World Series Betting: Potential Matchups and Updated Odds

by Kevin Roberts
on October 16, 2017

Time is running out on the opportunity for MLB bettors to cash in on some unlikely bets. With the Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros both taking commanding 2-0 leads in the NLCS and ALCS, respectively, the 2017 World Series appears all but decided.

Another win for the Dodgers and Astros and the top MLB betting sites might lock up this year’s World Series bet, but until that happens, there is faint life (and elite value) to be had.

BetOnline gives us one last gasp, as they’re currently offering updated World Series odds and odds for the exact World Series matchup.

Are we already looking at this year’s World Series matchup? Are the Dodgers the concrete locks to win it all that everyone has suggested they were, all along? MLB bettors need to decide that – and fast:

2017 World Series Odds

As you can imagine, Los Angeles is still the heavy favorite to win it all. They’re up 2-0 on the Cubs and even with a tough game three due in Wrigley, they’re in the lead when it comes to WS odds at BetOnline:

  • Los Angeles Dodgers +100
  • Houston Astros +150
  • Chicago Cubs +1200
  • New York Yankees +1200

The Dodgers and Astros carry the most reliable odds, which makes total sense. Not only were they favored to win their respective series and get to the World Series, but they’re now holding huge 2-0 series leads.

While one of those teams seems like the logical bet to win it all, I don’t think we should completely forget about the Cubs or Yankees. Both of these teams have stacked offenses, while the Cubs actually stormed back from a 3-1 hole in last year’s World Series to win the whole thing.

That, and it’s not like the Dodgers and Astros are blowing the Yankees and Cubs away. All four of these games have been close and they’ve required some luck and/or magic for the winner to prevail.

With both series shifting to New York and Chicago, it really wouldn’t be that crazy to see the Yanks and Cubs show real life with a win or two.

Ideally, we’d get even more value with one over the other, but both of these teams are worth flier bets while their WS odds look so bleak. Obviously, if we want a frontrunner here, the Dodgers are the easiest pick.

L.A. has been favored for pretty much the entire year and they have the best overall roster when it comes to pitching and offensive upside. The value isn’t off the charts, but at +100, we’re still getting something back for what feels like a really safe pick.

Pick: Los Angeles Dodgers (+100)

World Series Potential Matchups

A more compelling bet available for a limited time are the four different potential World Series matchups we could get. Obviously, the Dodgers vs. Astros game leads the way and remains the most realistic (and safest bet). Take a look at the lot:

  • Astros vs. Dodgers -220
  • Astros vs. Cubs +450
  • Yankees vs. Dodgers +450
  • Yankees vs. Cubs +2500

We have three other viable bets here. Coming back from 2-0 holes isn’t easy or even all that logical, but it’s also not impossible. Because of that, a Yankees vs. Cubs bet at +2500 is a pretty fun flier play.

That’s probably not happening and if we want to get weird with it, we should exercise a little caution and pick either the Yanks or Cubs to stage a crazy upset.

You could really make a case either way, but considering Chicago’s experience, they feel like the better pick. Besides, there’s a part of us that still don’t fully believe the Dodgers won’t blow this, right?

Ultimately, we shouldn’t get too cute here. I don’t mind a flier bet on the Cubs or Yankees or even aiming high with a Cubs vs. Yankees World Series matchup. But if we’re throwing big money down, the safe bet remains the best bet.

The Astros and Dodgers have two of the most dynamic offenses in all of baseball. Justin Verlander gives Houston a legit ace to get behind, too, while both of these teams have 2-0 leads that they aren’t very likely to blow.

It’s boring, but when it’s all said and done, we’re probably looking at the Astros vs. Dodgers. We’re not getting any real value there, but -220 isn’t the worst bet we’ve made in 2017.

Pick: Astros vs. Dodgers (-220)
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