Who Will End Game of Thrones Season 7 on the Iron Throne?

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There is so much wonder and excitement associated with the return of HBO’s fantasy hit Game of Thrones. The 7th installment of the popular television series officially arrives on July 16th and with it comes the anticipation of numerous storylines, which hated/beloved characters could finally meet their demise and who will ultimately rule on the Iron Throne.

We can’t know how much of this will actually be fully answered in Game of Thrones Season 7, which is slated for just seven episodes. That’s quite the drop from the usual 10 episodes, while season 7 is drastically different in terms of anticipation.

Last year fans were frenetically awaiting the hopeful return of an undisclosed deceased character and their pending return ruled much of the season. Going into season 7, however, the story is wide open and per the latest HBO trailer, we can prepare for a harsh and cold winter:

Winter is indeed coming to Game of Thrones, which should mean more White Walkers, as well as some very interesting stories slowly resolving themselves. It’s tough to know exactly how season 7 will set itself up, as well as how the final season will be propped up. Odds are that we’ll only see the beginning of “winter” in this season and we could see more resolution in regards to the power struggle for the Iron Throne.

Even if that’s not the case, there is still an interesting betting opportunity here, as top entertainment betting sites like MyBookie.ag are offering odds on who will end the season on the Iron Throne.

Game of Thrones – Iron Throne Odds

It was Cersei Lannister who took over for her dead son at the end of season six, but could we see massive change over the next seven episodes? MyBookie.ag seems to think it’s at least possible, if not likely, as Cersei is not the favorite to be ruling King’s Landing by the time we start hyping up season 8. Check out the latest Iron Throne odds:

  • Daenerys Targaryen (+190)
  • Cersei Lannister (+230)
  • Jon Snow (+330)
  • Sansa Stark (+350)
  • Tyrion Lannister (+650)
  • Arya Stark (+850)
  • Bran Stark (+1000)
  • Petyr Baelish (+1100)
  • Gendry (+1100)
  • Jaime Lannister (+1500)
  • The Field (+2000)

We have no idea how season 7 of Game of Thrones will unfold, especially since most of the previous seasons were based on the books by George R.R. Martin. He has yet to finish the story that we are now diving into, which could leave things wide open from this point on.

Favorites to Rule

Cersei Lannister remains a very solid bet to be sitting on the Iron Throne when season 7 wraps up. We need to consider her savagery, her power, her connections, the fact that she’s currently in control and the great lengths (and loss) she went through to get back to this spot.

Cersei is certainly not about to willingly relinquish her spot as ruler in King’s Landing, and she’s probably too smart to be out-witted yet again. That may mean the only way she gives up the throne is by death. Perhaps Daenerys and her army storm King’s Landing and finish the job they set out to do – to get Khaleesi the crown that she claims is rightfully hers.

That could very well happen, which is why MyBookie.ag has no qualms in getting behind the Princess of House Targaryen. She’s got confidence, she’s got a political team, she’s got an army and she’s got dragons. If anyone is going to just stroll into town and take over, Khaleesi seems to have the gusto and ammunition to make it happen.

Not a Chance

These two powerful women are without a doubt your best shots here, but we can simplify the process by narrowing down the hunt. Some of the options here don’t make much sense, as they’d have to jump through far too many hoops or have things go really sideways for them to sniff the throne.

The candidates we can likely safely rule out rather quickly are Arya Stark and Bran Stark. They have their own ongoing narratives and don’t have a direct line to the throne. If they took it, it would have to be by extreme force and they’d be leapfrogging numerous logical options.

We can probably take Gendry and Jaime Lannister out of the equation, too. Jaime has never shown any inclination to rule and would probably rather die in defense of his sister (Cersei) before taking over the Iron Throne. It’s more likely he dies in battle or via assassination before this happens.

Gendry is technically the rightful heir to the throne as things stand, as he’s a bastard son of Robert Baratheon, who was the former king and was murdered. We all remember Joffrey and Tommen as short-lived kings in Westeros, but it really should have been Gendry before them.

Not everyone even knows he’s still alive (Davos spared him), though, and he has zero chance of taking over as long as Cersei and realistically any other Lannister are around. He’s not out of the equation, but he’s an unlikely fixture to close season 7 on the throne.

I’m also pretty confident we won’t see Tyrion Lannister at the throne when season 7 concludes. He’s firmly behind Daenerys Targaryen at this point and considering how she’s actually listened to him and make him feel useful and important, he’s not about to turn his back on her. He’s in a comfortable spot and he’s far back in line behind Khaleesi at this point. It would take either a sharp change in his character arc or drastic events to thrust him into such a role. It’d be awesome to see, but it’s not a likely scenario.

Sneaky Sleepers

One of the more interesting options is Littlefinger (Baelish), who is seemingly up against the ropes at every turn, but always finds a way to wiggle his way out of harm. He also confided in Sansa at one point that his dream is to sit at the Iron Throne with her as his queen. Interesting, no?

He does have some power at this point and seems to always get what he wants, so we can’t completely rule him out. I still think it’s more likely that Sansa Stark has him held prisoner or even killed before she allows that to happen, however.

Speaking of Sansa, she seems to be leading the positive forces from a political perspective and if the Starks are going to take over King’s Landing, she would be a viable option. That could require the death of her brother, Jon Snow, but we’ve seen him die before, so we certainly can’t rule that path out for her.

If Snow isn’t killed off before season 7, the newly proclaimed “king of the north” feels like a pretty solid bet to storm the castle and take the throne. What will be interesting is how he and Daenerys Targaryen work together and how their relationship unfolds. It’s still possible Snow ultimately concedes to her or even gets killed off before season 7 dries up.

We can’t ignore The Field bet here, either. There are several big names that could rise up the ranks and the biggest is probably Euron Greyjoy. There is supposed to be a huge face-off between him and nephew Theon at some point in season 7, and what comes of that could set up an interesting path for either side. If Euron survives that encounter, could his army storm King’s Landing and temporarily make him the new antagonist to hate as season 7 comes to an end?

Who Will Sit on the Iron Throne?

Cersei is ruthless and fun to watch, but she blew away half of King’s Landing just to get her power back. Her reign of terror is compelling and will be part of season 7, but I’m not sure it can last. She has a lot working in her favor, but it feels like that’s only the case temporarily. Eventually her rule will fall and we wouldn’t at all be shocked if it came well before season 7 concludes.

That instantly puts the momentum in Khaleesi’s favor. She’s headed toward King’s Landing and her narrative this entire time leads us to believe she is the rightful queen of The Seven Kingdoms and she will stop at nothing to realize her dream. It’d be just like GOT to set that up for an entire series, only to let it crumble at her (and our) feet. Still, she is the favorite per MyBookie.ag and we can see why.

The reality here is Daenerys has everything she needs to take over Cersei, who played her last powerful hand and now probably doesn’t have enough to protect herself, long-term. The only play against Khaleesi would be someone in her camp turning against her and assassinating her before she can take over the Iron Throne.

We need to also heavily consider Sansa Stark, Jon Snow and Petyr Baelish. However, Snow has is eyes on a bigger fight, Sansa seems to be riding with her family and their battles and Baelish needs a lot more to go his way to overtake the throne in just one season. These are all viable options and worth bets, but the clear path to the Iron Throne seems to be best setup for Daenerys Targaryen.

Pick: Daenerys Targaryen (+190)
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