WWE 2019 Fastlane Betting Guide: Odds, Picks and Predictions

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On Sunday, March 10th, the WWE will be live from the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, for the 5th installment of the Fastlane PPV event. This show has 5 championship matches scheduled including all three of WWE’s tag-team belts. Additionally, it features The Shield reuniting for “one last time,” a grudge match between Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair, and a world title match with Daniel Bryan defending his belt against Kevin Owens.

Currently, there are 8 matches advertised for Fastlane. The WWE Fastlane Kickoff Show will begin at 6 PM ET with the main portion of the event beginning at 7 PM ET.

WWE betting sites have released their updated odds for this event, and there are some big betting favorites on the card. Without further delay, time to climb to the top turnbuckle and take a flying head-butt into these WWE betting odds, find some betting value and make our Fastlane predictions.

WWE Fastlane Kickoff Show

The WWE Fastlane Kickoff Show is set to begin at 6 PM ET, an hour before the main show. In addition to a recap of events leading up to the PPV, there will also be at least one match. Keep an eye out for WWE making last minute changes and adding another match to the Kickoff Show.

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Andrade

  • Rey Mysterio Jr. (+110)
  • Andrade (-150)

Looking at the betting odds, this is the closest match on the entire Fastlane card. Andrade comes in as the betting favorite and has a small betting value. But, Mysterio as the underdog provides larger betting value and could make for a nice return if you wager on “Mr. 619.”

Mysterio Jr. versus Andrade has the potential to steal the show on Sunday despite being on the Kickoff Show. These two men have a great deal of chemistry together in the ring and the WWE has previously put them in position to showcase their work with each other over the last 6 weeks. Perhaps, the best match between the two was back in late January where they had a 2-out-of-3 falls match on SmackDown Live.

It was an exciting match where both men tore the house down and showcased their talents. If the WWE can give them that much time and exposure on the Kickoff Show then we will be looking at another classic.

I’m excited for this matchup, but I’m concerned with the lack of direction for both wrestlers. It seems that every time the WWE gives one of them a push, it only ends up being for a few weeks and then they slip back down into irrelevancy. So, even if the winner “goes over” on Sunday, it doesn’t mean the WWE will do anything with their immediate future.

With that said, the WWE needs to either push Mysterio toward a title shot at the US belt or the world title. If they’re not going to, then they need to push Andrade toward the same. I believe Andrade needs the win more, but the WWE will make all the little kids, in the crowd with their Mysterio masks on, happy by having Rey win it.

WWE Bet: Rey Mysterio Jr. (+110)

RAW Tag Title Triple Threat Match

(c)The Revival vs Roode & Gable vs Black & Ricochet

  • The Revival (-275)
  • Roode & Gable (+500)
  • Black & Ricochet (+225)

Out of the 8 matches on the card, this is the match that’s the hardest to predict. The WWE has numerous possible outcomes for this match and we’ll explore them below.

A few months ago, the online “dirt sheet” gossip was all about The Revival leaving the WWE after their contracts expired. The backstage buzz was that the tag team didn’t like how the WWE was handling their creative direction or the tag team division on RAW. A month later, and the WWE decided to give The Revival the tag titles. But, the champs have lost matches lately against the NXT call ups and look to be at a fork in the road with their TV direction.

Speaking of NXT, Aleister Black and Ricochet have looked great together as a tag-team. In fact, they’ve gotten “over’ more as a team than individually. It’s created an issue for the WWE as this duo could actually be very popular with the WWE Universe despite being individual wrestlers that were intended on having singles careers. But, will the WWE continue to push them as a tag team and put the belts on them so soon?

As for Roode and Gable, they’re former tag team champs looking to regain the titles. With an extra attitude as of late, they’ve become more interesting on TV. Their +500 betting odds are appealing and could be worth a flyer for you risk takers out there. Roode and Gable are the wild card in this match and could be the reason for a title change or for The Revival to keep the belts.

For me, as much as I would like to see the NXT call ups win the titles, I just don’t think the WWE will do it now. They would be better served holding off on a title switch until WrestleMania 35. I think The Revival will hold onto the titles for another month as they pin Roode or Gable. That will give the WWE more time to decide what they want to do with Black and Ricochet as well.

Take The Revival to survive this triple threat match.

WWE Bet: The Revival (-275)

SmackDown Women’s Title Match: (c)Asuka vs Mandy Rose

  • Asuka (-420)
  • Mandy Rose (+300)

Out of all the matches on the card, this is probably the least interesting one. The WWE has killed all interest in Asuka over the last several months. Even after she gained the SmackDown women’s title, the WWE has left her on the sideline with no direction. Instead, they only had the capacity to focus on Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. Oh, and Mandy Rose’s fake attempts at seducing a married man.

Regardless of how talented these two ladies are in the ring, the WWE creative team has done very little to make this feud and match an interesting one. It’s a disservice to both wrestlers. Case in point, in the “go-home edition” of SmackDown, all we get is an Asuka sneak attack to set up their match this weekend.

