WSOP 2019 Prop Bets: Fun Away from the Tables

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The World Series of Poker 2019 is in full swing. Although WSOP is always a special time of year for poker players and fans alike, this year is even more so as the Series is celebrating its 50th anniversary. With special events added to the mix, like the Big 50, there are even more people gathering in Las Vegas for their shot at the glory.

The tournament action is pretty well covered, though, so that’s not what we’ll focus on in this particular article. Instead, we’ll look into action available away from the tables in the form of various prop bets you can put your money on. There are quite a few decent betting opportunities this year, and we’re bringing you some of the most interesting ones.

The Number of Main Event Entrants

Every year, it is the $10,000 Main Event that attracts the most attention and creates a huge buzz in the poker community. Things may change in terms of WSOP but the Main Event bracelet, along with the huge prize money and the prestige that comes with winning remains the dream of many casual players and professionals alike.

2019 World Series Of Poker Prize Money Piled In Hundred Dollar Stacks

The last year saw the second-biggest Main Event field since 2006 despite many theories about poker not being as popular anymore. The exact number of players to pony up the $10,000 buy-in for their seat in the big one was 7,845. So, this year, the line is set at 7,850.5 at the odds of -120 for over. With everything we’ve seen thus far, looking at the previous year, and accounting for the fact this is the Anniversary Series, betting over seems quite reasonable.

Will There Be a Lady at the ME Final Table?

Historically speaking, the Main Event hasn’t been too kind on the ladies. The last time we saw a woman making it to the final table was back in 1995 when Barbara Enright made it to the final nine, eventually finishing in 5th place. Yet, the number of female players in poker is on the rise so things might be looking up.

If you were to bet “Yes,” the odds are currently +550, while the odds against are -1,000. It is clear where the bookies are with this one, but if you are looking to try your luck with a reasonable bet, this one might be worth. There are quite a few decent female players in the field, and seeing one of them making it all the way to the coveted final table isn’t that far-fetched.

Will Phil “The Poker Brat” Hellmuth Win Another Gold?

Phil Hellmuth is easily one of the best-known names in the world of poker. The man who holds an absolute record with 15 WSOP gold bracelets to his name is always looking to add another one to his collection. Will he do it in 2019?

Phil Hellmuth Throwing Cards Wearing Aria Hat Holding Up WSOP Bracelet

If you were to bet “Yes,” you’d get odds of about +180, which doesn’t sound right. But, this particular prop, as it is offered now, includes some other big-name players such as Doyle Brunson, Phil Ivey, and Johnny Chan. With these four in the mix, you’re looking at more than a fair shot of one of them grabbing the gold.

Of course, Brunson is pretty much out of the picture as he made it clear last year he had no intention of playing big tournaments anymore. On the other hand, Ivey has been very active in Vegas this year (at the surprise and delight of his many fans), so he could be the one to make this bet as well. Either way, it’s a good one to make if you want to have more fun sweating your favorite players.

What Hand Wins the Main Event?

This is a fun one, but it is pretty much shot in the dark. Pretty much any hand you could imagine could potentially be the one to make the champion if the circumstances are right. So, by all means, go for it if you fancy a gamble, but don’t hold your breath.

The betting options include two pairs or better at even money and one pair or worse at -140. Given the Main Event structure, it is possible the players will be somewhat deep when they enter the final battle, which would favor the stronger hand for the winner. However, it is really impossible to predict how things will really play out.

Other Interesting WSOP Bets to Check Out

If you really want to spread your bets for this year’s Series, there are many more options out there. Most of them have to do with the Main Event in one way or the other, which is hardly a surprise seeing how many people identify the entire WSOP through the Main Event.

  • Will the ME runner-up get “rivered” (Yes at +300, No at -500)
  • Bet on the winner’s birthplace
  • Last longer: Phil Ivey (-135) vs. Tom Dwan (-105)
  • The age of the winner when the last card is dealt: 29 or older vs. 28 or younger (-120 both ways)
  • Will there be a female open event winner (Yes at +300, No at -500)

So, there you have it. These are some of the hottest WSOP prop bets at the moment, just in case you’re looking for some different action or want to make your viewing experience more exciting. If you couldn’t be in Vegas this summer yourself, this is a great way to experience at least some of the excitement taking place at the Rio around the clock!

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