Complete WrestleMania 35 Betting Guide: Odds, Rumors and Predictions

by Rick Rockwell
on April 5, 2019

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On Sunday, April 7th, the WWE presents their biggest event of the year – WrestleMania 35 live from MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. WrestleMania is not only the most popular pro wrestling event in the world, it’s also a largescale extravaganza comparable to the Super Bowl in terms of fans in attendance, global viewership, revenue, and economic impact. In other words, it truly is “the showcase of the Immortals.

This year, the WWE has announced a 15-match card that will span across both the WrestleMania Kickoff Show and the PPV/Network event. As always, the card is subject to change and the WWE typically makes last minute adjustments prior to most PPV events.

For the first time ever, women wrestlers will compete in the main event of WrestleMania. The headliner match is a triple threat bout for both the RAW and SmackDown Women’s Championship Belts. The competitors are Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Ronda Rousey. Additionally, just about every WWE title will be on the line at WM 35.

Let’s check the latest pro wrestling odds from the best WWE betting sites, see if we can find some betting value and RKO our picks.

WrestleMania Kickoff Show Matches

The WrestleMania Kickoff Show is set to begin at 5 PM ET and run for two hours until the main card starts at 7 PM ET. The Kickoff Show is currently scheduled to have three matches. All betting odds are courtesy of 5Dimes:

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match

  • (c)Buddy Murphy (-230)
  • Tony Nese (+170)

Buddy Murphy is the most underrated wrestler on the WWE roster. He has carried the cruiserweight division since winning the title in his hometown of Melbourne last year at Super Showdown. Murphy has fought every top cruiserweight on the roster and has successfully defeated them all. I’ve dubbed him “Mr. Kickoff” recently, as he continues to defend the cruiserweight title during the kickoff show for each PPV.

Murphy’s opponent Tony Nese is a former friend and tag-team partner. He’s also just about the only other cruiserweight that fans believe has the potential to beat Murphy. Nese earned the title shot at WM 35 after defeating Cedrick Alexander to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament. Following his big win, Murphy congratulated Tony with a boot to the face.

The WWE should seriously consider moving Murphy to RAW or SmackDown. He’s a proven commodity inside the ring and could add depth to either one of the secondary titles Mustafa Ali when from 205 Live to SmackDown and has been successful. I think Murphy could do the same.

For this bet, I really like the value that Nese offers. He’s definitely worthy of a flyer as I believe he could upset Murphy. If WWE decided to move Murphy to one of the main shows then they will take the belt off of him. I believe there really is nothing left for Murphy to accomplish. He will have bigger WM moments down the road when he’s fighting for other titles. I’m taking Nese to win in an upset.

WWE Bet: Tony Nese (+170)

WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal

Currently, as of this writing, only 13 women have been announced as participants in the 2nd annual WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal match. The following is a list of the betting favorites:

  • Lacey Evans (-115)
  • Asuka (+280)
  • Mandy Rose (+600)
  • Sonya Deville (+900)
  • Nikki Bella (+1000)
  • Ruby Riott (+1000)

The 2nd ever WrestleMania Women’s battle royal has very little excitement heading into WM 35. In fact, it’s probably the least intriguing match on the entire card. That’s largely due to the very few names in the match. Currently, only 13 women have been announced for this battle royal. And, none of them have much going for their on-air characters.

The best wrestler already announced is Asuka, but the WWE has proven to be incapable of doing anything with her since she lost last year at WM 34 to Charlotte Flair. Speaking of last year’s WM women’s battle royal, Naomi won the historic first match by eliminating Bayley in the end. Naomi will be in this battle royal, but she’s not even one of the odds on favorites. Bayley is in a tag-team title match this weekend and won’t be in this match.

The one superstar that should be in the match, Nia Jax, is also in the same tag-team title match. So, unlike with the men’s battle royal, there really is no clear-cut favorite. WrestleMania betting sites might have Lacey Evans as the favorite, but she’s done absolutely nothing other than walk around and interrupt matches. Asuka doesn’t need this victory because she’s already been a multi-time champ and the WWE wouldn’t know what to do with her even if she did win.

Nikki Bella is listed as a betting option by WWE betting sites, but she officially retired from wrestling last week. So, even if she surprises us all and shows up, there’s no way she’s winning.