As for the WWE bet, Asuka is a huge favorite. She’s a bigger name than Rose despite Corey Graves’ best efforts to make Rose out to be a goddess. There’s very little betting value or entertainment value in this match. In my opinion, it should’ve been on the Kickoff Show instead of Mysterio vs Andrade.

Asuka will win and keep her title. Mandy Rose isn’t ready for a major title run as of yet.

WWE Bet: Asuka (-420)

Women’s Tag Title Match: Boss ‘N Hug vs Jax & Tamina

  • Boss ‘N Hug (-475)
  • Nia Jax & Tamina (+325)

At the Elimination Chamber PPV last month, I thought that the WWE should’ve put the women’s tag titles on Nia Jax and Tamina considering they’re the most dominant tag team on the women’s side of the roster. Instead, the WWE gave the belt to two of its most talented female superstars in Bayley and Sasha Banks.

So, instead of the “tried and true” philosophy of having the “baby face” chase the “heel”, we have the opposite. It makes very little sense to take the belts of Boss ‘N Hug right now. There’s very little interest in Jax and Tamina being champs despite how destructive they could be. And, a title switch this soon before WM 35 would hinder whatever plans they had for the biggest PPV of the year.

I expect the WWE to keep the belts on Bayley and Sasha for now. There’s a chance that they could position the champs for a bigger tag team match at WM 35. A rumor of The Bellas coming back and challenging Boss ‘N Hug has been picking up some steam as of late.

The WWE needs to be careful here because they run the risk of devaluing these belts right away. A mediocre match at Fastlane combined with one at WM, and the WWE Universe isn’t going to care anymore about these belts. But, a high profile match at WM 35 would help these belts to gain more shine and buzz. Can you imagine if The Bellas win the tag titles? That’s what the WWE needs right now is a team with that kind of “draw” holding the women’s tag titles.

For this bet, the champs will retain. The challengers aren’t even worth a flyer.

WWE Bet: Boss ‘N Hug (-475)

SmackDown Tag Title Match: The Usos vs The Miz and McMahon

  • The Usos (-825)
  • Miz & McMahon (+475)

The Usos are tied for being the biggest betting favorites on the card. And, it’s a bit surprising that these odds are so high. WWE betting sites believe that The Usos will retain the titles and head into WM 35 as the champs. Additionally, the rumors are that we will finally get the long awaited split between Shane McMahon and The Miz.

First, The Miz and Shane McMahon lost the SmackDown tag titles to The Usos at Elimination Chamber last month. It was a surprise considering that one of the Usos was arrested that week for trying to fight the Detroit police. But, the WWE swerved the fans and put the titles on The Usos instead of keeping them on The Miz and Shane McMahon as expected.

Two nights after EC, The Miz had an emotional promo with Shane McMahon in the ring that basically set up a rematch for Fastlane in Miz’s hometown of Cleveland.

What this promo also did was set the ball in motion for a split between Miz and Shane McMahon. The only question now is who will turn “heel.” In the beginning, everyone thought that it would be The Miz who would betray his tag partner and go back to being a heel. But, now, the buzz is growing over McMahon turning heel and betraying Miz.

For me, I would prefer to see McMahon turn heel and betray The Miz in his hometown with his family in attendance. It would make for a better storyline and more of a buzz. It could then set up a singles match between these two at WM 35.

Following WM 35, we could possibly see a baby face Miz go after the title around the waist of the heel Daniel Bryan. That would be crazy considering where things were 10 months ago between these two bitter rivals.

As for The Usos, they will win this match and retain the titles. I could see a feud between The Usos and The Hardys heading into WM 35 as it would make for an exciting match over the SmackDown tag titles.

WWE Bet: The Usos (-825)

6-Man Tag Match: The Shield vs Corbin, Lashley & McIntyre

  • The Shield (-395)
  • Team Corbin (+275)

With the “band back together,” The Shield come into this match as the betting favorite. However, it is surprising that their betting odds aren’t higher considering the return of Roman Reigns and the huge push that Seth Rollins is receiving as he gears up to take on Brock Lesnar at WM 35. More than likely, WWE oddsmakers weren’t sure of what to make of Dean Ambrose and his pending departure from the company.

Roman Reigns returned to the WWE two Monday Night RAWs ago and gave a very emotional speech that his leukemia had gone into remission. “The Big Dog,” as he’s often called, was out for four months as he dealt with a life threatening disease. During that time, The Shield broke up and Dean Ambrose waged war on his partner Seth Rollins.

In reality, the feud between Ambrose and Rollins was pointless. It did nothing for either man and the WWE Universe was clearly against it. A few months ago, reports came out that Dean Ambrose was not going to re-sign with the WWE and was set to depart from the company following WM 35. The WWE started burying Ambrose on TV and had him lose just about every match he was in.

With the return of Reigns, the WWE Universe began clamoring for the return of The Shield. Reigns and Rollins reunited right away and actually saved Ambrose from a beating at the hands of Team Corbin. However, the WWE left The Shield reunion on hold for another week.

This last Monday, Reigns begged Rollins to reform their group. They then went to try and get Ambrose to join, but he rejected the idea. Eventually, Ambrose would come out and save Rollins and Reigns from an attack by Team Corbin. The Shield reformed and we now have this 6-man tag match.

