part of it all is that the older man wasn’t even looking when he was punched. It’s a cheap shot that has rightfully drawn a great deal of criticism from fans, fellow countrymen, and athletes from around the world.

Despite the deplorable nature of McGregor’s actions, it doesn’t mean he will get arrested. The investigation has been ongoing for over four months now. And nobody has been arrested as of yet. It’s absolutely insane that McGregor hasn’t seen jail time for clearly hitting a defenseless older man, but celebrities tend to get away with criminal behavior that the average person wouldn’t be able to get away with.

This doesn’t mean McGregor is immune to arrests, it just means that the situation will be handled differently. For example, McGregor was arrested in March for smashing a fan’s smartphone on the street. He was also arrested for attacking a charter bus in 2018 when he threw a dolly through the window after UFC 223 media day. In addition to those arrests, there have been numerous other legal investigations, traffic tickets, and other run-ins with the law.

McGregor should be arrested for punching an older man, but if the local authorities haven’t arrested him already despite the video footage, then I don’t see it happening now. I doubt the public pressure for an arrest will make the local police cave in to any demands. Plus, if they do, then McGregor could probably have a strong case for an appeal. This issue will get settled out of court and Conor will receive nothing more than a small slap on the wrist, community service, and a fine—nothing that will inconvenience the self-proclaimed billionaire.

McGregor Prop Bet: No, he won’t be arrested (-120)

When Will McGregor Fight Again?

If you don’t count beating up old men in bars, McGregor hasn’t fought in 10 months since he lost to Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 and the post-fight brawl. Earlier this year, McGregor allegedly retired from the UFC despite big fights being lined up for him. One of the names mentioned has been Jorge Masvidal. BetOnline has a futures bet between the two where Masvidal is the favorite:

  • Conor McGregor (+130)
  • Jorge Masvidal (-150)

Personally, I don’t see this fight happening. Masvidal is too big of a fighter for McGregor, as Jorge fights in the welterweight division and McGregor fights in the lightweight division. Most likely, Masvidal will end up fighting Nate Diaz next who just returned to the octagon this past weekend and called out Jorge after his win. A Diaz versus Masvidal fight will be incredible.

There’s a small chance that McGregor steps back into a boxing ring before an octagon. Irish boxer Luke Keeler (17-2-1) called out McGregor on social media after he saw the video of Conor punching the older bar patron.

Apparently, McGregor was angry over Keeler’s public comments and called him up. Keeler described the conversation and told the Daily Mail that McGregor agreed to fight him:

“I don’t want to get into it too much, but I know he wasn’t happy about the call out. He is not happy. The fight community in Ireland is small enough and Crumlin isn’t too far from Ballyfermot, and I heard he wasn’t happy with the timing of it. He rang me and we had a few words. I told him the fight was there to be made and he was all for it. He agreed to fight over the phone.”

Keeler is hopeful that the fight will happen, but isn’t holding his breath. In fact, he doubts that McGregor will actually go through with the challenge. Luke even went as far as to insult McGregor further via social media:

“He has agreed to fight after a shouting match on the phone but doubtful he will. It would be the quickest way for him to get Irish people’s respect back, but respect and class is something he has none of and something money can’t buy.”

If McGregor wanted to really create a buzz, then he would fight Keeler. This is a boxing match that he could potentially win. Keeler has fought for regional titles in the past, but he’s taking on a world class fighter in McGregor who went 10 rounds with Floyd Mayweather Jr. in 2017.

I think Conor should follow through with this challenge and earn back the respect that he’s lost. If he doesn’t follow through with this alleged agreement, then it will look worse for the former UFC champ. Speaking of the UFC, it’s unclear when McGregor will return to the octagon. As of now, Keeler seems like the most likely candidate for a fight other than old guys who refuse to drink McGregor’s whiskey.

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