In my opinion, just like with Naomi last year, we need to look at a mid-card wrestler who could use this victory to become a legit upper card contender. With that said, Mandy Rose (+600) and Ruby Riott (+1000) are my two choices to win this battle royal.

Since I can only pick one superstar, I’m going with Mandy Rose. I like Ruby Riott and think she’s talented enough, but with the way the WWE buried the Riott Squad these last few weeks on RAW, I just can’t see Riott winning this. So, I’m taking Mandy Rose to win the battle royal. However, you can certainly bet on both wrestlers as they each offer solid betting value.

WWE Bet: Mandy Rose (+600)

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

For the 6th year in a row, all of the male superstars who aren’t scheduled in other WrestleMania matches will be competing in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Currently, 28 male superstars have been entered into this match. The following is a list of the odds on favorites to win:

  • Braun Strowman (+120)
  • Curt Hawkins (+540)
  • Rob Gronkowski (+950)
  • Rye Mysterio (+1500)
  • Mustafa Ali (+2500)

Andre the Giant is one of the most recognized names in the history of professional wrestling. He was a larger than life character that transcended the industry and became a global phenomenon. Andre has also become a cult icon with the legendary tales of his drinking adventures. Nobody has ever come close to filling Andre’s shoes and nobody ever will. But, the WWE does have an opportunity here to do the obvious thing and get Braun Strowman back on the right path.

Strowman was the hottest thing going in late-2017 through the first half of 2018. Other than Becky Lynch, he was the hottest homegrown star in the last two years. But, by late-2018, the WWE bungled most of his storylines and he became irrelevant once again. However, this match with Andre’s namesake could help Strowman return to monster status and put him back on the path toward the Universal Title. Or they can move him to SmackDown and have him dominate over there.

The following wrestlers have won the previous 5 editions of the Andre the Giant battle royal:

  • Cesaro won the inaugural battle royal in 2014 after eliminating the Big Show with his superhuman strength.
  • Big Show improved on his runner up status in 2014 to win the 2015 match.
  • Baron Corbin took a big step up the ladder with a win in 2016.
  • Mojo Rawley got a nice push after winning the 2017 edition of this match.
  • Last year, Matt Hardy won and the WWE Universe was “awoken.”

This year, there is only one legitimate choice and that’s Braun Strowman. At +120 odds I also like his betting value. If you want a longshot pick for this match, Rob Gronkowski is a good one to watch. The recently retired NFL star could return to the WWE and make a huge splash by winning this match.

WWE Bet: Braun Strowman (+120)

WrestleMania 35 Main Card Matches

As of now, there are 12 matches scheduled for the Main Card portion of WM 35, which is set to begin at 7 PM ET. All betting odds are courtesy of 5Dimes.

SmackDown Tag Team Championship Fatal 4-Way Match

  • (c)The Usos (-200)
  • Ricochet & Aleister Black (+225)
  • The Bar (+550)
  • Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev (+700)
  • In typical WWE fashion, the creative team decided to make this WM 35 match after an 8-man tag match went haywire on SmackDown this week. So, all four teams that were in that match will now fight for the tag titles on Sunday. With that said, the WWE has a decision to make: keep the belts on The Usos or put them on Ricochet and Black.

    The Usos are the most credible tag team on either show. And, if they keep the belts after Mania I think it’s just to drop them at the next PPV. Out of all four teams, the former NXT duo could use this win the most. And, by the way the WWE has been pushing these two wrestlers, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did win on Sunday.

    However, the smart play for this match is the Usos despite not offering any betting value. If the WWE really wants to make the fans happy then they would put the belts on Ricochet and Black. With that said, I’m going with the Usos to retain the belts and hold on to them for at least another month.

    WWE Bet: The Usos (-200)

    Kurt Angle’s Farewell Match

    • Kurt Angle (-165)
    • Baron Corbin (+125)

    Kurt Angle will go down as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all-time. And, if he had the same longevity as Ric Flair or Hulk Hogan then Angle could’ve been the best to ever step inside a squared circle. Keep in mind, he did it all with a “broken freakin’ neck”. Nevertheless, the 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist is leaving the business better off than how he found it.