As of now, nobody believes The Shield will lose on Sunday, which makes it the perfect time to have them lose. Imagine how “over” Team Corbin would be if they pulled off the upset. With that said, I don’t see the WWE having the “testicular fortitude” to make The Shield lose.

More than likely, The Shield will win and the WWE will have to figure out what to do with Reigns and Ambrose for WM 35. Singles matches against McIntyre and Elias don’t really register with the WWE Universe. Let’s hope the WWE doesn’t do anything monumentally stupid by having a match between Reigns and Ambrose as WrestleMania. That would be an epic fail. If anything, the WWE should look at having Reigns and Ambrose win the tag titles asap.

For this bet, the smart play is with The Shield. But, if you like the high risk maneuvers, then go with Team Corbin to win by hook or by crook.

WWE Bet: The Shield (-395)

Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair

  • Becky Lynch (-825)
  • Charlotte Flair (+475)

This is the most highly anticipated match of the night. And, it’s pretty clear who the WWE betting sites think will win as Becky Lynch is tied for the biggest betting favorite of the event. The stipulation is that if Becky Lynch wins the match then she will be added to the WM 35 bout with Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey. If she loses then she won’t be at WM 35.

For the last few months, there have been reports surfacing that the WWE was going to have the RAW women’s title match be a triple threat match. So, they did everything they could to swerve the fans and keep things interesting by suspending Becky Lynch, having Ronda drop the title, and a feud between Becky and the McMahons. It did help with the build-up some, but it also made things a bit more confusing as well.

So, Sunday’s match will simplify everything as we will get the result of Lynch winning. But, how she wins could be interesting. In my opinion, the WWE should have Ronda Rousey come out to interfere or distract Charlotte. Becky doesn’t need the help, but it would certainly make things better for the injured superstar known as “The Man.”

On RAW this week, Ronda Rousey came out and “turned heel” by blasting the fans and attacking both Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch. However, she really saved the beating for Lynch as Flair looked on from outside the ring.

The feud between Becky and Ronda has been great ever since last Fall. Unfortunately, the WWE felt that they needed to make it a triple threat instead of letting these two talented wrestlers have a singles match and main event WM.

With that said, there’s no way the WWE doesn’t have Becky Lynch win this match. It’s all about having their three top female superstars in the match at Mania. Additionally, the buzz is that Ronda will be taking time off from the WWE after WM 35. So, that means either Becky or Charlotte will end up winning the match at Mania.

For this bet, take Becky Lynch. Charlotte isn’t worth a flyer.

WWE Bet: Becky Lynch (-825)

WWE Title Match: (c)Daniel Bryan vs Kevin Owens

  • Daniel Bryan (-475)
  • Kevin Owens (+325)

In classic WWE fashion, the creative brain trust for the WWE decided to remove Kofi Kingston from the SmackDown word title match by replacing him with Kevin Owens. It was a terrible move considering how “over” Kofi is with the fans. He earned that momentum in the gauntlet match on SmackDown prior to Elimination Chamber. And, at the EC PPV, he had a strong showing, but came up short in the end. Instead of giving the fans what they want, they replaced Kofi with Owens.

Kevin Owens is a very talented wrestler and a future world champ. However, Kingston was the wrestler that everyone wanted to see in a title match against Daniel Bryan. This move was a failed attempt by the WWE as they tried to get cute with their swerving of the fans. Ultimately, it backfired. The match between Owens and Bryan hasn’t gotten nearly the buzz that it should have. And, that’s because the fans wanted Kingston instead.

I don’t see the WWE taking the belt off of Bryan even if the match was against Kofi. So, Bryan will win this match and retain. However, the WWE could save face and do something really cool if they wanted to get the fans back on board. Have The New Day come out and attack both wrestlers at the end of the match. In fact, don’t have a winner as it would help both Owens and Bryan overall. Just have The New Day attack them both and get a measure of revenge.

Unfortunately, the WWE won’t do it and we’ll have another predictable outcome: Bryan winning and retaining the belt.

WWE Bet: Daniel Bryan (-475)

Final Thoughts on Fastlane

There are a few matches that have some buzz, but the outcomes are almost guaranteed. And, that’s a bad thing when it comes to pro wrestling. When fans feel that they already know what’s going to happen, the ratings are down and the live crowd is flat.

I expect Becky Lynch, The Shield and Daniel Bryan to all win their respective matches. Unfortunately, that means there will be very little shock value heading into the home stretch of WrestleMania. I also see very little betting value for this PPV. Most of the outcomes are predictable and a majority of the matches are stepping stones to WM 35 bouts.

I do believe that Mysterio and Andrade could steal the show. Well, I’m hoping they do. Maybe the WWE will prove us all wrong and do something unpredictable at this PPV.

WWE Fastlane Betting Recap

  • Rey Mysterio Jr. (n/a)
  • The Revival (-275)
  • Asuka (-420)
  • Boss ‘N Hug (-475)
  • The Usos (-825)
  • The Shield (-395)
  • Becky Lynch (-825)
  • Daniel Bryan (-475)
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