Winning for Newbies: 9 Strategies That Novice Gamblers Can Win With

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One thing every casino newbie, and casino veteran, wants to know is how to win. Unfortunately, it can be incredibly challenging to beat the house edge.

Winning for newbies will give you 9 strategies that novice gamblers can win with quickly.

1 – Start Small

Regardless of where you decide to spend your time on the casino floor, it takes time to learn the game’s nuances. You’ll never become a winner until you understand the games and their rules.

So, how do you effectively become acclimated to the casino games without breaking the bank?

By starting small. I am amazed at the number of novice gamblers I see buying into a game and immediately betting 4x or more the table minimum.

Usually, they get a healthy dose of reality and are suddenly forced into a smaller bet size. However, the damage has been done, and this places the players in a tremendous hole to crawl out from.

Imagine you decide to play real money blackjack and are looking for some fast cash. You start betting $100 per hand despite the table minimum being only $25.

You’re now losing essentially 4 bets for every 1 you place. I regularly see players take this approach and then get scared back to a $25 bet.

So, now you’re $500 down to the casino and trying to fight back $25 at a time. Can you see the problem here?

Instead, start small. The pros will tell you never to have more than about 3% of your total bankroll in play at any given time.

For novice gamblers, this number needs to be closer to 1%.

Don’t skip the opportunity to play for free from home. You can gain valuable experience and become comfortable with the flow of the game by playing the free online versions of your favorite game.

2 – Stick to One Game

Casino floors are crowded with every gambling game you could imagine. From slot machines to craps tables and everything in between, gamblers face numerous choices.

Many casino games are nothing but a slight variation of another popular game you’ll likely find in the same casino.

I could go on and on here about the best casino games and why you should stick to the casino games with the lowest house edge.

However, gamblers will play their favorite games regardless of how favorably the deck is stacked in the casino’s favor. That’s their prerogative, and I’ll get into the best games a little bit later.

Still, there is one phenomenal way for novice gamblers to mitigate their risks while gambling. That’s by focusing on a single game.

When novice gamblers bounce from game to game, it’s usually because they’re losing. They think it’s a bad game or it’s rigged and move on to something different.

This approach of hopping from table to table only serves to drain your bankroll quickly. You’re much better off learning all you can about a single game’s strategies and best practices.

Then focus all of your attention on that particular discipline. After you have become proficient, you can entertain the prospect of expanding your horizons.

Novice players who stick to one game will quickly advance to a more well-rounded casino gambler in the long run.

3 – Spot the Sucker Bets

A significant part of becoming a winning casino gambler is minimizing your losses. Sucker bets are often cleverly disguised as beneficial to the player.

For Example:

The insurance bet in blackjack. This bet allows players to make a second bet equal to their initial wager when the dealer has an Ace showing. Suppose the dealer has a blackjack, the bets wash, and the player breaks even. Unfortunately, when the dealer doesn’t have a blackjack, you lose the insurance bet. You may very well lose the original wager also.

Thus doubling your losses on a single hand, which will wipe out your winnings pretty quickly.

The Tie Bet in baccarat doesn’t present itself as a way out for the player. However, players often see the 8:1 payout and can’t resist the opportunity to make some fast cash.

Sucker bets can be found on any game in the casino. So, I encourage you to do your research on the pitfalls of your favorite game and avoid these bets at all costs.

4 – Steer Clear of Keno

Keep it simple is usually solid advice in any aspect of life. Please don’t keep it too simple, or you may find yourself picking Keno numbers.

The game itself resembles popular lottery games. So, players that may feel out of place elsewhere in the casino tend to gravitate to the Keno room.

After all, hitting all 20 numbers could score you a tremendous payday. The odds of this occurring are so astronomical that you’re over 1 Million times better off playing the actual lottery.

Keno is a great way to extend your gambling bankroll, but you’ll hardly ever leave the casino a winner. Besides, playing Keno can be about as much fun as watching paint dry in a dark room.

5 – Skip Slots for Video Poker

Slot machines are hands down the most popular games on the casino floor. They offer tons of excitement combined with the potential to cash in big. It’s not uncommon for the massive progressive jackpots to climb well into the six-figures.

Sadly, they also offer some of the worst odds in the casino for the player.

If you actually want to win, skip the slots for another electronic gaming machine. Video poker doesn’t have the bells or whistles of the modern slot machine.

The game does offer one of the lowest house edges in the entire casino. In fact, when the proper strategy is played on the correct machines, the advantage tilts slightly in the player’s favor.

Spend some time learning the best strategies and variations of video poker, and you’ll be winning sooner than you could imagine.

6 – Blackjack Gives You a Legitimate Chance of Winning

Learning to play blackjack correctly is one of the best ways for gamblers to win.

The great news is that it’s also the easiest table game to learn. The basic strategy for blackjack was developed by analyzing millions of blackjack hands using computer simulations.

The result is a chart that gives the player the best possible play for any hand based on the dealers up card. It’s important to note that it must be played on every hand for the strategy to be most effective.

Any variation from the chart slides the advantage back in the casino’s direction. When executed properly, the basic strategy will diminish the house edge to less than 0.5%.

That gives players a great opportunity to leave a winner more often. Although, the math says you’ll still lose in the long-term.

7 – Baccarat Strategy Will Keep You at the Table

Baccarat is another game that’s easily picked up by novice gamblers. The object of the game is to have a hand that’s as close to 9 as possible.

The dealer handles all of the work, and you’ll need to place your bet. You don’t have to bet on the player’s hand.

Betting the banker’s hand is slightly more advantageous to the player, but the casino will take a small commission. Still, the 5% commission is worth nearly half a percent edge you gain.

The important thing in baccarat is to stay away from the tie bet. This will payout at 8:1, but you’re going to lose far more than you’ll win with this bet.

8 – Don’t Let the Craps Table Intimidate You

Casino gamblers as a whole seem to be intimidated by the Craps table. Novice gamblers don’t dare encroach upon the hallowed table full of savvy casino vets.

Craps is much easier to play than you imagine. In fact, it’s also one of the most exciting casino games in existence.

If you are a novice gambler of the bold variety, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about craps:

  • Stick to one of two bets – The Pass Line and Don’t Pass bets are all you’ll need to get started, and they can serve you quite well for the long haul.
  • The pass line bet – Is betting with the shooter and is the most popular for most tables. The don’t pass has a slightly better edge, but you’re essentially going against the entire table with this bet.
  • Stick to one of these two bets – As you progress and become more proficient, you can expand to incorporating the lucrative odds bets.

9 – Play Even Money Bets in European Roulette

Playing the even money bets can be a fantastic way for novice casino gamblers to start winning. However, there are a few key factors to your success.

Only playing roulette on a European or single zero wheel is of paramount importance. You should never, under any circumstances, indulge yourself on an American or double zero wheel.

Secondly, never vary your bet size. Stick to a set bet amount and play that same bet throughout the entire session.

Some betting systems will tell you that by doubling your bet after a loss, you’re extending your bankroll. The truth is there are few faster ways to get down to pennies than doubling down after a loss.


Winning for newbies isn’t anymore out of reach as winning for the regular casino gamblers. That’s if you take the 9 strategies that novice gamblers can win with to the floor with you.

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