    Angle technically spent half his career in TNA due to issues with the WWE. But, he will always be considered one of WWE’s best. Angle won the TNA world title 6 times, the WCW world title 1 time, and the WWE title 4 times. He’s also held just about every other belt in both promotions. His pro wrestling accolades have already earned Angle an entry into the WWE HOF in 2017. Which, ironically, brought him back to wrestling part time.

    Baron Corbin made Angle’s life very difficult last year and even took the RAW GM position from Kurt. For the sake of concluding their WWE storyline, a farewell match against Corbin was booked. Unfortunately, WWE fans would’ve preferred a better opponent than Baron. That’s why the WWE tried to make farewell matches on RAW and SmackDown for Angle to take on guys like Samoa Joe and AJ Styles one last time. Remember, Angle’s feuds with Joe and Styles in TNA is what helped to make that company a legitimate #2 wrestling promotion.

    As for this match, it’s hard to imagine that the WWE will have Corbin win it. Although, previous retirement matches didn’t go well for the retirees. Ric Flair and Undertaker both lost their final matches at the time. With that said, I’m going with Kurt Angle to win. The Olympic hero will execute his “three I’s,” an Angle slam, and his ankle lock to win this match.

    WWE Bet: Kurt Angle (-165)

    Intercontinental Championship Match

    • (c)Bobby Lashley (+500)
    • “The Demon” Finn Balor (-900)

    Here’s another match that nobody other than “the Balor club” cares about. In reality, the WWE has done neither man justice by putting them in this match. Additionally, neither wrestler needs the Intercontinental title or can even bring a steady interest to it after it’s become a prop for matches rather than continuing the shine that Seth Rollins brought back to it in 2018.

    In reality, Lashley should’ve been in the Andre the Giant battle royal and Balor could’ve been in it as well. Furthermore, this match should’ve been on the Kickoff Show instead of Murphy vs Nese, which might steal the show.

    For this WWE wager, Balor is one of the biggest betting favorites of the entire event. He will bust out his “demon” ring gear and face paint for this match as well. That’s pretty much a guarantee for Balor to win. Lashley isn’t even worthy of a flyer.

    WWE Bet: Finn Balor (-900)

    United States Championship Match

    • (c)Samoa Joe (-260)
    • Rey Mysterio (+180)

    Unlike the Intercontinental title match, the US title match should actually be more interesting due to the wrestlers involved. However, it should also be early on the Kickoff Show because it’s not a match that will leave any memorable moments. More than anything, this match will be Samoa Joe’s WrestleMania moment and that’s about it. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the WWE decided to add another superstar to this match since it doesn’t really have much interest from the fans.

    Both wrestlers are “over” with the fans in their own way, but the build-up for this contest was lackluster and it doesn’t do much for the show. Both men could’ve been in the battle royal as well.

    Samoa Joe is the betting favorite, and rightfully so. He’s the champ and has a little momentum going. Rey Mysterio has really nothing going for him other than his past accomplishments. With that in mind, I’m taking Samoa Joe to win and retain the title.

    WWE Bet: Samoa Joe (-260)

    WWE Grudge Match

    • AJ Styles (-110)
    • Randy Orton (-130)

    Rumors of this match could be heard back in late-December to early-January. At the time, most fans and pundits weren’t thrilled about this feud. Many within the WWE Universe wanted to see AJ Styles in a more prolific bout on the “grandest stage of them all.” Unfortunately, the WWE brain trust couldn’t come up with anything better and we’re stuck with this feud.

    In classic WWE fashion, they waited until last month to even get this storyline going despite neither wrestler having any clear feud or direction at the time. Both Styles and Orton did their best to make the fans care, in spite of the WWE’s lack of vision.

    We’ve had a few weeks of sneak attacks and insults to really get fans invested. I would say it’s about 50/50 on the WWE Universe caring or not.

    When it comes to the in-ring product, both wrestlers are veterans and very capable of putting together a solid outing. It really comes down to how long they get inside the ring to tell a story. If the WWE gives them enough time, then this match could be one of the best on the show. If they’re rushed or held to less than that then this match will end up being a waste of both men’s talents.

    As for the bet, it’s a tossup. And, that’s why WrestleMania betting sites have the odds so close. Between the two, the WWE Universe is more invested in AJ Styles than Randy Orton. And, I think that’s going to be the difference. AJ Styles will get the win because nobody would care if Orton wins, but they wouldn’t be pleased if AJ loses.

