Will Rob Gronkowski Return to Patriots in 2020?

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Future Hall of Fame tight end Rob Gronkowski retired last year after the New England Patriots won another Super Bowl. Despite the speculations that he could return at some point during the 2019 regular season, “Gronk” didn’t come back and his former team suffered greatly.

After a year of making the most out of “the retirement life,” New England fans and football pundits are once again stirring up a buzz over the possibility of Gronkowski coming out of retirement to play for the Patriots in 2020.

NFL betting sites have jumped on this bandwagon by releasing the following odds on the possibility that Gronk returns.

Odds on Gronkowski Returning to the NFL in 2020?

  • Yes (+200)
  • No (-300)

At first glance, these odds aren’t appealing at all. The “No” is the betting favorite and it provides no value whatsoever. The “Yes” option is so low that it’s not even worth taking a flier on. For an NFL prop bet, this is certainly an example where the football odds are very unattractive.

The Tom Brady Effect

Let’s start with the obvious, there’s no way that Gronkowski comes out of retirement if Tom Brady has left the New England Patriots. Right now, there’s little indication as to what decision Brady is going to make about his playing future other than he’s definitely coming back.

Speaking of Tom Brady, here’s where things get really interesting about Gronk’s future. Last week, Brady posted a photo on Instagram talking about how he’s preparing for the 2020 season and that there’s 31 weeks until kickoff. Gronkowski commented on the post and created quite the stir.

Gronk provided a quick math lesson for Brady and the millions of followers as he made the following comments:

“When you take year off, 52 + 31 = 83 + 4 weeks (miss pre season) now equals =87 weeks to get better Tom. Think bout that.”

Immediately, NFL media outlets, analysts and fans all started speculating that Gronkowski was referring to himself since he’s the one who took a year off. Since that post, Gronk has kept quiet about his math lesson and coming back to play pro football again.

Nevertheless, Gronkowski’s Instagram comment sparked a wildfire of rumors and speculations throughout Social Media and set the Internet ablaze.

Gronk’s Attitude at Super Bowl 54

Rob Gronkowski was a hit at the weeklong Super Bowl festivities as he could be seen just about everywhere and doing some crazy publicity stunts. In other words, it was Gronk just being Gronk. However, FOX Sports was able to pin down Gronk and make him share his thoughts on coming out of retirement:

“If I ever come back and I feel I have that passion, that strong passion for a continued time, not just one day or one hour, like, ‘Oh, man. I need to play football again.’ I’m talking like a continued passion for about a good week or a good month or so. Then I would think about truly returning to football. As of right now, I’m all set where I’m at.”

Those comments don’t sound like a man ready to come back to the rigorous grind of an NFL player. Although he’s just 30 years old and could still play at a high level for the next five years or so, there’s just too many factors working against a Gronk return:


  • Tom Brady’s Future – although this should be wrapped up in March, the Brady free agency saga only pushes a Gronk return further away from happening.
  • Gronk’s History of Injuries – Gronkowski has taken a beating over his career with several major injuries and surgeries to his back and knees. He’s finally feeling fully healthy again and it’s hard to imagine that he wants to go through the punishment of a football season so soon after returning to full health.
  • Gronk Loves the CBD – Gronkowski is a huge proponent of CBD oil, which he’s even partnered with a company that sells CBD products. The NFL hasn’t approved of CBD usage for any product as of yet. This will definitely impede any Gronk return in the near future.
  • Lost a race to Jeff Gordon – In the beginning of February, Gronkowski raced NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon in a three lap go-cart race. The loser would have to come out of retirement. Gronk ended up bumping Gordon out of the way to win this race, proving his determination to stay retired.

Will Gronkowski Be on an NFL Roster for Week 1 of 2020?

The Patriots still own one year of Gronk’s playing rights should the star tight end return to the NFL. Although, Gronkowski has hinted that he could envision playing for other teams like the Dallas Cowboys, his return would have to be with the New England Patriots.

After taking into consideration the factors listed above, and combine them with Gronk’s enjoyment being a celebrity, I just don’t see the star tight end returning to the NFL by Week 1 of the 2020 season.

I wouldn’t completely rule out a possible return in time for a Playoff run with the Patriots, but there’s no chance he will be back before the start of the upcoming NFL season.

As for this NFL prop bet, go with the “No.” It doesn’t offer any betting value, but I expect the odds to increase with each passing month. Before you know it, we will be looking at -2000 that Gronk comes back.

NFL Bet:No, Rob Gronkowski won’t be back by Week 1 (-300)
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