World’s Largest Things Found in Las Vegas

by Kelly Garner
on December 2, 2017

We do things big in Vegas. In fact, 6 of the world’s 10 biggest hotels are located on the Las Vegas strip. It is a city that is heavily embedded in the bigger-is-better philosophy.

So, it should be no surprise that Las Vegas holds numerous records for having the world’s largest variety of something. Here is a list of the record-breaking-sized things you can check out in Las Vegas.

On the Las Vegas Strip

World’s Largest Observation Wheel

Las Vegas is now home to the world’s tallest observation wheel. The High Roller at The LINQ opened in March of 2014. It comes in at 550 ft. tall. It’s over 100 ft. taller than the London Eye, which is 443 ft. tall.

Each ride takes approximately 30 minutes and does one full rotation. You can even upgrade your ticket purchase to include a bartender to mix up your favorite cocktails inside your pod. Each pod is equipped with audio commentary and is air-conditioned.

World’s Largest Chandelier

Las Vegas is home to the world’s largest chandelier, which is located at The Cosmopolitan hotel. If you haven’t checked this out yet, you should; it’s stunning. It consists of more than 2 million crystal beads.

Largest Chandelier

Each bead is handmade, and octagon shaped. This was done to resist showing signs of wear in the long term.

The chandelier is 65 ft. tall. It surrounds a 10,000 square foot area. Inside the chandelier, there are three bars and a partially see-through staircase. The chandelier was intended to be the main tourist attraction for The Cosmopolitan hotel when it opened in December 2010.

World’s Largest Gold Nugget

The world’s largest gold nugget can be found at, you guessed it, the Golden Nugget hotel. The 62-pound gold piece is called the Hand of Faith. Though there have been larger gold nuggets found in history, they have all been melted down. The Hand of Faith is the largest gold nugget in the world that is still intact.

The story of this particular golden nugget is pretty amazing. It was not found by a gold prospecting company or a devoted gold hunter. A man with a metal detector found it in Australia in 1980. He had just bought the metal detector  and was testing it out. The gold nugget was found inches below the ground. The chunk of gold was purchased by the Golden Nugget hotel for over a million dollars!

World’s Largest Gift Shop

The Bonanza gift shop is quite a sight to see. It is a massive-sized gift shop, with just about every novelty item you can imagine.

Largest Gift Shop

The Bonanza gift shop boasts 40,000 square feet of Las Vegas-related merchandise. This iconic shop has been around since 1980. It’s located on the Las Vegas Strip and Sahara.

World’s Largest Permanent Circus

It’s no surprise that Las Vegas is home to the world’s largest permanent circus. As you probably could have guessed, this circus takes place inside the Circus Circus Hotel, at Carnival Midway. Rather than a big elaborate show with high-priced tickets, the hotel has made this one a show everyone can enjoy.

There is no cost for the circus, and the performances occur every 30 minutes between the hours of 11:30 am and midnight. Each show is about 10 minutes long. You will see everything from trapeze tricks, aerial acts, juggling, acrobatics, clowns, and acts of strength and skill. It’s a free show the whole family can enjoy.

World’s Largest Bottle of Coke

Coca-Cola is one of the most collectible and iconic companies in history. People shell out big bucks for antique merchandise related to the soda company. This has kept the Everything Coca-Cola store, in the showcase mall next to the MGM Grand, a busy tourist attraction.

The Everything Coca-Cola store is hard to miss with the record-breaking 100-foot-tall Coca-Cola bottle marking its entryway. It was originally built for a museum-like area called World of Coca-Cola, which was only open from 1997-2000 before closing its doors. Formerly the gift shop, the Everything Coca-Cola store still remains open today.

World’s Largest M&M Candy Wall

M&M’s World is a fun tourist attraction for kids and adults alike. It opened in 1997 in the showcase mall next to the MGM Grand. In 2013, they debuted the world’s largest M&M candy wall.

Largest M&M Wall

It is located on the 2nd floor of M&M’s World. The wall is 62 feet wide, with 125 clear tubes filled with M&M’s. It looks like a rainbow wall, offering 22 varieties and 11 flavors housed within the various tubes. If you have an M&M lover in your family, they are going to love this place.

World’s Largest Sports and Superbook

The world’s largest sportsbook is located inside the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas. This place actually has two world records for its size: it houses the world’s largest LED video wall, in addition to having the largest sportsbook. The video wall is 240 feet wide and 20 feet tall.

The sportsbook itself is a staggeringly large 25,000 square foot facility. The Westgate Hotel sportsbook offers the largest wagering selection in the state of Nevada. There are great drink comps, sports parties, and betting odds here, making it a popular gambling option.

An interesting perk for some is the adjacent smoke-free slots area. These can be difficult to find in the Las Vegas Casinos.

Downtown Las Vegas

World’s Largest Video Screen

Downtown Las Vegas, on Fremont street, is where you will find the world’s largest video screen. It serves as a canopy over Fremont street.

The screen is 1,500 feet long and 90 feet wide.