    WWE Bet: AJ Styles (-110)

    WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Fatal 4-Way Match

    • (c)Bayley & Sasha Banks (-335)
    • Beth Phoenix & Natalya (+1150)
    • The IIconics (+400)
    • Nia Jax & Tamina (+850)

    The women’s tag team match has some buzz heading into it. For starters, the champs have been seen on both RAW and SmackDown defending the titles. Furthermore, this match helped to boost the relevancy of the IIconics once again. Additionally, it kept Jax and Tamina as the top heel duo for the women’s roster. But, the biggest thing that this match did was bring Beth Phoenix out of retirement and back into the ring. How long she plans on wrestling is anyone’s guess.

    Beth and Natalya come in as the biggest underdogs of this tag team title match. The champs are a big favorite to retain their titles while the IIconics are the second favorites. The heel monsters of Tamina and Nia are also a significant underdog.

    If you recall, I said that Jax and Tamina should’ve been the champs first and then have Bayler and Banks win the titles at WM 35. Well, the WWE decided to do it differently and we now have a match where it makes no sense to keep the belts on the champs.

    The best outcome for this match is having the belts go on a tag team that can really benefit from them like the IIconics. However, I think this weekend could see the belts go to Natalya and Beth Phoenix. With the Hart Foundation being inducted into the WWE HOF on Saturday night, it would be an emotional and enjoyable moment to see Natalya win the tag belts in honor of her late father who was the powerhouse of the Hart Foundation. And, if Brett Hart was still in attendance, he could come out and celebrate. It would also be cool to see Beth’s real life husband, and former WWE superstar, Edge come out and celebrate as well.

    So, I’m hoping for the best and taking the biggest underdog of this match as I’m picking Natalya and Beth Phoenix to win the tag titles.

    WWE Bet: Beth Phoenix & Natalya (+1150)

    WWE Singles Match

    • Roman Reigns (-305)
    • Drew McIntyre (+225)

    Let’s start by saying that the return of Roman Reigns from leukemia is still a heartwarming story. With that said, I feel that the WWE rushed him into a storyline just to have him in a match at WrestleMania 35. And, they’re putting him up against McIntyre who should be getting a push right now, not being set up to lose on the biggest stage.

    McIntyre has world champion and face of the company written all over him. He has the look, skills, and personality to carry RAW into the future. Yet, the WWE continues to delay his run at a title shot. And, now, they are risking his momentum by putting him in the ring with Roman Reigns.

    I would love nothing more than to see Drew win this match because he deserves it, not because of any anti-Reigns sentiment. However, I just don’t see it happening. “The Big Dog” is back and he will reclaim his yard this weekend. I expect Reigns and McIntyre to have a solid match. In fact, it will probably be a top 5 match of the night out of the 15 scheduled matches.

    For this wager, Reigns doesn’t offer any betting value as the favorite. And, since he’s going to win, I don’t see McIntyre being worth a flyer. If Drew was facing Rollins or Ambrose in this match then I would pick McIntyre. Unfortunately for fans of the “Scottish psychopath,” he’s going to get the loss at WM 35.

    WWE Bet: Roman Reigns (-305)

    Falls Count Anywhere Match

    • Shane McMahon (+280)
    • The Miz (-400)

    For many of us, we saw this feud coming a mile away. It was clear that the WWE was going to split them up after they became an “odd couple” tag-team. The only question was who would turn heel. I had suggested that it should be Shane because that would make things more interesting and then we could possibly see a heel Daniel Bryan vs a baby face Miz by the summer. Well, Kofi Kingston might derail that idea, but the face Miz has done well so far.

    I prefer The Miz being a heel always, but we needed something different and Shane turning on The Miz was much more entertaining. Additionally, Shane going after The Miz’s dad made this feud more interesting. With the evil McMahon harassing The Miz each and every week, there’s really only one outcome for this match – The Miz winning.

    The WWE betting sites feel that The Miz is going to win as they have him as a huge betting favorite. And, can anyone remember the last time Shane won a match in a significant feud?

    Because this is a falls count anywhere match, I expect outside interference and The Miz to win probably due to his father helping out.

