WWE Clash of Champions Betting Guide: WWE Odds and Predictions

The WWE will be live from the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Sunday, September 15th for their third annual Clash of the Champions network event. This show will feature every WWE championship belt within the company and plenty of in-ring action.

There are 11 matches scheduled for the event. As of this writing, there are 10 championship matches and one grudge match on the card. Clash of Champions will feature a Kickoff Show beginning at 6 PM ET. The main card is set to begin at 7 PM ET.

WWE betting sites released their betting odds for this Clash of Champions network spectacle. Let’s walk that aisle, step inside the squared circle to examine these odds, and get the pinfall on these predictions.

Cruiserweight Triple Threat Title Match

  • (c) Drew Gulak (-140)
  • Humberto Carrillo (+125)
  • Lince Dorado (+500)

Drew Gulak has been the cruiserweight champion since Stomping Grounds in June, and he’s done a solid job representing the division. His two opponents in this triple threat match came about due to their team’s win last month in the Captain’s Challenge against Team Gulak.

Carillo and Dorado would go on to fight each other to determine who the #1 contender would be for Gulak at Clash of Champions. After they exchanged wins, it was determined that they both would be placed in a title match.

This should be a fun opener for the PPV event. As always, the cruiserweight title is defended on the Kickoff Show, which will most likely be the case on Sunday. Nevertheless, I don’t see the title changing hands this weekend.

Gulak is the main man of the division and his two counterparts have yet to rise to that level. A loss for Gulak would be a mistake, considering there’s nobody better right now. Gulak will retain and put on a great match. I like his value considering he’s the champ.

WWE Bet: Drew Gulak (-140)

SmackDown Tag Team Title Match

  • (c) The New Day (-160)
  • The Revival (+120)

This match was born out of the Randy Orton versus Kofi Kingston rivalry, as The Revival surprisingly showed up to aid Randy Orton in his quest to strike Kingston from the record books. From there, it turned into a six-man melee over the last month, as all three members of The New Day were attacked by the heels.

Matches were made for The New Day to defend the tag team belts against The Revival and for Kingston to defend his WWE world title against Randy Orton at Clash of the Champions.

The Revival are multi-time tag-team champs and a worthy team to hold the belts. With that said, they’ve been set up nicely to antagonize New Day for weeks in order to do the job against The New Day at this PPV event.

Can you imagine if Luke Harper returned to help Rowan get the biggest win of his career? What if Buddy Murphy came out and helped Rowan defeat Reigns? Murphy has an interest in this storyline.

The WWE could even do the angle where Daniel Bryan ends up being unveiled as the mastermind behind the backstage, near-death attacks on Reigns. There’s plenty of options that don’t involve Roman getting the win. Sadly, you have to go with Reigns because he’s been the golden boy for the last few years.

WWE Bet: Roman Reigns (-600)

RAW Tag Team Title Match

  • (c) Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman (+140)
  • Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode (-180)

The WWE has two options for this match. They can have the champs lose the titles because of their friction and Universal Title match later in the PPV, or they can have the champs keep the titles and allow that to keep the friction going between Rollins and Strowman.

I am hoping and voting for the second option. We’ve seen way too many times where tag-team champs end up losing because of the friction between them, which results in a feud against each other. We already know that Strowman and Rollins are fighting each other later in the show for the Universal Title.

Why not have the champs keep the belts and make that Universal Title match more interesting? It would signal that no matter how bad things get between each other during the Universal title match, they will be forced to continue to have to work together to keep the belts.

From there, the WWE could do many things in order to make their rivalry more significant. They could also have Ziggler and Roode continue to chase after the titles until they win it after Strowman snaps on Reigns or “The Architect” returns to his dastardly ways.

I come up with all of these scenarios to provide the WWE with reasons for having the champs retain. Although they most likely won’t, especially when you look at how the odds favor the challengers, I am still taking a flier on the champs to win.

WWE Bet: Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman (+140)

SmackDown Women’s Title Match

  • (c) Bayley (-140)
  • Charlotte Flair (+100)

The two most intriguing matches on the entire card are the women’s championship matches. And that’s due to Sasha Banks returning and joining up with her bestie Bayley. I’ll save my comments on Sasha for the RAW women’s match. As for Bayley, she has to win on Sunday.

That’s hard for me to say, considering that I’m a huge fan of Charlotte Flair. I believe “The Queen” is the best female wrestler of all-time and she’s one of my favorite overall superstars in the business today. Not to mention, I have been shouting to take the title off Bayley for months now.

Yet, with Banks returning, and Bayley unveiling a heelish side to her, having the champ retain her title is vital to continuing a storyline that could make the WWE a lot of money. Bayley, Sasha, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch are the best of the best for the women’s roster.

Having these four superstars continuing their feuds, whether it’s as a tag-team or mixing the opponents, would keep a hot storyline going for months. The WWE Universe loves it. I love it. Unfortunately, the WWE creative team will do something to destroy it.

With that said, I’m hoping that Banks helps Bayley win this match. Take the champ to retain her title even if it’s via DQ.