The arched canopy video screen lights up with a show called the Viva Vision light show every hour between 6pm-1am. It is a 6-minute-long show with concert quality music to go along with the lights.

World’s Largest Instagram Wall

Another Fremont street world record utilizes the before-mentioned record-breaking video screen. The 1,500-foot-long video screen is also the world’s largest Instagram wall.

Ig Wall

At the times when the screen is not lit up with the Viva Vision light show, it is covered in the Instagram photos of its visitors.

Visitors can post their photos to Instagram with the hashtag “#fremontstreet.”

All photos with this hashtag are displayed above on the Fremont street canopy screen.

World’s Largest Slot Machine

This world-record-holding slot machine is host to a zip line, and is located downtown on Fremont street. It is an incredible 12 stories tall! I’ve already covered that Fremont street is home to the video screen canopy, and it truly is a sight to see. With that said, what better way to see the sights and the canopy than to zip line through it?

The SlotZilla zip line runs directly beneath the lighted canopy of Fremont street. The zip line is the busiest, most successful inner-city zip line in the world! It originates from the top of the record-breaking, 128-foot-high slot machine, and has two separate zip lines to choose from: the zip line and the zoom line.

Both zip lines are 1750 feet long. The zip line is the lower of the two options. This one is done sitting up. The other option is the zoom line. It is considered to be the more intense option of the two. It is higher, done Superman-style (lying horizontally, face down), and can reach speeds of up to 40 mph.

World’s Largest Pint Glass

You can find the world’s largest pint glass displayed outside of Hennessey’s Tavern in Las Vegas.

Pint Glass

It is an 85-foot-tall pint glass representing a full pint of “Not Your Dad’s Root Beer.” It used to be a Bass brand pale ale pint glass. This was changed early in 2017, and took a year of renovations to change.

World’s Largest Working Fire Hydrant

You read that right; Las Vegas is home to the world’s largest functioning fire hydrant. Why do we have this enormous working fire hydrant, you might ask? Well, because we are Vegas and don’t need to have a reason. It was originally built in 2013 to generate publicity for the Hydrant Club private dog park and doggy daycare.

It was a smart move, seeing as it has become a very popular photo opportunity for tourists and locals alike. It stands at 15 feet tall and is painted in bright yellow.

If you pull the lever to turn it on, it is designed to spray you with water like any other functioning fire hydrant would.

World’s Largest Fire-Breathing Praying Mantis

This one is quite a sight to see. The giant praying mantis is located downtown in the Container Park. It was originally constructed for the Burning Man festival in 2013. The world’s largest fire-breathing praying mantis is 40 feet long. It has mechanical movement capabilities, and spouts fire from its antennae.

The best part: it is operator-controlled. If you enjoy people-watching, you will probably end up spending a lot of time here.

The operator waits for oblivious walkers to pass by, then startles them with the movement and fire of the praying mantis.

This attraction kicks off between 4:30-5:00 pm with a drum circle. From there, the after-dark activity is scattered, due to it being operator-controlled.

World’s Largest Mechanical Neon Sign

This world-record-breaking sign is the second most iconic sign in Vegas, after the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. Vegas Vic is located in Downtown on Fremont Street, outside of the Pioneer gift shop. He has been watching over Downtown Las Vegas since 1951.

The world’s largest mechanical sign, Vegas Vic, stands 40 feet tall. He used to be quite advanced in his mechanics at the time he was built.

He had an arm that waved, a moving cigarette, and even had sound. His partner in crime, Vegas Vickie, had been located adjacent to Vegas Vic since 1980.

Unfortunately, she was removed earlier this year to allow for construction.

World’s Largest Marijuana Store

Marijuana has been available recreationally in Las Vegas since July 1, 2017. Like with everything else in Las Vegas, you can expect this to be done in a big way.

Weed Store

Even though it’s only been legal for a few months, Las Vegas is now home to the largest retail marijuana store.

NuWu is located just two blocks from Downtown, on Washington and Main. The store boasts 16000 square feet of product, and 170 feet of display counters. It just opened in October of 2017. Looking to the future, the store plans to add a drive-thru, and stay open 24 hours a day.

World’s Longest Race Track – Coming Soon

Okay, this one isn’t necessarily in Las Vegas, but is still worth a mention on the list. Located about an hour from Vegas, in the town of Pahrump, is Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club.

It will soon be home to the world’s longest race track. Owners John Morris and Brad Rambo say the track will be 15 miles long. This will surpass the current record holder for the longest race track, the Nürburgring in Germany, which is 13.1 miles.

The resort currently offers a 6-mile off-road course for ATVs and trucks, a 6,000 foot drag race track, and a go-kart track. It also currently has condos, a manmade lake with a jetpack, a pool, and an indoor shooting range. All this luxury comes with a hefty price tag. Memberships cost between $10,000-$130,000, plus annual dues each year.


If you’re wanting a big sightseeing tour that involves literally looking at big things, you should check out all the places on our world’s biggest Vegas list.

There’s a little bit of everything on the list, so it could be a fun tour for the whole family.

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