    WWE Bet: The Miz (-400)

    No Holds Barred Match

    • Triple H (-300)
    • Batista (+220)

    In this no holds barred match, Triple H will be putting his career on the line against the returning Hollywood star – Batista. These two have done most of their interactions via promos and in interviews after Batista beat up Ric Flair on his 70th birthday. This feud has been simmering over the last few weeks and could explode on Sunday. But, who will win?

    For Batista, one has to wonder how committed the 50-year-old is going to be. He’s got plenty of acting roles lined up and he doesn’t need wrestling anymore. Having him win makes little sense. But, adding Triple H’s career on the line made this match more intriguing because he will also be 50 in a few months.

    Additionally, most people think that Triple H’s in-ring time should come to an end. He has a successful career ahead of him as the COO and being in charge of the exciting NXT brand. Furthermore, he suffered another serious injury last year in his last match and his body isn’t capable of handling much more in-ring wear and tear. With that said, I don’t know if that time is now for Triple H to retire.

    Having Batista win makes absolutely no sense, but neither does a Triple H win. Really, the WWE decided to add more name power to WM 35 without any long term thought to this match.

    The smart money is on Triple H as the betting favorite to win this match. I’m going to take Mr. Stephanie McMahon to win this bout.

    WWE Bet: Triple H (-300)

    Universal Championship Match

    • (c)Brock Lesnar (-125)
    • Seth Rollins (-115)

    The WWE has been grooming Seth Rollins for this very moment. He was the workhorse in 2018 and became the top face after Reigns left due to his fight with Leukemia. Rollins carried WWE RAW every time he stepped into the ring.

    Brock Lesnar has become the top attraction in the WWE, but he’s held the Universal title hostage and other wrestlers need it more. Lesnar can continue to have high profile matches or even go to SmackDown and hold that title for a while, but he doesn’t need the Universal championship anymore. Brock brought prestige back to the title and he can now pass it on to Rollins.

    I believe that it’s going to be Rollins’ time to shine as the champ once again. From there, we can see more exciting feuds for the title and eventually Rollins can drop the belt this summer to a worthy foe. With that said, I’m taking Rollins to slay the beast and win the Universal belt this Sunday.

    WWE Bet: Seth Rollins (-115)

    WWE Championship Match

    • (c) Daniel Bryan (+245)
    • Kofi Kingston (-335)

    A handful of years ago, the WWE Universe willed Daniel Bryan to winning the world title. It was an exciting time to be a Bryan fan and great to see the talented worker make it to the top of the mountain. Fast forward to 2019, and we have a similar opportunity. Kofi Kingston earned the love and support of the fans with his in-ring efforts over the last few months. In fact, the WWE Universe’s support for Kofi completely changed the WWE’s plans for WM 35 and the world title.

    It would truly be a monumental moment if Kofi can actually win the world championship belt. Some believe that Kofi will win the title and New Day will turn on him. There are also rumors that New Day will cost him the title. Rumors or not, I don’t see Kofi winning the belt at WM 35. I believe Kofi is a very talented worker, but his fairytale run is going to come to an end at WM 35.

    I believe the belt will remain around Bryan’s waist. The WWE always throws a few curveballs at WM and this will be one of them. I think there’s a better chance of New Day turning on Kofi than Kingston actually winning the title. It will be a great match, but Kofi will once again come up short.

    WWE Bet: Daniel Bryan (+245)

    WWE Women’s Triple Threat Title Match

    • (c)Ronda Rousey (+430)
    • (c)Charlotte Flair (+1300)
    • Becky Lynch (-490)

    For the first time ever, the women superstars are in the main event of WrestleMania. And, this is the biggest match that the WWE could come up with. Additionally, other than the Kingston vs Bryan storyline, this is the only match with a storyline that has been compelling, crazy, baffling at times, and entertaining for the last 6+ months.

    With Charlotte winning the SmackDown title last week, the belt will also be on the line in this match. That means the winner will end up having all of the gold in the women’s division.

    Rousey has held the RAW women’s title for almost a year and has been a force on Monday nights. The fans turned her heel because of the success of Becky Lynch and it has worked out well. Rousey is a better heel inside the WWE ring than she ever was or ever will be as a face.