WWE Bet: Bayley (-140)

RAW Women’s Title Match

  • (c) Becky Lynch (-120)
  • Sasha Banks (-120)

Moving right along, I hope Bayley helps Sasha Banks win her match and become the new WWE RAW women’s champion. Since she has returned, Banks has been the talk of the WWE along with Bray Wyatt. Her absence was felt and her presence has been a much needed addition to RAW and SmackDown.

Banks and Bayley have become a powerful duo and an interesting storyline to follow closely. Their reunion has helped breathe excitement into the women’s roster that had become a tad stale since Lynch won both titles.

Nevertheless, the return of Banks has given the WWE new options and plenty of star power to keep these four women in the spotlight for the foreseeable future.

Banks must win this match, and I really hope Bayley helps her accomplish this. Lynch would do a better job chasing after either title rather than retaining on Sunday.

WWE Bet: Sasha Banks (-120)

WWE World Title Match

  • (c) Kofi Kingston (-200)
  • Randy Orton (+150)

Other than the women’s matches, this feud has been the best. And that’s a bit surprising, considering it felt thrown together at first. However, these two men have really delivered on the storyline and in-ring action.

It also feels like we’ve seen the best version of Randy Orton in quite some time. Unfortunately, nobody believes Orton will win because he hasn’t been a world champion in over two years. And his last reign was rather unmemorable. His title loss to Jinder Mahal is the only thing that really sticks out from Orton’s title run.

Kingston has been champ for six months now and appears well on his way to finishing out 2019 as the WWE champion. Personally, I think the WWE could get a lot of shock value out of Kingston losing the title to Orton this Sunday.

Orton winning the title would return “The Viper” to relevancy. It would shake up the SmackDown roster heading into WWE’s move to FOX. I have a hard time believing that FOX wants Kingston as the face of the blue brand. Kingston is talented, but the network wants a more mainstream attraction like Brock Lesnar.

However, that’s a tangent for another day. As for this match and bet, take Kofi Kingston and his power of positivity to win. Kofi-mania will continue to run wild on SmackDown.

WWE Bet: Kofi Kingston (-200)

Universal Title Match

  • (c) Seth Rollins (-280)
  • Braun Strowman (+185)

As alluded to above, these two men will be defending their RAW tag titles earlier on the show. The most likely outcome is for the champs to drop their belts due to the friction of having to face each other in this match for the Universal Championship.

I believe the WWE should keep the tag titles on Strowman and Rollins. Force them to coexist despite the drama and feud between the two. It makes for a more entertaining storyline than having them lose the tag belts and split up as a team. That’s something the WWE has done 100 times before.

The WWE has two options here: have Rollins win or have Strowman win. To me, it makes no sense to have Strowman win the belt at a smaller network event. He’s been positioned for quite some time as a top star on RAW, but the WWE has constantly prevented him from becoming the champ.

A Strowman title win should be at a major show like one of the big four PPVs. The last of the four each year is Survivor Series. So, if the WWE wants to put the belt on Strowman, then save it for November. Have AJ Styles, The OC, Ziggler, and Roode come out and destroy Rollins and Strowman to end the show.

This puts those five wrestlers as the top heels, prolongs the feuds with Rollins and Strowman, and it also saves the WWE from having to choose a winner in this match. Unfortunately, I doubt the WWE will do this and we will have Strowman lose once again.

WWE Bet: Seth Rollins (-280)

What About Bray Wyatt and The Fiend?

There are unconfirmed reports flying around the internet stating that Bray Wyatt, as his alter ego The Fiend, will be in line for a title shot at the Hell in a Cell network event next month. If that’s the case, I would expect him to get involved in the Universal Championship title match this Sunday.

If we are to look at some clues about this potential rumor coming true, then we don’t have to look any further than the video of The Firefly Funhouse segment posted in the video above. At the end of it, Bray says, “See you in hell.”

These unconfirmed reports also state that Bray Wyatt will be in a triple threat match against Rollins and Strowman at Hell in a Cell, not a singles match. To me, that makes no sense. Why have Wyatt against two guys when he could accomplish more terror and chaos against just Rollins?

Have Wyatt reign on RAW and send Strowman to SmackDown where he can become a “monster” once again. Either way, I truly hope Wyatt does interrupt the Universal Championship match and continues his momentum as the WWE top attraction. I guarantee his appearance will draw the biggest reaction from the live crowd.

Final Thoughts on Clash of Champions

I like the lineup for this show. I believe there’s plenty of opportunities for the WWE to really improve storylines, boost the stock of various stars, and make things more entertaining on television. Whether they accomplish this or not is the problem we always face with the company.

If they fail at everything, but Wyatt’s interference and both Banks and Bayley winning, the event will still be a success in my eyes. The biggest angles that could really keep WWE television on an upward trajectory are these.

As always, I’m hoping for the best outcome with WWE programming at Clash of Champions, but I’m preparing for the worst.

WWE Clash of Champions Betting Guide Recap

  • Drew Gulak (-140)
  • The New Day (-160)
  • Shinsuke Nakamura (-250)
  • Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross (-300)
  • AJ Styles (-300)
  • Roman Reigns (-600)
  • Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman (+140)
  • Bayley (-140)
  • Sasha Banks (-120)
  • Kofi Kingston (-200)
  • Seth Rollins (-280)
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