    For Becky, she’s the betting favorite and the one star with all of the momentum right now. Since last fall, she has been on fire within the WWE Universe. It seems like everything that’s happened up until now, has been to get Becky to WM 35 and winning the title. But, like with Kofi, the WWE could very well delay that glorious moment by not allowing Lynch to win.

    All of the buzz and rumors have been about Rousey taking time off after WM 35 to have a family. If that’s truly the case then she will lose on Sunday. However, the one superstar that is an afterthought with the oddsmakers is Charlotte Flair.

    The Queen is a massive underdog. In fact, out of all the wrestlers that aren’t in either battle royal, Charlotte is the biggest underdog of the night. But, if you are going to make history and put both titles on one woman then it has to be Charlotte.

    I’m taking The Queen to walk away with all of the gold and I believe she will pin Ronda Rousey to make this happen. That will allow Charlotte and Becky to continue a feud and for Lynch to eventually win both titles.

    The safe play is taking Becky Lynch. However, if you are a risk taker then go with Charlotte and her betting odds.

    WWE Bet: Charlotte Flair (+1300)

    WrestleMania 35 Betting Value and Upsets

    The following wrestlers offer betting value based on their current WrestleMania betting odds and TV storylines:

    • Tony Nese (+170)
    • Is challenging Buddy Murphy for the Cruiserweight Title. He’s a big underdog in this match and I think he will pull off the upset. Murphy has dominated the division for 6 months now and it’s time for Buddy to move on to a main show, preferably SmackDown. With that said, the WWE will need to put a title on a suitable replacement and Nese is the best of the rest.

    • Mandy Rose (+600)
    • is my pick to win the women’s battle royal. Her odds would return a nice payout if she does win. Another competitor that I also feel offers value in this match is Ruby Riott at +1000 odds. I’m going with Rose to eliminate Riott in the end.

    • Braun Strowman (+120)
    • is the clear choice to win the men’s battle royal. He’s not only the consensus pick to win, but he’s also the betting favorite. So, it’s a bit surprising that he has positive odds considering how the majority of pundits, fans, and oddsmakers think he will win.

    • Beth Phoenix & Natalya (+1150)
    • are the biggest underdogs of the women’s tag team match. But, I believe there’s a strong chance that the WWE can put the titles on Natalya the same weekend her late father is inducted into the WWE HOF. That would be a sweet WrestleMania moment.

    • Daniel Bryan (+245)
    • is the underdog in his match against Kofi Mania, but I think that the WWE will swerve its fans and have Kingston lose the match due to New Day costing him the belt. There’s a chance for Kofi to win the title this summer, but I believe that McMahon and the WWE will keep the belt on Bryan at WM 35.

    • Charlotte Flair (+1300)
    • is the biggest underdog of the night and that’s part of the reason why I think she will win. It’s a swerve to all of the fans that want Lynch to win. Additionally, I believe Charlotte is the only female superstar worthy of this historic “champ champ” accomplishment.

    Final Thoughts on WrestleMania 35

    WrestleMania is always an exciting time. Ever since I was a kid, WM has been a special occasion. From watching Hogan vs Andre when I was 10 to the rise of Stone Cold and Daniel Bryan, WM has delivered some memorable moments in my lifetime.

    This year, there’s potential for history to be made with Kofi Kingston winning and Becky Lynch capturing all of the gold. There’s also the potential for the WWE to swerve the fans and not give them what they want. That’s always the thin line that they walk each year.

    With that in mind, WM 35 has some exciting matches and some duds on their lineup. It will be at least 5 hours long, so make sure you have plenty of food, drinks, and a strong internet connection because there will be some lags with the live feed. Let’s hope that the WWE delivers a solid show and a new direction with storylines that will satisfy even the most critical of fans.

    As for those of you placing WrestleMania bets, there’s plenty of betting value and some potential upsets that could make you some money.

    WM 35 Betting Recap

    • Tony Nese (+170)
    • Mandy Rose (+600)
    • Braun Strowman (+120)
    • The Usos (-200)
    • Kurt Angle (-165)
    • Finn Balor (-900)
    • Samoa Joe (-260
    • AJ Styles (-110)
    • Beth Phoenix & Natalya (+1150)
    • Roman Reigns (-305)
    • The Miz (-400)
    • Triple H (-300)
    • Seth Rollins (-115)
    • Daniel Bryan (+245)
    • Charlotte Flair (+1300)
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